PHOTOS: The Red Sox Parade Through Town on Duck Boats

Best. day. ever.

If you live in Boston, you might have picked up that the Red Sox had their championship parade through the city today. I got to ride in the media truck leading the procession, which was about as ridiculously cool (and unbelievably loud) as you’d imagine. So what did the Rolling Rally look like from the front? Check out these photos.


Before the ducks got rolling, things started out at Fenway Park, where all the boats (many bearded!) were lined up early:



Officer Steve Horgan was posing for the cameras, and taking pictures with just about everybody who walked up to him. This poor guy is going to wake up one morning with his arms stuck like that:






David Ortiz fired up the crowd …



… the ducks rolled out …


… and fans flocked to the backside of Fenway to watch them leave:



One of these signs is a classic throwback to this one from 2004. The other one, I’m afraid of saying anything about because I don’t want to get fired:




I think this woman stitched together this Boston Strong sign herself, and she was super proud of it. Needless to say, the route was lined with fans in fake beards:




Still drunk!




Rolling across the finish line:




I’m guessing that the Babe Ruth jersey was later burned in effigy:




The crowd by Old South Church, where the bells tolled as the parade passed by:




This bro!




Through the confetti down Boylston Street:




It’s like this guy started his aluminum foil trophy with something really ambitious in mind, and just gave up half way. Good job, good effort:




They were packing ’em deep at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul on Beacon Hill:




Check out this guy, stone cold watching from the Granary Burying Ground. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d just popped up from one of those graves:




This sign by far wins for my favorite of the day. It reads [all sic’d!], “Big Papi Say’s This is Are Ziti.” Yeah! This is are ziti!




These girls are great fans of Daniel Nava’s baseball skills, with no doubt a particular respect for his plate discipline and high on base percentage:




You know what this guy is? A consensus builder. This, without doubt, is something we can all agree on:


  • Matthew R. Lavallee

    I’m personally offended that you went out of your way to insult my artwork. Everybody loved it. My tin foil trophy was a big hit to everybody so if you don’t like it then you’re just ruining a good time. I’m the biggest red sox fan in the world and your magazine sucks and nobody even reads this website. I don’t need your approval. I’m so much better than that. My creation had twice the integrity of this lame article.

    • Kara magoni

      Pretty sure the writer was kidding. If you read all the blurbs under pictures they are all sarcastic and funny. That’s how I took it anyway… Your trophy is awesome !!! FIND THE GOOD. LIFE IS GOOD – LIVE IT!

  • Kara magoni

    I’m the ” Still drunk ” lady Kara Magoni, YEP, with my kids and my mom. I’m proud of it, Lol ! Cowlady Mary Ellen, beside me was pretty funny too! She wants to make a baby with Salty! YOU KNOW THEY WOULD MAKE A PERFECT SALTY COW BABY! baahaaa. GREAT pictures and commentary here, fun stuff. Great time had by all. BOSTON MAGAZINE you rock!

  • Julie Ciardi

    thanks for posting this online! my Aunt is the one with the Boston Strong quilt. I am to the left of her with my two kids. You made my 8 year old son Jack’s day! He wanted to be on camera with that beard and Sox uniform – thanks!!!