New Details in the FBI Shooting Death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev Associate

Ibragim Todashev’s live-in girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva, reveals what happened in the days leading up to the shooting in their Florida apartment.

Ashurmamad Miraliev

Ashurmamad Miraliev

When Tatiana Gruzdeva first met Ibgrim Todashev through a mutual friend, she was new to Florida, staying with friends, and looking for a more permanent place to live.

Todashev told her he had a big apartment with two floors. He invited her to move in, she said. She took one floor and he took another.

“First it was just friends,” she said, “and after we starting having relationship and we were sleeping together like boyfriend and girlfriend.” She used to cook him meals. Together they adopted a cat, Masia. “It was like a small family, me and him and the cat, he was like a little baby for us.”

She knew Todashev had been married before, to Reni Manukyan, 24, an Armenian-American he had met in Boston. Manukyan has told the Washington Post that she and Todashev were separated. Gruzdeva said she believed they were divorced.

Around the time of the marathon bombing, Gruzdeva recalled, Todashev seemed sad. At first he would not tell her why.

“When the bombings happened, he didn’t tell me it was his friend, he just was so sad. I said, ‘What happen with you?’ He said, ‘Nothing.’ Long time he don’t want to tell me. And after he tell me, “My friend is dead.” He didn’t elaborate, she said. She never knew the name of the friend he was mourning.

One morning in May, as Gruzdeva was washing dishes, Todashev stepped outside. Then, through the window, she heard men shouting: “Move down! Move down!” She turned off the water and looked out to see her boyfriend on the ground, surrounded by FBI agents. They were wearing plainclothes, she said, so at first she had no idea who the men were. “I was so nervous I panicked,” she said. She shut the door and ran upstairs, where she hid in the second floor bathroom. When she emerged, Todashev was in handcuffs, with six or seven FBI agents around him.

They put a chair in the middle of the room, she said, and made Todashev sit in it.

“Ibragim said, ‘I have a pain in my knee, I just had surgery.’ They said, ‘We don’t care, we just have a couple questions for you. We know you was an ultimate fighter with MMA, so we know you could do something.’ He said, ‘I will not do anything because I’m just off surgery, I’m not stupid.’”

The agents began questioning Todashev about the Boston bombing, she said, asking him what he knew and where he was the day of the attack. Gruzdeva spoke up: “He was with me, he was in the house, we didn’t do anything wrong,” she recalled telling the agents.

“They just kept asking again and again, the same questions,” she said.

They asked Todashev if he knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev, she said. He replied that the two of them had been friends. In Boston they had trained in martial arts together and gone clubbing together before Tsarnaev had become more devout. Gruzdeva told me that this was the first time she had heard her boyfriend talk about Tsarnaev.

Eventually, the agents left with Todashev, confiscating all his phones and all his computers. About six hours later, she said, Todashev came back and reassured her that everything was OK. The next day, she said, agents returned their electronics.

In the days that followed, Gruzdeva said, the FBI contacted the couple regularly on the phone, visited their home, and called them into FBI offices for more questioning.

The agents asked about a call Todashev received from Tsarnaev after Todashev’s surgery. Todashev told the FBI that the two men had simply made small talk. They pressed him, asking why he had deleted the call from his phone’s memory. “I was scared,” Gruzdeva remembered him answering.

When Gruzdeva met with FBI agents, she said, they at first continued to ask her about the marathon bombing. Then they brought up a new topic: a triple murder.

“They said, ‘We think he did something else, before.’ They said he killed three people in Boston 2011 with a knife. I said, ‘It’ s not true! I can’t believe it.’ You know, I was living with him seven months, and we have a cat.”

Gruzdeva told me that she and Todashev believed they were being followed by the FBI on their way to work or to visit friends. Todashev would point out cars that he believed were driven by FBI agents, she said.

One day, the FBI called Todashev back to their office again. Gruzdeva went with him and waited in the lobby, she said. That’s when an agent she recognized approached her and asked to talk.

“And I already saw him a couple times so it was normal, so I told him, ‘I’m waiting for Ibragim,’” she told me. “And he said, ‘So what? It’s just going to be a couple minutes. He knows about it.’” So she went with him to an office. Another agent joined them, she said. Then, she says, they questioned her for three hours.

“They asked me again and again about Ibragim and all this stuff. They asked me, ‘Can you tell us when he will do something?’ I said, ‘No! I can’t!’ Because he wasn’t doing anything, and I didn’t know anything. And they said, ‘Oh, really? So why don’t we call immigration.’”

  • gregorylent

    a culture of vengeance has surfaced in american government

  • Fran

    Nice research. Thanks

  • jawja

    Weird there is so little about why he was arrested; if not FBI, possibly Ice is the fed agency holding. And, after months, still no official FBI report on Todashev’s death. Thanks for keeping at it and getting us some info into what’s happening.

    • Nader

      he was never arrested…

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    The FBI has flipped her!

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      They are trying every dirty trick in the book;
      Proud Government Racketeering Syndicate

      • Sheep2Slaughter

        Trying my foot! Read the “Terror Factory” by Trevor Aaronson if you’d like an inside look at how our infamous FBI manufactures, beyond believe, and quite entertainingly i must add, most of their……….”we are saving America from terroist” cases. Its enough to make you vomit!

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    I wonder if that’s what happened then.. They taunted him about his girlfriend, he got mad, and they riddled him with bullets because he was a “threat.” Sigh.
    Do please keep reporting if anything else comes up.

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    Yes it’s all the FBI, CIA, ICE, NSA, MFU, URNSO etc. fault. What’s with you people??? You definitely have no connection to Boston. OK so find out from them (THE TERRORISTS) when they want to blow up Americans and our history you can sit next to the knapsack with your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandparents, Children…. Get it stupid???

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      Quit taking a moron pill before you start your day. Try coffee and turning off your TV and for the love of God stay away from the Boston Globe!!

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      What’s with “us people?” The FBI, CIA, ICE, NSA, MFU, URNSO freaking creepy.

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    people need to wake up and take notice,with everything our government is doing it won’t be long before were living like Germany under Hitler,do some research…Federal Government purchasing prisons all over the US for-get this….Public Detainment Centers,now why the hell does the government need PUBLIC detainment centers,type it in and read!!!!! DHS has purchased over 7,000 AR-15s and thousands of rounds of hollow points,again…what for? As for this young man,i wish him luck,probably won’t be long until were all reading about how he attacked an officer and they had to put him down,ofcourse the only reasonable way to do that is a bullet to the back of the head.Think your safe still?

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    Those FBI agents are the lowest forms of life. I want to follow with an imprecation but this is a totalitarian regime we’re talking about here.

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    There was only one reason for the FBI to assassinate Todashev. He could prove that the Boston Bombing was state sponsored false flag terrorism. The two FBI agents that “fell out of a helicopter” not long after also knew too much.

  • John Washburn

    Has the FBI provided any evidence (e.g. video of Todashev, audio of Todashev, a hand written statement by Todashev, etc.) to support their self -serving claim:

    “In the moments before Todashev’s death, the FBI claims, he implicated
    both himself and marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the
    murder of three young men in Waltham on September 11, 2011.”

  • John Washburn

    They are certainly stonewalling on my FOIA request for camera footage and accompanying audio of the street and event cameras pointing at the explosion sight of the Boston bombing.

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      yea something is not right about this.

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    All this is rather simple. Obama publicly claimed the right to assassinate American citizens and he is following through with exercising his self anointed privilege. It’s like night of the long knives but during the days as well – pretty much everyday. It’s perfectly legal for a gang of steroid abusing hyped up cops to corner then gun down a women armed with a baby in broad daylight in the nation’s capital.

    There are unlimited ways in which government “officials” can legally murder you and get away with it. Even when they get caught red handed like with Fast and Furious or the Benghazi stand down nothing ever happens to the responsible parties.

    However, the people see what’s going on and I assure everyone they won’t sit by passively forever.

  • Dan Den

    I love this girl’s reasoning: He couldn’t have been involved in the triple homicide. Why? Because she had been living with him for 7 months and they had a cat! That is so absurd, it makes me laugh out loud. Most of the people who have commented here are conspiracy freaks — for my part, I am very glad that that FBI is taking an aggressive approach in this investigation into the Muslim terrorists who murdered three people and then murdered and maimed many more in the Boston bombing. Keep up the pressure, guys!

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      you’re an idiot… go back to sleep.

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      You might want to do a bit of resear

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    This guy was dating a jewish girl… how radical of a muslim could he be? Also, he felt in danger for his life to the point that he had a friend be with him when the police asked for ‘1 more interview.’ Def had his rights violated and i would not be surprised if he had nothing to do with the Waltham murders. The police didnt care about the murders bcuz it involved drug dealers, maybe if they did look into it they would have been able to prevent the marathon bombings. If anything, the bombings was a complete and utter intelligence failure.

    • Dogma

      Excellent question.

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    I’ve listened to the podcast about this and now read the article. While there is a part of me that feels badly for some of these folks I am happy to know that the FBI is casting a wide net and aggressively protecting is from terrorists.

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