Aaron Hernandez’s Girlfriend Arraigned on a Perjury Charge

Prosecutors say Shayanna Jenkins lied to them as they investigated Hernandez's role in a murder.

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Shayanna Jenkins

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Shayanna Jenkins, Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend and the mother of his child, pleaded not guilty today to a perjury charge in Bristol Superior Court, as prosecutors outlined the lies they believe she told a grand jury investigating the murder of Odin Lloyd. As usual, prosecutors presented evidence to paint a picture of an extremely inept cover-up in the days after Lloyd’s death. (Remember the Bubblicious?)

Jenkins has been dating Hernandez since they attended high school in Bristol, Conn.. But her role in the case is a bit more complex than just girlfriend-of-the-accused, as her sister dated Lloyd, and now she’s being charged with lying to those looking into her boyfriend’s actions.

Assistant District¬†Attorney¬†Patrick¬†Bomberg¬†told the court that Hernandez called Jenkins from his lawyer’s office and told her to get rid of a box in the basement. Cameras then showed her doing just that, though she later told a grand jury she couldn’t remember what she’d done with it, he said. Bomberg also said that Jenkins accompanied Hernandez to the police station where she alleged that Lloyd had been a drug dealer in an effort to paint him as having shady associations that might have resulted in his death. Prosecutors also said¬†that she lied to the grand jury about trying to get house workers to sign non-disclosure documents.

Meanwhile, Jenkins’s lawyer accused prosecutors of being heavy-handed and abusive in bringing charges against Jenkins as a way to pressure her and Hernandez. She said Jenkins and Hernandez had a “Don’t ask, don’t tell relationship” common among entertainers and athletes (by which we’re pretty sure she¬†doesn’t¬†mean that Hernandez was secretly gay, but rather, that he was secretly gangster.)

A judge didn’t grant the prosecution’s request that bail be set at $5,000 and Jenkins was free to go until her pre-trial conference on November 6. See you then.

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