Q&A #2: The Open Attorney General Seat

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“Glenn,” among others, is interested in the state Attorney General race, open in 2014 with Martha Coakley running for governor:

How do you see the rest of the AG race shaking out? Any chance at a non prosecutor running?

To take your second question first: no. Not with a serious chance to win, anyway.

As you know,¬†Assistant Attorney General Maura Healey and state representative Harold Naughton have just announced their candidacies on the Democratic side.¬†The big question is whether Warren Tolman will pull the trigger this time, after floating his name for every opening in sight over the past several years. I think the answer is yes he will, and I don’t see much room for others on the D ticket once those three are in. That should be a darn good race for the nomination, actually.

The GOP side could be interesting as well, if there is a sense that the seat could actually be won by a Republican. A “Draft Tim Cruz” Facebook page has popped up, but I’m a little skeptical that the Plymouth DA will run. I am similarly doubtful that Worcester sheriff Lew Evangelidis will‚ÄĒactually, I’m skeptical about each of the Republicans’ best candidates going for it, but there’s a good chance one of them will. I’m just not sure which one.


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