What Ibragim Todashev’s FBI Interview Means for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Life

Last week, federal prosecutors confirmed the link between Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the 2011 Waltham triple murders.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial may take years to arrive—but events unfolding now may decide whether he lives or dies.

That’s because the government has set an October 31 deadline for prosecutors to recommend to US Attorney General Eric Holder whether they will seek the death penalty in Tsarnaev’s case. And prosecutors, in turn, gave Tsarnaev’s defense a deadline of last week to show why they shouldn’t seek it.

And the fallout from this preliminary legal battle is already evident: As a direct result of skirmishing between prosecutors and the defense, federal prosecutors last week put in writing what FBI agents had anonymously leaked to reporters months ago—that before his death, Ibragim Todashev implicated Tamerlan Tsarnaev in a 2011 Waltham triple murder.

“ … According to Todashev, Tamerlan Tsarnaev participated in the Waltham triple homicide,” prosecutors wrote in a court document filed Monday. But the prosecution offered no details about what exactly Todashev allegedly said to the FBI, or why he was shot to death by an FBI agent during a questioning session in his Orlando home on May 22.

The 23-page document came as a response to a motion filed by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense team, asking the FBI to turn over its files on Todashev, as well as records of FBI interviews with Todashev’s girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva—who was deported after giving an interview to Boston magazine.

The defense has argued that such information could be relevant to “mitigation”—essentially, the testimony about the defendant’s character and particular situation that could be taken into account during sentencing. The defense is projected to use Todasehv’s interview to argue that at the time of his “terrorist killing spree” Dzhokhar was acting under the influence of his murderous older brother, and so is not culpable enough to deserve death.

The prosecution countered the motion, saying that releasing files on Todashev and Gruzdeva would jeopardize the investigation of the Waltham murders. “Any benefit to Tsarnaev of knowing more about the precise ‘nature and extent’ of his brother’s involvement does not outweigh the potential harm of exposing details of an ongoing investigation into an extremely serious crime, especially at this stage of the proceedings,” prosecutors wrote.

But the prosecution also gave another argument for withholding the files: “Information about his brother’s criminal history will be relevant, if at all, only in a future sentencing hearing to determine whether Tsarnaev himself should receive the death penalty,” they wrote, adding: “A death penalty hearing in this case is not imminent. The government has not yet indicated that it will seek the death penalty.”

The problem with this argument is that Attorney General Holder’s decision to try Tsarnaev capitally, or not, will dictate the shape of the trial from the get-go, not just at a future sentencing hearing. If Holder decides in favor of a capital case, only jurors who are morally in favor of using capital punishment in certain situations will be selected for the jury. Then the trial itself will be bifurcated; in the first half, lawyers will present arguments about Tsarnaev’s guilt, and if he is found guilty, then there will be a second, separate part of the trial in which lawyers make arguments to the jury for and against recommending the death penalty.

In rare cases, even after the attorney general decides on a capital trial, the defense can strike a last-minute deal with prosecutors, in which a suspect can plead guilty in return for avoiding the death penalty. That’s the agreement Tsarnaev attorney Judy Clarke came to when she was defending Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known as the Unabomber, who pleaded guilty in exchange for a life sentence without parole.

But the government also argued that even in the case of mitigation, according to the law they are only compelled to release the names of witnesses, not records of interviews with them. Quoting a previous ruling to prove their point, the prosecution wrote, “Once the Defendants are aware of the existence of such witnesses, the Defendants may attempt to interview them to ascertain the substance of their prospective testimony, or subpoena them if the Government does not intend to call them as witnesses at trial.”

Unfortunately for the defense, they can’t interview Todashev themselves, since he is dead.

  • irene

    so what now? all the essential folks to interview is dead and this guy here is getting all the suffrage for something that cant b cleared. what in th world is happening.

    • tara

      He should not die I think Dzhokhar tsarnaev did nothing wrong please let him live

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        It is up to our voices now. Such fragile threads his life hangs on.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      It’s still not as bad as gunning down Miriam Carey in broad daylight in front of the capitol building with tourist witnesses watching. And no media uproar at all about that. Can you imagine if a bunch of gunmen did that!

  • mark jonson

    i didn’t even realize Judy Clarke was representing him…Ted Kaczynsky must have called up the Tsarnaevs and been like “hey man, she’s good”

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      There will be no talk of establishing his guilt/innocence. Just a plea bargain.

    • public_servant_watch

      I don’t think Judy Clarke realizes she is representing him either!

  • Woody Box

    Sorry to disagree with the article’s basic premise.

    Neither the Waltham murders nor Todashev’s alleged confession are even remotely relevant for the question if Tsarnaev’s bag was the second bomb. More and more Bostonians know by now that the bomb exploded on the patio ot the Forum restaurant. Not at the mailbox, the place where Tsarnaev dropped his bag.

    This information will continue to corrode the prosecution’s fassade. On the trial, if not before, the fassade will collapse. An acquittal is to be expected.

    • Sam West

      “More and more Bostonians know by now that the bomb exploded on the patio of the Forum restaurant. Not at the mailbox, the place where Tsarnaev dropped his bag.”
      I must have missed this finding. Please provide links.

      • Woody Box
        • Sam West

          What is this? A Facebook comment? Thanks.

          • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

            Hey facebook is as valid as CNN, Boston Globe, NY Times, etc. N one of them are Thomas Paine or I. F. Stone integrity.

        • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

          Dave’s site says the same with the pattern of debris.

      • Woody Box

        Or take Heather Abbott, the lady who was thrown into the restaurant by the blast.

        Google is your friend.

        • Sam West

          You are the one making incredible assertions so it is your job to back it up. Otherwise it is just arbitrary drivel.
          And, Google is not your friend.

          • Laurie Lauren

            Incredible assertions? Like the one you made that there are witnesses to the MIT shooting?

        • public_servant_watch

          And yet plastic cups with fluid in them remained intact on the table. They did not even wilt from the “heat”.

          • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks


      • Laurie Lauren

        I see you didn’t answer Linda MacDonald’s question about these alleged witnesses to the MIT shooting that you claim exist, yet you are asking for links. I would also like to see the link to this information you allege in your comment. I looked, and found nothing. Surely you’re not saying that you are privy to information that even the prosecution and defense team or the media have not seen?

      • public_servant_watch

        Actually there was never any actual “real” bomb or ongoing threat of another bomb. When you have Boston bomb squad Sergeant Chris Connolly admitting he was out there using his cell phone and radio and at the same time claiming he feared he was going to get blown up it’s a pretty good clue the whole thing is a farce.


        “Connolly cut through several more bags before he realized he couldn’t clear them all himself. He needed more techs. He tried his cell phone first but couldn’t get through. He reached for his handheld radio on his belt and pushed the transmit button.”

        DO NOT: Use two-way radios or cellular phone; radio signals have the potential to detonate a bomb


        • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

          I pasted your long explanation from www on a separate blog at http://occupytabloids.blogspot.com I didn’t want to get into this so I encouraged the forum people to start their own blog. At last I thought I had serious people who could run with it.

          However when you start digging around this stuff you have to go where the evidence is leading you. I was like most everyone else thinking the Tsarnaev brothers did it but also suspicious of the govt involvement since I distrust the govt period. No way did I think I was going to end up seeing a simulation instead of a real bombing. NO WAY! But what can I do I can’t un-see it. The forum people were intent and still are on microscopic details as one would require in a court of law, BUT we are not there yet and may never be. They are forcing the evidence to conform to their perceptions. A long ago psy study by Dunkheim (?) on “functional fixidness” labels what they are doing perfectly. So now I have to step in and do some work on my own blogs that I had thought to be able to avoid and pass on to others. Wishful thinking. Fug fug fug and fug. Just as in war the military is always fighting the last war. That seems what the LE was doing in Boston. They have no ability to imagine otherwise. The US is doomed. Brawn is about all they can come up with. No pun intended.

          • public_servant_watch

            Agree! “They are forcing the evidence to conform to their perceptions.” They have serious tunnel vision but everyone has to work through cognitive dissonance at their own pace. At least I hope that’s the case, as the alternative is not pretty.

            The big picture brings the evidence and the general premise is the war on terror is not meant to ever end. It fills campaign chest and corrupt pockets with money. Massachusetts is is home to a major player in the Military Industrial Complex; Raytheon is based there.

            When they were trying so very hard to take us into Syria on a pack of lies the articles in the online media had ads for Raytheon popping up. IMO the Marathon was a sheep barometer to see how well lies would hold and to incite prejudice against Muslims in case the prejudice they already bred needed a booster shot.

            Psychopathic puppet government serving the Master and we slaves are mere collateral damage.

          • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

            I guess it’s OK that I published your comment then. Here’s a blog post you must read altho at first you won’t think it has anything to do with Boston and the Tarnaevs. Keep on and you will see. http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/

          • public_servant_watch

            I already saw it and thanked you for doing so on Twitter- check your mentions. ANYTHING absolutely ANYTHING that exposes these corrupt people is free for the taking to get the word out. Never worry about asking – just grab and go!! We must wake those still asleep!

          • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

            I could use some help big time. I want to post the 7 hour documentary and then comment on it at intervals with the time recorded and links to forum that have detailed info on certain aspects of it. Also the simulation at the end needs to be linked to Dave’s site. We need a hub for this stuff as it is swirling and I didn’t get it at forum the way I wanted it. They do good work and everything helps.

          • public_servant_watch

            I am not skilled in doing that kind of stuff. Everything I have is on my Twitter grid. https://twitter.com/rebelready/media

            IMO any evidence beyond the initial frame-up with photoshop and the fact that they had both in custody shortly after the brothers went to the store which was actually during the 9:00 PM hour is irrelevant.

            The concern is that these issues have not already been brought up in court.

            The effort needs to be FLOODING these officials including the Homeland Security IG and the GAO complaints regarding how these people are using taxpayers’ money to commit crimes with supporting evidence. We have evidence against all three branches of government. They don’t get to commit crimes against the American people and then run a racketeering conspiracy to rob Americans while carrying farce criminal charges against innocent people.

            The other boys have a status conference tomorrow. These FOOLS in the DOJ have loaded their defense team with 6,700 pages of records and 3 terabytes of data in automatic discovery. They didn’t do a damn thing wrong. Yet the courts complain how strapped they are because of the sequestration. UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE! Carmen Ortiz and her minions need to be criminally charged along with a titanic full of other morons living off the taxpayer!!

          • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

            Miriam Carey’s murder also. We are doomed.

          • public_servant_watch

            Never let hope drop below a glimmer!!! 😉

          • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

            Even if we don’t win there will be a record. Just like Sacco and Vanzetti.

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        No one saw him drop a bag. There were 6 blocks of dropped bags the bomb detector people had to go through, slash open, with their hearts in their mouths that any one of them could have a third, a fourth, a fifth, etc. They inspected dropped bags until dark. IF the Tsarnaevs or even one of them left his bag it would have been one among 6 blocks of bags that were checked. It appears that the FBI photos were shopped to black out/hide the strap of Dzhokhar’s bag as he walked away and the other photo of his flexed elbow is also shopped to shape the elbow back further to hide the backpack. And those are the only “criminal” photos put out by the FBI and both were shopped. Now what do you think about that evidence?

      • irene

        the authorities are so eager to point a finger on someone. this whole thing stinks to high heaven. God hep us clear this shit.

    • Sam West

      What about witnesses to the murder of the MIT police officer? Carjacking? Gun fight in Watertown? Running over the elder brother (Mr. Speedbump)? Being found bloody from the gunshot wounds in the boat? Is this going to “corrode the prosecution’s facade” as well?

      • Woody Box

        This is going to be torn apart after the epicenter question has been clarified.

        • Sam West

          I am not asking what they may do at the trial. Are you disputing that those things actually happenned? Or that the younger brother was somehow involved?

          • Karen Berman

            We’re saying there is more to the story than what is being reported. Perhaps a False Flag, perhaps the older brother was indeed recruited. There is just so much in this story that does not add up.

      • Linda MacDonald

        There were witnesses to the murder of the MIT officer? Where is the link for this information?

      • barbara

        Being bloody in a boat after being shot at with “over 200 rounds” is not so remarkable. What is odd, is why the brothers were not bloody after allegedly murdering the policeman, and attempting to wrest his gun away. Video from the Shell station show both of them in clean clothing. And, yes, where are those witnesses to the murder of Officer Collier?

        • irene


      • TycheSD

        There are no witnesses to the shooting of the MIT police officer.

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        There are no witnesses to Collier’s murder and given the established times it could not have been done by either Tsarnaev or even both of them. The “carjacking” is wide open with holes and the wind is blowing through them. And yes blood from the 16/17 gunshot wounds in the boat given an unarmed man will definitely “corrode the prosecution’s facade” as well.

      • Courtenie Rachael

        It seems as though there were witnesses to that murder since they describe a totally different suspect on the police radio that was released… unfortunately for the fbi that doesn’t support the theory that the brothers are guilty of it. As for the carjacking, that story doesn’t add up. If they left their green honda civic behind and took the Mercedes SUV (as the carjacking victim himself describes in the interview he did on television) then how did the green honda end up at the scene of the Watertown shootout? Holes in the story that they don’t put on television. These are things you have to research to know about which unfortunately the majority of people don’t do so they go on believing all the lies.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      An acquittal to be expected yes if all is fair. But it is not.

    • Jane Miller

      You can then go on to say that if the bomb exploded on the patio, it wasn’t a bomb. There is no evidence of damage anywhere in the vicinity. There were plastic cups still on the tables. At the first bomb scene there are shots of the bench outside Marathon Sports in good condition. Then later it is smashed to pieces. Strange. Who did that?

      • Woody Box

        Sorry, you are plain wrong. Ask one of the 100 people or so who were in the vicinity of the Forum.

        The Forum restaurant needed to be renovated for months because it was heavily damaged by the bomb. And this is because it exploded very close – on the patio – and NOT at the mailbox.

        • Jane Miller

          I’m looking at the images now. Cups on the tables and FBI guys guarding the scene and actors pretending to be injured.

          • Woody Box
          • public_servant_watch

            Yes, the hospitals were in on it and that should really frighten you. The propaganda board and ER at 4:15 PM on 4/15/2013 with all victim transport purportedly complete.

            Clue: there is no condition on any ER triage board anywhere in the world that is listed as a disaster!! Another clue: check the really bored lady at the desk who would be swamped with data to put into the computer had what that board reflects really occurred. Last clue: the people you see would be really busy stabilizing patients, getting histories and prepping for OR. Activity would be none stop and no one would be standing around!!

            Hit link directly to make bigger.

          • Shadowcloud ba’cho

            Q. “Yes, the hospitals were in on it and that should really frighten you.”e

            Nothing frightens me. Everything frightens you.

            The hospitals were in on it alright. The “it” being going about affirming Boston-area hospitals are the world’s finest.

            You don’t understand the impact of carnage and chaos on the human condition, hence on institutions. By their own nature and by their own definition, carnage and chaos do not fall into some tidy bell curve.
            Professionals earn the title Professional through education and experience to include repetitive as well as supplemental training. This gives rise in confidence and most of all to a functional level of calmness in the face of carnage and chaos.
            Professionals are not Wannabees and Wannabees are not Professionals.

            I’ve read enough of your conspiracy posts to predict your responses. Your posts are laced with cognitive dissonance and absurdities. Your theme is a grandiose conspiracy with no beginning and no end. This gives you license ( one that you neither have nor earned) to add or delete at will with zero accountability as to previous or future posts.
            In your post ( above) you float multiple concepts. Hospitals were in out “it” is just one. Your ignorance is revealed with your comments on what personal should’ve been doing IF the injuries were real. I LMAO. The injuries fall into 3 categories. Ambulatory victims would indeed be harvested for evidence. The wounds would be cleaned but not treated nor dressed. Sure there are exceptions-e.g. certain head wounds and eye injuries.
            Non-ambulatory victims would be attended to premised on a many factors. The litany of which is too long for a post.
            You are too quick to accuse both named and the unnamed of nefarious illegalities, lies and being party to a vast conspiracy. So vast it can only exist in an alternative-virtual world.
            Tis the way ( yours and your ilk) of the virtual keyboard koward-klan- each one “a” Kommanding Kolonel, of an army of none.
            You and your ilk can only relate to the Wannabees ( the 2Bros-the Todashev of Martyrdumb-Flame) because you and your ilk are Wannabees. You cannot relate to Professionals ( the MDs, the RNs, the FBI et al) because you and your ilk are not Professionals. It is that simple-Occam’s Razor

          • public_servant_watch

            “Your posts are laced with cognitive dissonance and absurdities.” Your projection, AGAIN, shines through. Your attempt at impeding progress on removing a corrupt government and ensuring that those with power serve the people and not themselves is failing miserably. Go away, you are no longer an entertaining shill; you are a bore!!

          • Shadowcloud ba’cho

            Q. ” Your attempt at impeding progress on removing a corrupt government and ensuring that those with power serve the people and not themselves is failing miserably .e”
            Now your delusions include removing an unnamed corrupt government. Bow-Wow! Then you boast progress is being made to that very end! LOL
            Perhaps on some Virtual Earth, the Keyboard Kommanding Kolonels are well into their coup d’état. Not on this Blue Marble. Not in America. Not in Massachusetts. And not in Boston.
            Your delusion includes “kommanding” me to go away. I do not answer to you, I answer on you. Do you understand the explicit and implicit meaning of my use of the word “on”?

          • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

            If you had a job at that hospital on that day would you come out and say injuries were fake? I saw the Glenn Beck video and emergency room employees said they were told not to touch the wounds as they were evidence. They said they couldn’t clean them or anything. Don’t know how true or whether actors just saying so on video, but alarming anyway. The doctor who examined JFK’s body in Dallas was told to shut up about what he saw if he knew what was good for him. So he did until as an old man he wrote a book and told that the body he saw was not what was described coming out of the stop at Bethesda MD naval base.

  • Sam West

    If Zalkind is against the death penalty then she should come out with arguments against it and not veiled denounciations like “Judge Holder”, “[death penalty option] will dictate the shape of the trial from the get-go”, “the trial itself will be bifurcated”.
    Holder is not a judge but a prosecutor and in cases like this it is the prosecution that determines the extent of the punishment. The shape of the trial will be dictated by the evidence that the prosecution and defense will present as normally is the case. And, of course, the jurors must be amenable to impose the death penalty if that’s the extent of the punishment that the prosecution seeks.

    • TycheSD

      She never said Eric Holder was a judge. And, Eric Holder WILL determine whether the government will seek the death penalty in this case. The U.S. Attorney in Boston will make a recommendation to Holder, but he will ultimately decide whether this will be a capital case.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      When the “shape of the trial” is mentioned, what is meant is that the official narrative of the trial will be set. You are looking at it literally and that is not what is going to determine how it goes.

    • Kelster Schreiner

      He will NOT!!!!!!

  • Courtenie Rachael

    So the FBI has the actual evidence which no one else can see and we are just supposed to trust them on this, when they can’t even provide an explanation as to why Ibragim Todashev was killed during questioning?

    • Baby Blake

      Good comment.

    • Dawn Ray

      They can’t explain why Todashev, unarmed, was killed and his girlfriend was deported for speaking to the press? Anyone else bothered by this? Let’s get rid of anyone that knows anything!

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        Many of us are disturbed. Since he is dead he can’t be a witness and he can’t be cross-examined can he? And all of a sudden this murder is important and it has been on the shelf for 3 years? All the explanations we get sound like adults giving children excuses they know the children will believe.

      • irene

        my thoughts exactly. this whole thing stinks. we need clarity on this. trust in authorities are questionable these days.

      • Interrogator

        Now I get why RON PAUL said we need to revamp the FBI & CIA, and just start all over from scratch.

  • public_servant_watch

    Give it up FBI you are making the United States look like fools worldwide. Carmen Ortiz you were asked to step down after you and your minions caused the death of Aaron Swartz; we are still waiting for that to happen and take all the corrupt AUSA in your office with you!!! The taxpayer supported US Courts are not your own personal play ground!!

    • disqus_n6McKba8wi

      Thank you public_servant_watch. You said is what I really want to say. Carmen Ortiz has personalized her own power for only her pleasure. I don’t want to argue whether Tsarnaev is innocent or not. Ortis uses similar strategy, which broke Aaron Swartz, to Tsarnaev. She may try to, I don’t know exactly, crack up Tsarnaev under completely harsh restriction before his trial. C’mon, US is not a kind of country.

  • irene

    I will always wonder why they did not come up with an alleged evidence of the older brother tamerlan planting 1 of the two bombs. is it because he is already dead and there’s no reason to stress the point if ever there really is? come on. this thing’s gonna wrap up in flames and the liars along with it.

    • Interrogator

      The DEFENSE ATTORNEYS need to use the PHOTO of Tamerlan naked & being placed with handcuffs behind his back into a police car—-then, a photo of him in the morgue shot & knived viciously. How does that happen?

      • public_servant_watch

        The whole in his chest is purportedly a surgical resuscitation effort but no report or time can be trusted. The red markings on his face are worrisome; this postmortem lividity is something that appears in dependent body parts . Why was his head dependent before death and what did these sickos do to him? The death certificate cannot be trusted as a honest document! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livor_mortis

  • Steven

    I am totally in favor of justice. I feel the victims deserve their day in court. I believe the accused needs their day to prove their guilt or innocence…but in the end the guilty must pay for their deed. How many have to die before you can say the death penalty is warranted? This was terrorism. These guys came in, blew up countless people that did nothing wrong, with the intent to kill, scare, and distroy everything we as US citizens hold dear. How many American soldiers over the years have died so we can have these freedoms… to those that have given their lives to make America great, I say FRY THE BASTARD…. and don’t think twice. Since the measure to the world…. cross this line, and you unleash us all in your face….

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    — guilty FBI tries to frame and kill
    Muslims one more time in Boston

  • Mike

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother are innocent. We haven’t seen even one concrete evidence of guilt. Where is the video showing them dropping the bomb, DNA, Fingerprints? Why
    should we believe they have any evidence at all when they can’t even
    show it to the defense team? And how is it possible they can say a dead
    person is now convicted of murder or that another dead person provided
    the confession criminating him? C’mon we’re not stupid. For the rest of people believing the official story wake up

    • Shadowcloud ba’cho

      You want your questions answered? First, you must have standing. Secondly, those and other questions will be answered at trial.
      Finally, there is not a single rational person that falls for any of the irrational garbage from the LooniSphere. If there is one, name her,him, list their credentials, including their C.V.
      Tis why the little brother , aka the killer of Speed Bump via road kill , gave his permission to his attorneys to pursue “mitigating factors”, beginning with his brother’s involvement in the Waltham Murders.
      Read the sworn affidavit , then the indictment. Inside both are the tidbits you claim do not exist. Unlike the LooniSphere where making up chit is the rule, affidavits and indictments are premised in facts, evidence, testimony et al.

      • Rob Jackson

        Haha. I can’t help but laugh at your hypocritical statement about “where making ‘chit’ up is the rule” when referencing the “loonisphere”. As I have seen there is just as much evidence (if not more) showing they are innocent as there is pointing towards them being guilty. If you do not have questions of your own, then I feel bad for you. Sifting through all the evidence, I am very surprised that someone as intelligent as you portray yourself to be can’t find one single piece of evidence to be questioned. And do remember, there is a burden of proof in our legal system. And for you to actually believe that a persons “title” is what makes them credible or not is absolute pure ignorance… There are many instances in history where a person’s “title” had nothing to do with their true character. I don’t know you, so I can’t blame you if you have led a sheltered life. Again, that just makes me sad for you. And to be honest with you, who has sheltered you so much that you have never read a case where the “sworn affidavit” was not true? Either you choose to not look into the cases where people were wrongly accused, but found innocent later due to things like advancement in technology and DNA even though there was a sworn affidavit, OR you just have never done the research on cases like that so you honestly did not know. It is ok if you didn’t know. I am just glad to show you that what you think is realty can be wrong and there are legal cases proving that. So since u are into “titles” and the legal system, you cannot deny then that sworn affidavits have been false before. If you do deny, then your whole statement above is hypocritical. I do not believe in using hatred to make people believe something, so I Hope you have a pleasant day.

        • Shadowcloud ba’cho

          You’ve seen as much or more evidence pointing to innocence? Then surely you’ve forwarded this exculpatory evidence directly to the Defense Team or are you withholding the evidence simply to create courtroom drama at the 11th hour ?

          Will you be on the Witness List, specifically as an eye witness or will you be called, then Court approved as an Expert Witness?

          You claim to have “researched” the case. Tell us all of your credentials as an investigator, including education, professional experience and of course the specific cases ( Case-Docket #) you testified, either in a sworn affidavit, or from the witness stand.

          The presumption of innocence is in effect. The Government is following the American Way by first investigating, then seeking Warrant(s) based upon sworn Affidavits, then continuing the investigation far and deep enough to seek an Indictment. A Grand Jury Indictment was returned in the affirmative as to Probable Case. the threshold for formalizing the charges. This Indictment was read in open Court in front of the defendant. He choose to plead Not Guilty.

          The Government is going forth with its case predicated upon proving each and every charge.

          The Defendant’s Legal Team is probing the Waltham Triple Murder under one legal theory of “mitigating circumstances”- a direct acknowledgement of “Speed-Bump’s” ( should be copyrighted by the person who coined the name) involvement, including by the Defendant himself. The Defendant and his defense Team sought the Case File as a Defense. The Waltham Triple Murders are not part of the Government’s charges against the cowardly little brother. By seeking the details, the Defendant is admitting his older brother was a cold-blooded butcher and is implying Speed-Bump coerced-forced ( up to threat of life and limb, head too) his little brother into becoming a Mad Bomber. Since it is unclear as to whether the Judge will permit this legal theory to go forward means all will wait until his Ruling.

          In the interim , the Defendant and his Legal Team will pursue other legal theories, the operative word being legal. The Defense, not the Internet, will coalesce around a single Legal Theory.

          The Internet Conspiracy Echo Chamber is not home to legal theories. It is home to falsehoods, fallacies, absurdities, variants of Alice In Wonderland, including Alices with Hybristophilia, White Rabbits, and unemployed Tin Foil Mad Hatters.

          • TycheSD

            The younger brother isn’t admitting anything by asking for the Waltham murder info. And, back in May, the younger brother was a suspect in the murders as well. Somehow, his alleged involvement hasn’t been heard about since the FBI killed Ibragim Todashev and said he and Tamerlan were involved.

          • Shadowcloud ba’cho

            Ja Haha’s blood scrawled rant as well as his post-bombing email of Mashallah , reveals a Ja Haha hoisted on his own petard.

            Now Ja HaHa is grasping at and for any straw, to include running over his dead brother ( metaphorically) a second time. Ja HaHa did not “ask” for the Waltham Barbaric Butchery Case, he and his attorneys filed a motion under “mitigating circumstances”.

            To be brutally honest, Ja HaHa is no longer in a position to “ask” for anything. Ja Haha is down to praying, pleading, filing and eventually begging ( for mercy).

          • Danielle Davito

            I am not required to have these ‘credentials’ you speak of,to have the ability to see,and read.Why don’t you do some ‘investigating’ of your own,and you will find a story riddled with more holes than the boat Dzhokhar was hidden in,with Mr.Henneberry’s assisstance !The Tsarnaevs are 100% innocent,& if you have,oh,about 10 hours,I can show you all of the inconsistencies in this case!I have 12 notebooks full of information that dispel any ‘evidence’ they have against the Tsarnaevs. I have so much information,I’ve spent weeks trying to get it organized.Sometimes ‘seasoned’ investigators overlook things,especially when they’re told to.

          • Shadowcloud ba’cho

            Q. “The Tsarnaevs are 100% innocent,& if you have,oh,about 10 hours,I can show you all of the inconsistencies in this case!I have 12 notebooks full of information that dispel any ‘evidence’ they have against the Tsarnaevs. “e.
            1. You infer the 12 notebooks are “hard copy”. Tis a tell- not a good one! If the 12 notebooks are electronic , then publish them.
            In either instance, you are the 346th Kook since 15 April 2013, claiming to have found the Holy Grail. Yet like the other 345 it is invisible-except to self!
            The Defense Team has a mailing address as does the FBI specific to this case. LE and the US attorney are chartered under the Law and the Rules of Law to gather and explore all information “material” to the case- then to share it with Defense.
            Make 2 copies, one for the Defense and one for the prosecution and of course an “encrypted” one for you in the event the Black Helo comes for you. Send the encrypted one to WWW % Russ Baker along with the key-code.
            How about a succinct executive summary which you can send to WWW for consideration then perhaps for publication? You can have your names in lights! Read: It is called coming in from the cold. You will be on the talk show circuit-Letterman, Conan, Leno and Fox News. A book deal then a movie!
            Bon Chance !

  • Interrogator

    SHOW US THE…………VIDEO…..of TODASHEV saying this……..what LIES, LIES, LIES!

    Why would they kill Todashev in the HEAD execution-style if he was on THEIR side and could have been a Prosecution witness.

    ANSWER—he was going to be a witness for the Defense, so they had to murder him.

    I CANNOT believe America has turned into ugliness like this. Who murdered JFK? CIA, or what. There is no end to this ugliness.

  • Interrogator

    You have been BRAINWASHED by the MEDIA. Or you are a Government Troll, one or the other. You NEVER saw a VIDEO of them dropping off ANY pressure cooker, give me a friggin’ break. How stupid can you be.

    As far as American soldiers, you should look no farther than 9/11 and Building 7! How does a steel building not hit by a plane collapse into its own footprint? You are so brainwashed! Answer: there is NO WAY & also there has never been a steel building that has collapsed in the history of the WORLD. Don’t be so incredibly stupid. Most people know about Building 7 now, except you! Google it.

  • Interrogator

    They can TORTURE Dzhokhar, but it will do them no good. He will NEVER change his plea regardless, and I can hear the rumblings of “unintended ” consequences, the “noisy” media, the “alternative” media on a death penalty. People are already wondering why the kid (they call him that) isn’t seen visually by the Media, by TV.

    All this hiding and obfuscating of the truth is just going to make for more questions eventually BY THE MASSES at large. The best thing the government could do is to find information that would exonerate Dzhokhar and blame his brother. That’s the ONLY way out of this government mess. Besides, the CIA can threaten Dzhokhar, once released, into “not talking” by obvious means and threats to shut him up. I think Dzhokhar would be so happy to get back to Russia that he’d NEVER say another word about this!

    They really, really need to consider this, because questions will NOT stop, and the perpetrators of this fraud will ultimately not go unpunished someday, including the collusion of the Judge and a hand-picked jury, and those people need to really, really think about this. You cannot continue getting away with stuff like this indefinitely.

    Typically, a thief who breaks into homes gets caught the 60th time per a Detective I know who said this. The NSA can turn on the Judge, and anybody else who is lying at any time where the NSA can be the “hero” for solving this trial. Make the NSA look good, too! Do these people really believe they are not being spied on & tracked?

  • Karin Friedemann

    This is just so ugly. Tsarnaev still hasn’t even had a probably cause hearing regarding the bombing he probably didn’t commit. The Waltham murders as well as the BMB police targeting seem to be personal. Blaming them for the marathon is retaliation for something.

  • sjhalver

    So far well done Judy Clarke! Good defense to get an innocent young man off of death row! He doesn’t deserve to be in the **** hole he is in right now! Release the lion!!

  • robert

    all of you sicken me jumping on this fucking gov conspiracy band wagon because the “victim” is pretty. Before in the past or if dzhokhar wasn’t attractive you would look at people like they are stupid for spewing the shit you are spewing and label them a psycho. Im not saying the kid did it but jesus christ, wait for his real day in court to happen. That is when the government will show their evidence and then all of you will feel stupid as fuck. You cant let out video and pictures years and years before a court date like this or the evidence is considered not viable in court. all of you shut the fuck up. You are all superficial and blind.

    • medianotes6

      “Im not saying the kid did it but….the government will show their evidence and then all of you will feel stupid as fuck.”

      Yes, that is saying he is guilty.
      Its innocent until proven guilty.
      You’re the only one who’s brought up his looks.

    • Gail Baker

      I don’t know how, but I know he’s innocent! And if he IS convicted, I won’t feel stupid as fuck. I’ll know it’s the government’s doing! I know what they’re capable of and wouldn’t put ANYTHING past them. Not only ours, but every last one in the world! They’re all alike.They care only for money and power and a one world government. They screw up, and they find a patsy to take the blame and make sure he is hated.They want racial tension, and they want Muslims ,Christians and Jews to hate each other. I, for one, refuse to be caught up in there trap and will continue to fight for Jahar to the end, and beyond, if necessary. And no, I’m not a teeny bopper fangirl! I’m a 65 year old wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, who Just wants to see a world where people love and respect each other! I don,t care what anyone thinks of me, I just want people to wake up and smell the coffee!

      • robert

        ummm exactly my point. You dont know how but you know he is innocent? which means you don’t know shit. It doesnt matter if you are 65 years old. You are still a female and see him as an innocent child because of his looks. shut your fucking mouth. you would be a teeny bopper fan girl if you werent so damn fucking old.
        yes the government does fucked up shit but they would never take it this far. its way to big of a risk for exposure of their corruption.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Of course we trust corrupt governments and their reptile media!
    9/11/01 Abbottabad Osama Sandy Hook Newtown Adam Lanza

  • # Whoopsiedoo

    “And prosecutors, in turn, gave Tsarnaev’s defense a deadline of last week to show why they shouldn’t seek it.”

    Why? Perhaps because he pleads ‘not guilty’ you morons. Duh.

  • Moldir

    I don’t understand, If brothers are guilty why don’t they show CLEAR evidence? How people could be so blind…They destroyed their lives just in a moment and hunted on them like if they were animals and made a TV show of it. And most people believed in all that without asking any question!!I’m really disgusted of this situation. Are you not tired of these endless lies and brainwashing everyday?

    • robert


  • Patunia73

    There are so many unanswered questions and holes in this case!! So much just doesnt add up! The Proesecution is bullying their way to a conviction here.

    • public_servant_watch

      Too many bread crumbs dropped by the corrupt; hopefully the crumb path will lead them straight to a long incarceration and set free this young man who has been framed with their sick fabrications that amount to TREASON. “As the Tale Turns” narrated by the FBI and the corrupt media emboldened purportedly true radicals who now encourage lone wolves to attack within the United States. By all appearances, their little game includes an extensive racketeering conspiracy with shills out there furthering the conspiracy. May take a while and if they want they can check with Whitey Bulger on how much fun the justice system is at 85. There are no statutes of limitation that will protect them with time!!

  • Krista
    • # Whoopsiedoo

      Thanks for the link. Many many more questions than answers at the moment.

  • Kelster Schreiner


  • # Whoopsiedoo

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is being kept in solitary confinement and is not permitted to talk with anyone other than his attorney. He is not allowed to discuss the case with his attorney in private. His attorney is not allowed to say anything about the case. Meanwhile… the prosecution is blathering away like chatty Gabby.

  • wylieguide

    It’s a big HOAX/FALSE FLAG…Wake Up people!