Mike Ross Launches A New, Somber Web Video

He pauses from running through the streets to talk about his parents.

Mike Ross’s money is mostly behind a high-energy TV ad, showing him running through the streets of Boston handing out his plan for the city’s future.

But of late he has used traditional and social media to talk about the somber and serious stories of his parents. Ross’s father is a Holocaust survivor (a story Ross has told many times as a politician), and his mother is gay.

In a new three-minute video about to be circulated by his campaign, Ross sits and talks simply and affectingly about both, over slightly maudlin music. Does it provide some heft and gravitas to the running-through-the-streets guy? Or is it jarringly manipulative? You be the judge:

  • fubsy

    It seems genuine. There are cynical people out there who may disagree, but anyone with a shred of humanity left in them will be able to see that he is speaking from the heart. I’m not currently a supporter of his because I strongly oppose his position on Walmart. However, I remain open-minded, and I have been impressed with his ability to connect with individual people on issues that matter to them, and his passion to help. I’d rather consider an ad like this than listen to the invasive robocalls that I’ve been getting from the Walsh campaign.