Deval Patrick’s Daughter Is Crazy For Carl Sciortino

Katherine Patrick is making her first non-Deval endorsement.

Katherine Patrick, left, holds hands with her mother, Diane Patrick. / File Photo via AP

Katherine Patrick, left, holds hands with her mother, Diane Patrick. / File Photo via AP

Katherine Patrick, the openly gay daughter of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, will make her first political endorsement today, other than for her own dad.

She will announce her endorsement of state representative Carl Sciortino in the special congressional primary to succeed Ed Markey, according to that campaign.

The high-profile endorsement might add to a sense of momentum for Sciortino’s campaign, which picked up steam two weeks ago with the release of a video featuring his Tea Party father. Since then, polling from other campaigns show Sciortino rising from fifth place toward a more competitive middle of the pack.

Katherine Patrick, 24, took a fairly visible role on the Patrick re-election campaign in 2010. She first stepped into the public eye in 2008, when she came out as a lesbian in Bay Windows. Sciortino is also gay, and Patrick will emphasize both his work for the LGBT community and more broadly for progressive causes.

1 p.m., 10-01-2013: An earlier version of this story stated that Patrick came out in the Bay State Banner. It's been corrected to Bay Windows. Boston magazine regrets the error.

  • Steve Abraira

    Slow day at the office Dave?

  • Mumbles

    This 24-year old suffers from the same self-absorption that plagues her generation – the mistaken idea that her every thought is very very important. Seriously, I don’t know her, and she may be a nice and smart person, but why should anyone care who she supports?

    • pyrophilia

      What entitles your generation to their unearned privilege. Right, I guess you think that just because they HAVE their position they DESERVE their position. Is ought Fallacy. You people scream freedom and pretend we have a meritocracy and that the left only wants equality of outcome but you leave out that you (relatively, even, if you aren’t a repuke) conservatives aren’t supporters of equality of opportunity either. The meritocracy and american dream is deader then dead and people like you run around pretending the best and brightest run the show. It’s would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic and creepy. But by all means, keep LYING to yourself.

      but I know the absolute objective and examined truth-whereas you only have assumptions.

      we don’t live in a meriocracy anymore. That is objectively true. It’s not a private interpretation of facts, it’s not a factoid, it’s a FACT. an absolute unvarnished truth and ANY argument WHATSOEVER to the opposite is merely SELF DECEPTION trying to express itself in words. There’s only ONE Valid conclusion from the data.

      conservatives don’t believe in equality of opportunity either.

      when they tell you we’re an “Entitlement generation” they’re men in glass houses throwing stones.

      THEY feel “entitled”

      unearned privilege. freedom isn’t unearned privilege.

      unearned privilege is tyranny.

      that you just called us “entitled” when you yourself are proves you are a TYRANT.

      respect isn’t ASSUMED it’s EARNED.

      and those who keep complaining about an “Entitlement culture” have NOT EARNED it.

  • Guest

    cool. Fuck both the other comments here btw …assholes.