‘Don’t You Wish Mitt Romney Were President?’ Mitt Romney’s Friends Ask

A Buzzfeed story features Romney staffers holding unsurprising opinions.


Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins has a popular story revisiting the presidential campaign of our former governor Mitt Romney. It’s making the rounds in part because of its trollish headline: “Was Mitt Romney Right About Everything?” The answer according to Republicans giving his campaign a second look in light of recent news is a resounding “yes.”

But who are these newly enthusiastic Republicans? Well:

•   “Spencer Zwick, who worked as Romney’s finance director and is a close friend to his family”

•   “Robert O’Brien, a Los Angeles lawyer and friend of Romney’s who served as a foreign policy adviser”

•   “former campaign spokesman Ryan Williams”

•   “The campaign’s chief strategist, Stuart Stevens”

•   “And Jennifer Rubin, the conservative Washington Post blogger who became Romney’s most outspoken advocate in the press”

According to the people who tried very hard to get Mitt Romney elected (and let’s include Rubin in that descriptor) Russia’s antagonism, Detroit’s bankruptcy, Obamacare’s sustained unpopularity, and Mali all show how the Governor’s words were twisted or ignored unfairly.

Setting aside the issue of “Would these things be going better if we’d elected Mitt Romney?,” there’s an element of non-partisan (or bi-partisan) criticism to be made here, which is that the focus on gaffes and soundbites in our major political races denies voters a real debate. Romney amusingly described Russia as “America’s number one geopolitical foe.” His attempts to explain himself were drowned out by jokes from the left:

“Everyone thought, Oh my goodness that is so clever and Mitt’s caught in the Cold War and doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” O’Brien said. “Well guess what. With all of these foreign policy initiatives — Syria, Iran, [Edward] Snowden — who’s out there causing problems for America? It’s Putin and the Russians.”

Of course, arguing that Russia was our “number one” foe didn’t itself demonstrate how Romney’s diplomacy with Putin would differ substantively from President Obama’s. But it’s still interesting. Of course, the overstated “Wasn’t Mitt Romney right about everything” angle, like the gaffe itself, sort of distracts from a nuanced analysis.

At any rate, perhaps you were curious what your old governor was up to as the next governor’s race gets started and tosses his name back into the local news on occasion. Now you know: if he’s anything like his advisors, he’s watching the news and screaming “I told you so!” at the TV.

  • agingcynic

    So you’re accusing OTHERS of being snarky? Wow. Pot, kettle,etc.

  • Wendy Manwaring

    I don’t want President Obama to make even one more major decision until I have answers to Fast and Furious, Egypt, Benghazi, IRS scandal, Obama Care implementation and what to do with Eric Holder and the Spying on Media scandal. There are no answers and no one have being accountable for any of it. Obama is not a leader…..leaders get to the bottom of things. They do not let things drag on and on or dismiss them. SYRIA….we don’t need another mistake.

  • Jen

    Yep…America screwed up BIG time last November! Don’t know what can be done to undo the major damage done….??? ):

  • Paul Maloney

    Who cares what Republicans think? They have made themselves an irrelevant fringe group.

    • Jen

      It’s blind hateful people that voted this idiot into the Whitehouse!

      • azwi

        You would of had to be completely nuts to vote for either McCain or Romney so I guess that we didn’t have much choice

  • hillplus

    Yes, I wish Mitt Romney was the president!! PS: I am not a Republican

  • azwi

    HECK NO, Romney knows nothing about the military he even avoided military service himself during the Viet Nam war. Romney might have appointed John McCain as Sec of Defense or State. With John McCain world war III would of started long ago.

    • RonMar

      And you served in the military when?

      • azwi

        1966 to 1968 United States Army, how about you sonny?

        • RonMar

          Active duty – 1963-1984, Southeast Asia War – 1965-69, total time in uniform 38 years counting training, active duty, reserve time and contract instructor as a professor of military studies, short timer kid. Did you serve in combat? If so, where? when? in what capacity?

          • azwi

            No wonder why you’re an “arrogant” a_s! Not that I believe you anyways.

          • RonMar

            Answer my questions or never post to me again. You are a waste to be ignored and an obscene one at that.

          • azwi

            bye bye, fantasize

    • SirSupple

      and obama does?

      • azwi

        Obama is not much but he’s better than warmonger McCain or Romney!

        • SirSupple

          Warmonger? Obama is WANTING TO BOMB SYRIA.
          The big difference between Obama and Romney is that Obama IS the president whereas Romney is not, thus we cannot make accurate judgments on someone that cannot follow up on his words with his actions (such as Romney) but since we have heard and have also seen what Obama is doing then we are at liberty to judge him.

          • azwi

            What Obama needs is “backbone” to stand up to the world’s biggest warmonger, John McCain and say “NO JOHN”!

          • SirSupple

            No, what? Do you even read about politics? John McCain isn’t the president, Obama is. Obama is CHOOSING to go into Syria with missiles. McCain wasn’t the one that “encouraged” him. Obama said himself that there is “a red line” that Syria has crossed and that we should bomb Assad as a form of punishment. If Obama does go through with this, the bombing would be sure to piss off Russia (Syria’s ally) and that would likely be the beginnings of WW3. This is not McCain’s fault or Romney’s. If they had been president then yes, but this is Obama’s problem now. Don’t say that so-and-so is a warmonger when the man people voted into the white house is the kindling to the next World War.

          • azwi

            Listen let me this clear, yes thank God McCain isn’t president! If he was we’d been in a world war years ago. What McCain is, is the world biggest war crazy, warmonger! What I do wish is that Obama would understand that he’s the president and that he can and should simply ignore John McCain’s calls for wars, bombings and invasions!

  • zhubajie

    He’d’ve been just another psychopath.