The Endorsements Start For Marty Walsh

John Barros and Felix Arroyo weigh in on the mayoral race.

John Barros and Felix Arroyo are endorsing Marty Walsh for mayor today. Neither is a huge surprise: Barros, of Dorchester, has known Walsh a long time, while Arroyo has a notoriously bad relationship with John Connolly. Still, both have a reputation to maintain among their supporters, and would not risk that if they didn’t believe in Walsh—and it’s that perception of integrity that makes both endorsements valuable. Few voters are likely to decide based on these endorsements, but many will now give Walsh a second look—particularly minorities and progressives who might otherwise have dismissed him as an old-Boston pol.

Walsh is getting, and will continue to get, other endorsements of this stereotype-busting nature. Arroyo is a very good one. State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry, who I’m told is likely to endorse Walsh, would be another A-lister. Less well-known to the wide public, but extremely credible to the LGBT community, is political consultant Arline Isaacson, who was the lead gay-marriage lobbyist in the state.

Today’s announcements are going to get bulldozed by the breaking school bus drivers story, but that’s OK. The endorsements will find their way to the intended voters in time. They should help to get Walsh a second look from a lot of voters who might not otherwise have considered him. It’s still up to Walsh to win their votes, but at least he’ll have the chance to persuade them.

  • 7worldtraveler

    I hate Marty Walsh. Boston is in trouble if that drunk takes over.

    • ProPeople

      Wow. Attempted character assassination with passion is not so useful on a message board. (I hope this doesn’t mean I’m next.)

    • Liz OConnor


      Why do you hate Marty?


      A concerned and curious citizen, currently planning to vote for Marty but still open to debate among well-intentioned, thoughtful people.

    • Jomy

      I’d like to know who this is. You must be very brave to post behind a hidden name, you coward. My name is Joe O’Malley. I am a proud supporter of Martin Walsh. If you would like to have a debate on why he is the best candidate for the future of Boston you can email me at

    • Petie

      Wow! Nothing says “I’m
      an intelligent, and well informed constituent ready to make decisions based on
      principal and policy” like bashing someone’s character. Especially when that someone is an advocate
      for personal betterment and sobriety… Go home 7world, you’re drunk. Hope Martin gets elected, and maybe you can
      get some help, ya nut ya!

      • 7worldtraveler

        Funny…you don’t follow your own advice. Calling ME, drunk? A “nut?” Nothing says “I’m a hypocrite” like Petie name calling. One more reason NOT to support Walsh– his supporters are jerks.

  • GOK

    Boston is in trouble anyway with its status as an over-the-top pro-union city, but with Walsh, it will be in huge trouble fiscally. The union effect will be felt in full by one and all, especially those without a real voice: taxpayers.

    7worldtraveler, you’re an idiot.

  • Jon

    Actually, John Connolly touts himself as a teacher. He has only taught for 3 years. 2 years in NY, yes New York and 1 year in one of the worst Charter Schools in Boston. He is a lawyer and he already proved his dishonesty by mailing out anti-literature against Steve Murphy to help himself gain a council seat a few years ago.

    He has only been on the council since 2007, he is known as a bully in city hall. John is also pro-charter schools. Here lies the biggest problem of all. Charter Schools do not have a place with children with disabilities. Almost all of the Charter School staff are Mostly young white teacher and last on an average of 3-5 years.

    He wants to be Mayor because of Ego and Power and does not really care about you! You can tell by how he speaks to you in person that he is telling you what you want to hear.

    • sinbadsailor

      Only 3 years teaching school? How many years did Marty Walsh serve as a teacher?