FBI: The Tsarnaev Brothers Were Not Informants

The agency is refuting recent reports and probes into whether or not officials were working with them.

boston marathon bombing suspects

Law enforcement officials want to make it “absolutely clear” that they were not conducting any sort of surveillance on the alleged Boston Marathon bombers after the April 15 attack.

“There has been recent reporting relating to whether or not the FBI, Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police or other members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force knew the identities of the bombers before the shootout with the alleged marathon bombing suspects, and were conducting physical surveillance of them on April 18,” officials said in a joint press release on Friday. “These claims have been repeatedly refuted by the FBI, Boston Police, and Massachusetts State Police.”

The statement was made jointly by FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Boston Division, Vincent Lisi, Colonel Timothy Alben, of the Massachusetts State Police, and Boston Commissioner Edward Davis.

The press release was issued in response to both media inquiries, and requests made by an out-of-state Senator, wondering whether officials had the Tsarnaev brothers on their radar prior to the shootout with the suspects in Watertown in the days following the bombings.

Officials said they have refuted these claims in the past and continue to deny that they had any clue who the Tsarnaevs were, until after the older brother, Tamerlan, was killed during the shootout in Watertown. “Members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force did not know their identities until shortly after Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s death when they fingerprinted his corpse,” according to the statement.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley recently sent a letter to the head of the FBI, asking questions about the exact time they had identified the alleged suspects. In a letter obatined by Fox 25, Grassley wrote:

In the hours leading up to the shooting of [Officer Sean Collier] and the death of the older suspect involved in the bombing, sources revealed that uniformed Cambridge Police Department officers encountered multiple teams of FBI employees conducting surveillance in the area of Central Square in Cambridge. It is unclear who the FBI was watching, but these sources allege the Cambridge Police Department, including its representation at the (Joint Terrorism Task Force), was not previously made aware of the FBI’s activity in Cambridge.

Questions about whether or not the Tsarnaev brothers were FBI informants were also raised this week—something the Joint Terrorism Task force and other top cops adamantly deny. “The Tsarnaev brothers were never sources for the FBI nor did the FBI attempt to recruit them as sources,” they said. “To be absolutely clear:  No one was surveilling [sic] the Tsarnaevs and they were not identified until after the shootout.  Any claims to the contrary are false.”

  • Lucy

    Lol, good thing the FBI has never lied before.

  • Woody Box

    It will be interesting to hear Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s stance in that matter when he’s able to respond freely to a free question. What sounds frivolous today may be normal in the future.

    Meanwhile, the Boston FBI may explain another question: why they, when determining if Tsarnaev’s bag was the epicenter of the Forum bomb, failed to make a professional analysis of the video footage prior to AND after the blast, instead of being satisfied with the “believe” (DesLauriers) that the bag was the device that caused the subsequent blast.


    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      Excellent. I am assuming your analysis of an epicenter is accurate. I do have a problem that Dzhokhar did NOT have his backpack when he walked away. The FBI photos when analysed by coach and saunders for Baby Blake at allthingsforum1 clearly show under reverse shopping that these photos were not made more clear by the FBI but were, in fact, occluded so as to darken and obliterate the strap on his shoulder making it look as if he had dropped his backpack. The rather intensive youtube video of the photoshopping done on the targeted bag at the railing here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mVyEPBtbtc#t=46 clearly indicates that it was neither Dzhokhar’s bag nor was it really located where the official narrative said it was located. The official narrative desires to place Dzhokhar without his backpack, an easlily shopped backpack inside the railing very near to the young “dead” boy for maximum pathos to be squeezed out of the viewer and maximum rage towards the “bomber,” whoever he was.And how many people simply ran between the first explosion and the second explosion leaving all their belongings – backpacks included – behind. As for his nonchalance after the first explosion we have runners who kept on with the race, a number who thought it wasn’t anything important – that sound – until the second explosion. This is not even getting into the formal evidence of its being a simulation at Dave’s site, which is very convincing as the after images and the official narrative do not match at all. Much like the Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders “cheating”images from last summer on the cover of US Weekly. This is typical tabloid “journalism” taking images and fabricating a story and often fabricating the images as well.

      So a MADE UP IMAGE then becomes the evidence for hanging a terrible crime upon an innocent person. How many people walked away from backpacks at that same place. Witnesses say there were a lot of backpacks on the sidewalk. Everyone naturally dumps them on the ground in front of them.

      Woody I would hope you carry this further, and link to the massive factual work B Blake has dug up with her cohorts which supports your work. This is not an either / or situation. We know the FBI and the Police play either/or games with each other, and we have been taught well to do the same. Let’s stop it here. Now.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      As to their not making a professional analysis of the video footage you are assuming they wanted a correct analysis and a just and fair arrest and conviction. What they got was a dead man and an almost dead man – bad luck for them – instead. It appears that they wanted a quick and dirty end to it all with no questions asked.

  • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

    “Methinks the man doth protest too much.” – Shakespeare

  • public_servant_watch

    Here is the letter to Director Comey from Senator Grassley


    This letter has not been entered into the record of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


    Just like this letter from Congressman Keating was never entered into the Congressional Record.


    Appears we are getting played people.

    Neither letter ask the question why a raw video that initiates 2:37 min post blast shows the crowd at the Blast Site 2 to be FBI agents acting as civilians helping victims, bloodied victims and moulage artist for future propaganda pictures that went out to the public.


    Why does the FEMA site show the FBI at the T and coming on site with a time-stamp of 3:40 PM when three of the agents in that picture were in the raw video not identified as FBI agents at an earlier time?

    Why are none of the victims in the Forum picture released to the public that is a complete fabrication through photoshop not visible in the raw video? Why did fire trucks and paddy wagons block access for ambulances as seen at the end of this video?


    Today for the first time what appears to be a legitimate court order was rendered in USA v. Tsarnaev. Take a look at excerpts from the bogus protective order that was initiated with an electronic order and then the written document slid onto the case docket the next day.


    The SAM Memorandum by Holder reaches beyond statute where he has instituted these restrictions for an entire year. This is to silence, cover, and hope people forget and lose interest.


    There is something evil going on here where it appears the United States population has been terrorized by its own government, and all three federal branches appear to be in the effort that keeps the lies strong and accepted as truth.

    See the FBI as the Forum crowd validated in AP Pictures at this link http://disq.us/8fprg4

    Another example that shows the FBI Forum Crowd Picture to be a total fabrication. Watch should really concern you is the number of private sector people that got in on this game. We are in serious trouble. Hopefully Judge O’Toole will turn out to be our Nation’s hero and a legitimate effort at finding truth will initiate.

  • Shama

    My request to all people who commented before me , please spread the word . Why is it that your comments are only on limited articles that don’t even show up with normal search .You should educate people by commenting specifically on hate blogs …

  • Shadowcloud ba’cho

    I note the presence of a mere handful of members of The Flat Earth Society 3.14 , aka The LooniSphere’s White Rabbit Noise Makers. By all means “soldier on”.

    • Stu McCormick

      While the Flat Earth Society’s claim could be disproven using actual facts, what tools are in your arsenal apart from lame attempts at mockery? You are so wise to voluntarily render your personal judgment inoperative; I hope mockery helps to fill the voids in the official story which, if your honest with yourself, you will admit you don’t even know the substance of. Loser.

  • Doomsday Diva

    Sean Gannon, who instructs and trains at Wai Kru and knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is with BRIC and JTTF yet did not recognize him when FBI released the photos of the two suspects after the bombing? That’s either gross incompetence or something more sinister…..

  • Stu McCormick

    So kind of you to translate the press release for us Steve; where is the link?