The Outside Ads Start For John Connolly

The ads begin on Thursday.

Democrats For Education Reform (DFER), which has been supportive of John Connolly throughout the mayoral campaign, has mostly laid back in deference to Connolly’s call for outside groups to stay out. But, noting that there is no so-called People’s Pledge in effect (Connolly called for one, but Marty Walsh declined), and that outside groups have been spending heavily for Walsh, the group has decided to jump in.

“This is not about John Connolly—it’s about the children of Boston,” says DFER’s Massachusetts director Liam Kerr.

Kerr assures me that his group will stay strictly positive, and has nothing ill to say about Walsh.

Here’s the ad, which should start airing on Thursday. The narrator should be familiar to active Democrats in Ward 17.


  • Steve Abraira
  • jonshore

    “This is not about John Connolly—it’s about the children of Boston,” says DFER’s Massachusetts director Liam Kerr.

    No it isn’t about “the children of Boston,” at all! DFER’s Liam Kerr, of Brookline, is just one of the many Poverty Pimps on the stroll in Boston to “tell Bostonians how to do it.” However, as most outsiders, he does not have all the information or a historical context, or has an ulterior motive for not presenting it, as is the case with most Poverty Pimps! The “children of Boston” are just an afterthought to Liam Kerr! Social Worker Beverly Ann Rock of Dorchester is misinformed and is being hoodwinked. Not tolong ago Liam Kerr of Brookline, wrote a letter in the Boston Globe extolling the virtues of charter schools and eliminating the charter school cap in Boston. Why? Because charter schools make people money!

    Massachusetts has been awarded $130,000,000. in New Market Tax Credits (NMTC). Now Boston’s share of this NMTC money could uplift Boston’s urban areas if used for affordable housing, community, business and job development, but charter schools are an easier
    investment vehicle to sell. Especially when you can tell NMTC investors that the Boston Public School District is the Number 1 Urban School District in the Nation! Where is the risk?

    The New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) is a non-refundable TAX CREDIT that provides investors with a 39% FEDERAL TAX CREDIT (not tax refund). Investors must retain their interest in a qualified equity investment throughout a seven-year period, or risk forfeiture of that interest. They stand to make up to a 50% ROI (return on
    investment)! Disappointedly, after heavy lobbying from a “coalition of education reformers” on April 24, 2013, the President signed a permanent extension of the NMTC, without putting safeguards in place, and “ed reform investors” have been trolling Massachusetts urban cities since. Lifting the “charter school cap” will created a windfall for New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) investors at the expense of the children living in poverty here in Boston!

    When people don’t have all the information or, even worse, have been mislead, it is painful to accept that they have been hoodwinked. Don’t be hoodwinked, this is about “investors” making and keeping their money, it isn’t about educating poor urban children of Boston at all!

    • Vaughn K.

      ‘Number 1 Urban School District in the Nation’, the # 1 Jon Shore Catchphrase! Amazing how many suckers still apply to get into the Brooke charter schools in spite of the awesome lure of the #1 urban school district in the USA, isn’t it? Limited charter schools are not any worse for the BPS than the fact that most middle class families opt out of the school system for private and parochial school.

      • jonshore

        Yes, “Boston Public Schools is the Number 1 Urban School District in the Nation!” is my #1 catchphrase, thanks for the acknowledgement! It is the hard work of Boston Public Schools UNION TEACHERS, in a system decimated by poverty and saturated with cherry picking charter schools, that earned that #1 designation and I am proud to be one of them!

        Where is your proof that “most middle class families opt out”? You don’t have any because it is not true!

        Out of the 47 students who started in 6th grade, and 60 students who started in K, only 17 students remained to take the 8th grade MCAS! Where did the other 30, 6th grade students disappear too? Surprise, none of the Brooke 8th graders were English Language Learners or Special Education according to the Mass Department of Education. To compare them to the Boston Public Schools, and suggest that they are the solution that will close the “achievement gap” is just wrong. I wrote an extensive comment about “Brooke” should anyone want to read it: