Massachusetts Motorcyclist Injured In NYC Highway Incident Involving SUV

The video of the highway showdown has gone viral.


Photo via Facebook

A Lawrence man attending a motorcycle meet up in New York City over the weekend is recovering in the hospital after he was allegedly run over by an SUV following a highway altercation.

Edwin Mieses Jr. was injured after a group of motorcyclists surrounded the driver of a black Range Rover, prompting a confrontation that later led to a vicious assault in the city.

The whole incident was captured on a helmet-mounted video camera worn by one of more than two-dozen motorcyclists, and was later uploaded to YouTube. The video has since gone viral and led to the arrest of one suspect allegedly involved.

In the video, a motorcyclist is shown slowing down in front of the black SUV before the two vehicles make contact.

After they bump, the SUV is stopped in the middle of the road with the swarm of motorcyclists surrounding it.

It’s then that police said riders started hitting the SUV with their helmets, and allegedly slashing the tires on the vehicle. Police said that the driver of the Range Rover was with his wife and daughter at the time of the attack.

While surrounded by more than 30 motorcycle riders, who were on their way to Times Square as part of an organized event, the video shows the driver of the SUV plow through the horde of people, knocking several over. That’s when Mieses, who goes by “Jay Mezee,” was allegedly injured, according to his wife, Dayana Mejia.

Mejia said her husband had nothing to do with the attack on the SUV, and he was a victim of the initial altercation on the New York highway.  She told WCVB that her husband got off his bike to help the rider that was hit in the initial crash. “If you look at the video you can clearly see that that man ran over something. That was my husband,” she said.

According to a Facebook page dedicated to the Lawrence man, called “Justice for Jay Meezee,” which has more than 7,000 “likes,” the media is “trying to paint the man driving the Range Rover as the victim” the page’s creator said. “Yet, Jay [Mieses] is in a coma and paralyzed, unable to walk again along with a list of severe injuries sustained.” Photos of Mieses lying in a hospital bed, unconscious, have been posted to the page.

The extent of Mieses injuries has not been confirmed, however, Mieses wife said in an interview Tuesday that the driver “paralyzed [Mieses] for life,” and that she expects that the medical bills to pay for his recovery will be extremely high.

A fundraiser was started to cover Mieses medical expenses as he recovers in the New York hospital. “This page is to support the victim’s family during this time of need. If you can shower Jay [Mieses] with love and prayers we will gladly accept,” the fundraiser page says. “This family lives in Massachusetts and has to travel to New York to be by his side and it’s a lot of expenses.”

After Mieses was allegedly run down by the driver, the motorcyclists caught up with the SUV following a long chase. One of the riders can be seen in the video getting off his bike and approaching the vehicle before smashing the window of the Range Rover with his helmet. Police said the driver of the SUV was pulled out of his car and assaulted. Police said Tuesday that they made one arrest in connection with the attack. New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is expected to update the public on the incident sometime Tuesday.

  • StarrLady

    oh, yeah, he was trying to help the driver…… karma!

    • James Inglish

      He was trying to help the driver? Yea, right.

  • Geoff

    Fuck him. Brake-checking a car in a motorcycle = low IQ.

  • Mary Queen

    Tell your husband and his boys to stay the F–k out of NYC.

  • cnncomment

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • OctoberHurts

    Maybe some of these knuckleheads will examine their reasons for behaving so badly and the consequences of their actions.

    • James Inglish

      I doubt that! Thugs are thugs.

  • Dana Lee

    Too bad they all didn’t die. They started it. Bikers can rot!!!

  • kdev

    If he only had a gun…

    • jimbo jones

      I’ve been thinking about that one, not sure whether or not I would have pulled my gun if I were the SUV guy. Six rounds vs 30 bikers who may be armed themselves while my wife and child are in the car… that would be a very very tough call to make in short time under that much stress. And then you just killed 6 guys….

      • scooby37

        Don’t know that drawing would have solved anything after being dragged out of the car, but I would have greeted the window smasher with a 9mm slug once he broke the glass out. Then I would have sped away (over anyone that was in the way like Mieses.) I doubt there would have been a lot of pursuers after they saw a friend take a slug to the face. It’s violent behavior like this incident that keeps me carrying a firearm every day.

        • kdev

          right! and best thing you can do is drive to your closest police station. they usually dont pull in behind you lol. when they do, there is a less of a chance of violent assault or need to defend with lethal force in the presence of armed officers… at a police station…lol

  • FedUP


    See the pattern, get the message? (No license, no insurance, no registration, no papers, once again, a hit and run.)

    No sympathy. They intimidated and attacked the SUV. He had his wife and 2 year old in the car. No charges , case closed.

    Lesson learned. YOU are responsible for your actions. Next time, you might be dead by getting run over.

    Decent people are FED UP with this behavior. The public is in total support of the SUV driver.

  • FRED

    PULL THE PLUG ON THIS PIECE OF SHIT. These lowlifes deserve zero sympathy. Acting like fools on the highway. Gang mentality, he should have ran all of them over and left them to rot . Thumbs up to the driver of the SUV, I would have done the same to protect my family

  • James Inglish

    LOW life SOB. The thug got what he deserved. Good thing he can no longer walk. That’ll teach him.

  • debs

    The video was removed. No surprises here. We’ve all seen it. If he was innocent he wouldn’t have been that close to the car. He MAY have been trying to help the down biker, but he was right at the car with the others intimidating the family. The wife sounds like she knows so much yet she wasn’t there. This was horrible all the way around but then why did they do this to this man and his family? No excuses. ITs time people are held accountable for their actions.

    • Payton Blake

      Given that he can’t even talk right now, I’m betting she’s just making shit up.

  • J2thabo

    A motorcycle gang surrounds a man with his family in the car on the highway and he runs them over to escape? I would do the same thing!

  • Doubleutf

    Edwin E. Mieses, 26, of 17 Bernard Ave., Nov. 28, charged with operating a motor vehicle after license was revoked, illegal possession of a Class D narcotic, operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment and on five outstanding warrants;
    Arrested Again in May, Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times, in Lawrence, Methuen, Roxbury, Andover, and New Hampshire, according to registry records.
    In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017, records show.”
    Fizuck him, let him die!

    • Piers Morgan

      Someone should roll the bed he is laying in on to some train tracks and slowly walk away.

  • tech boost

    Jay I hope you recover from the coma and live a long life of pain and misery you POS!

  • Jennifer Goldstein

    Dayana Mejia is a Prostitute/Whore and a former crack-head.

    Edwin Mieses sold crack-cocaine to kids, his father sold drugs for over a decade, and his “partner” is a street-whore.

    No compassion for these Scourges of society.

  • Dilt Pernz

    This moron put himself in harm’s way by stopping short in front of the SUV. He deserves everything that happened to him. As for the rest of the idiots, if you have to stop traffic to do your stunts, you are playing in the wrong place. A bunch of shitbags making the roads less safe for law abiding motorcyclists.

  • TG Brown

    I think the Range Rover guy should have his licensed revoked for only being able to hit one guy in the rule-less mob. Surely he could do better.