Mass. Delegation Sends Letter to House Speaker Boehner

Members of the House are asking him to find a “clean concurrent” resolution to end the government shutdown.

As talks continue in Washington D.C., to hash out both a budget proposal and reverse the government shutdown, delegates from Massachusetts sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, encouraging him to “ bring to the House floor a clean concurrent resolution” to end the halt on federal funding.

“We are all hearing the daily reports of horror stories that result from the shutdown of the federal government. These stories, and the negative impact on the lives of the people we represent, will only continue to grow in number and severity as the government shutdown continues,” the letter said, which was signed by all eight members from Massachusetts elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

While some negative impacts have already been felt in the Bay State, including national parks and tourist attractions being shut off to the public, and funding for those in need of housing and tuition assistance being cut off, state officials fear it will get even worse.

President Barack Obama and House Republicans met yesterday to negotiate on both the government shutdown, and the looming debt limit, which expires on October 17. Obama refused to come to terms with a Republican proposal to raise the debt ceiling without also ending the stoppage on federal funding. “The President’s goal remains to ensure we pay the bills we’ve incurred, reopen the government, and get back to the business of growing the economy, creating jobs, and strengthening the middle class,” according to a press release from the White House, sent out after budget talks and attempts at negotiations Thursday night.

Prior to the letter being sent to Boehner by Massachusetts delegates, one of Governor Deval Patrick’s top officials warned of “dire consequences” statewide, claiming that as November 1 nears, thousands of state employees will be facing furloughs or layoffs, and dozens of programs for low-income families, seniors, and veterans will soon run out of funding, according to a State House News Service report.

State Undersecretary of Housing and Economic Development Aaron Gornstein, during a Boston Foundation forum on housing issues, said if the shutdown continues into the start of next month, the state will not be able to cover the costs of  heating assistance for 200,000 households, won’t be able to make rent payments for 20,000 low-income households, and 35 home projects with 1,500 units of affordable housing will be delayed. He called November 1, the “turning point” in the government shutdown for resident of Massachusetts.

Gornstein’s plea took a similar tone to the state’s Democrats in Congress, in the letter sent to Boehner later in the day. “We believe that passing a clean concurrent resolution on the budget and raising the debt limit in a responsible manner, we can get back to legislating and making the tough choices that we were all elected to make in the United States Congress,” the letter said.

Talks about the debt limit and the government shutdown are expected to resume Friday, but so far there is no end in sight.

  • Tony

    Message from disgruntled taxpayer, who is extremely tired of the credit card mentality of most of the members of past and present US Congress aided and abetted by incompetent POTUS and so called mainstream media, to the Massachusetts distinguished congressional delegation.

    In a universe where a decreased in the growth of budgets is considered an unsustainable budget reduction that will harm the most vulnerable.
    In the words of Ms Pelosi there is nothing to cut. Unfunded US liabilities in excess of $87 trillion and counting.

    Whoa Nellie. A projected budget (CR, US has not had a budget since POTUS Obama was sworn in 2008) deficit of over $600 billion for FY14, an accumulated deficit in excess of $6 trillion during the magic years of Obama governance, a total deficit in excess of $16 trillion dollars with a current Gross Domestic Product of $22 trillion and Uncle Ben printing money in excess of $65 billion/month, HIMO is a recipe for fiscal disaster similar to the hyperinflation that occurred in Germany in the 1920’s.

    • 7worldtraveler

      You’d rather have a budget like GWB, where the costs of two (unnecessary) wars wasn’t included in the budget?

      • Tony

        I would rather have informed individuals rather than “useful idiots” provide comment on posts. For your information, the US Constitution requires that all budget appropriations and authorizations originate in the House of Representatives then the US Senate must approve the bill and finally POTUS gets to either approve or disapprove the expenditure or tax with the House and Senate able to override a Presidential veto.

        You sound like many Democrat Senators and HR who voted for the funding of the two wars before they voted against it. Of course after 9/11/2001 any legislation on any topic would have been approved by all 3 branches if it could be wrapped up with the American Flag and the bodies of the 9/11 victims.
        BTW The wars might have been considered unnecessary outside the military industrial complex but circa 2002 lay offs were being made by Raytheon, Sanders, GE, Boeing, etc.
        In closing since the Magic One came into office in 2009, the US has not had a budget. Tune in the CSpan and follow the discussion on continuing resolutions (CRs) by Nancy, Harry & POTUS Obama.

        “Don’t Worry About Tomorrow” get the credit card out and buy the tinker toys and services you want.

        • 7worldtraveler

          Tony, if I could buy you for what you’re worth and sell you for what you THINK you’re worth, I’d make Bill Gates look like a pauper. Try not to be so smug and condescending if you’re trying to make a “point” you THINK others do not understand…

          • Tony

            A better statement would have been “If my aunt had testicles, she would be my uncle” but 7worldtraveler is just a lackey of the free lunch brigade.