Howie Carr Showed Some Leg to Comment on the Whitey Bulger Verdict

The local columnist appeared on the news in shorts and sandals. It was weird.

When Fox 25 News featured local columnist and radio host Howie Carr with his analysis of the Whitey Bulger verdict, Carr, who has covered Bulger for decades, appeared well put together for the interview in a nice suit and tie…


But … wait, zoom out a bit there …


Gah! My eyes! Why, you might ask, is Howie Carr showing off his legs (and his Birkenstocks) on television? Probably the strangest thing about this interview with Maria Stephanos is just how utterly unexplained Carr’s appearance goes. There’s no, “Sorry Maria, it’s August, and I was out on the boat when the jury wrapped up.” The two addressed the situation only briefly at the very beginning of the interview:

Maria Stephanos: You knew that we would probably have a verdict today and you still couldn’t dress the part for television, Howie.

Howie Carr: What about the tie and the button down shirt?

Stephanos: No. It’s a nice try.

Carr: The glass is half full.

Stephanos: The glass is half full but the outfit is half empty! Let’s talk about what happened today…

They then carry on as the viewer is left to contemplate Carr’s legs. And on Twitter, there was much contemplation being had:

Honestly, we’d be surprised if TV personalities didn’t pull this kind of thing all the time, especially when called up to deliver breaking news. Carr probably showed up to the studio thinking he’d be seated behind a desk or shot at a tighter angle. It just seems strange that Fox 25 producers didn’t allow for either of those options. But hey, at least one person came out of this segment looking relatively good:

  • Sam West

    So, it is fine for Stephanos to show leg but not for Carr? No equality here?

  • John Doherty

    Thought it was a great “Whitey” segment…

  • ChantelleMoore

    Howie, great hair, look good without eyeglasses, the shorts don’t bother me. But, your weight. Did you swallow VB?

  • lovestheconstitution

    She’s showing HER legs, too, why is there a double standard? I love that he did this, no more stuffy journalism. YAY!

  • Ben Gazi

    Is he a beat reporter for the Hyannis Port Times now ?

  • DeborahLBedard

    Well, she wins the “Pretty Legs” award. And Howie is wearing Birkies?? OBVIOUSLY he earns way too much money!
    Hey Howie, when do we get to see a little “song and dance” with them legs???

  • EllronS

    Is the Cameraman a Liberal? All he had to do was shots from waste up. Great work Howie!!

    • Drew Pal

      And which part of Howie is the “waste?”

      • EllronS

        Sorry, waist up! Shoot me for spelling!

  • Joel

    A tighter shot would be just fine, thank you!

  • Pat Liebrecht

    Howie you really are one of a kind. Who taught you how to dress,Michelle Obama ??

  • Robert Bastille

    why is Howie wearing moonbat sandals?

  • Jean

    Howie, you look like a middle age jerk in that combo. At least dress correctly for a visual interview. Sometimes I think you may going thru that male middle age thingy.

  • Guest

    someone thought they were going be behind a desk.

  • p_radicator

    Can we all focus on what is truly important here – how hot MS still is!

  • George “Kingfish” Stevens

    howie carr is a POS Scumbag Propagandist.