Today Is Ask Bernstein Anything Day!

As Lil Kim would say: I been gone for a minute, now I’m back at the jump off. In other words, it’s well past time for an Ask Me Anything Day.

Please leave your questions as comments to this post, or email them to me at I will do my best to answer over the course of the day.

There’s no shortage of things going on, so fire away!


10:10 a.m.: What’s next for the mayoral also-rans?

10:55 a.m.: Who will win Ed Markey’s seat?

11:05 a.m.: Who will take on leadership roles in the Senate?

11:55 a.m.: Any predictions on the City Council races?

12:15 p.m.: Will you apologize for calling insiders “idiots” & “nuts”?

12:45 p.m.: In the gubernatorial race, is it all Martha Coakley?

1:50 p.m.: Answers to all your mayoral race questions!

3:10 p.m.: How will the Constitutional offices shake out?

  • Grant

    What happens to the failed mayoral candidates? Does losing a wide-open mayoral contest render one persona non grata or is there hope for them in some other job?

  • Timothy

    What political positions are the losing 10 from the Mayors race in a position to run for? Which ones do you think have the brightest political futures?

  • Kenzie Bok

    A break from the mayoral: who wins the special election primary to replace Markey?

  • TheWaitress

    I was going to ask the same thing! who wins in ma05?

  • elliot12

    With Stan Rosenberg poised to assume the Senate Presidency when Terry Murray steps down, who do you see being elevated to leadership (W&M, Majority Leader, etc)? Do you see much of a shake up of Murray’s current leadership team?

  • Steven Leibowitz

    Does the big poll lead Coakley has show a big gap between what insiders whisper, versus what actual voters think? Is she inevitable, at least in the primary?

  • Steve Abraira

    How does the police arbitration award affect the mayors race

  • RoxKid

    Capuano is not running for Gov. What do you make of that with regards to the MA Gov’s race and what could have been an open MA-CD7 race?

  • fishdan

    I’m starting to hear rumors of a scandal in the mayor’s race in Lynn? Is this story going to have legs?

  • NASC

    How do you see the constitutional offices shaking out?

  • Richard Skinner

    Is Menino likely to endorse in the mayoral runoff? If he does, who would he back? Of all the mayoral runners-up, whose endorsement is likely to matter most?

  • Guest

    What’s your predictions for each Boston district city council race?

  • Fox1818

    What’s your prediction for each district Boston City Council race?

  • anon

    Any interesting state senator or rep races on the horizon for next year?

  • Bob

    I can’t remember two local ads getting more national play than the DeBlasio and Sciortino ads the last 6 weeks. Both utilized family members in relatively unusual ways. DeBlasio’s quite simply vaulted him to victory. Sciortino’s has vaulted him out of the cellar, and we still have a few weeks where it takes him. Do you sense some kind of shift? Just the luck of two great stories? Do you see any long-term impact on campaign advertising? As an example, what do you think might have happened if Mike Ross had let his running ad go viral and gone heavy on air with his parent’s stories?

  • Vaughn K.

    Why does Rivers continue to get coverage? He’s never won an elected office and as it turns out, doesn’t even vote. His power and influence seem to be self-perpetuating in the sense that the media covers him as an important figure and therefore he gets to make pronouncements as an important figure.

  • BrightonVoter

    The untold story of Tuesday night’s Boston municipal races was Ayanna Pressley’s performance. With nearly 43K votes, she seems to have cemented herself as the biennial powerhouse in Boston politics. Where do you see her political future? Is there any truth to the rumor of a possible LG candidacy now that Capuano is out of the Govs race, and no Congressional seat will be opening?

  • Niccolo

    Early polling suggests Coakley with a large lead in the current Democratic primary. Does Grossman or any other challenger stand a shot in current field? Progressives and Labor have stood with both Coakley and Grossman in the past for respective campaigns. How do they break this time around?

  • JLH

    On what issue(s) is the mayor’s race most likely to take a nasty turn? Could it be Walsh’s $175,000 salary and free car as head of Building Trades while serving in the state legislature; or Connolly’s law practice and legal clients while serving on the city council? Do tell, what smells most?

  • Stephen Londergan

    So how come the Globe editorial seemed to carry so little weight? What’s the role of print endorsements in general? And what about the Herald’s “anyone but Mahhhty” stance?

  • Steve Abraira

    Outside of Menino, are there any other key city power brokers that have remained neutral in the mayor race and might any of them soon pick a side?

  • William

    Who do you think all the losing mayoral candidates will vote or support for mayor? Especially Wyatt!