What Strange Way Is Game Five Going to End?

The MLB wanted to know, and Twitter had some predictions.

By | Boston Daily |


No doubt about it, this World Series has offered us some strange variations on ways a baseball game can end. Game Three concluded with an error. Game Four saw the first game-ending pickoff in playoff history. So with the World Series gods seemingly upping the absurdity ante with every passing day, the MLB had a question for its Twitter followers: “How will Game Five End?” What’s going to force that final out? Seriously, what on earth could top it? Does Bane have to make an entrance? Using the hashtag #HowGame5WillEnd, the funny folks of Twitter had some thoughts.

There were the traditional answers involving the invocation of a strange rule no one saw coming:

This one’s still hard to laugh at

The imagined scenarios grew increasingly unlikely

Then things got really weird:

But mostly, people just ragged on Stephen Drew.


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