A Woman Who Dressed as a Marathon Victim for Halloween Gets Death Threats

The internet has found, if possible, a worse way to honor Marathon victims than this woman did.


The internet vigilantes who have terrorized Alicia Lynch ever since she posted a photo of herself dressed as a Boston Marathon victim for Halloween have done what first seemed impossible … They’ve actually made her the subject of sympathy.

The furor started when Lynch, 22 of Michigan, posted photos to Instagram and Twitter of her Halloween costume. Dressed in running clothes and a marathon bib, with blood spattered over her body, she poses nonchalantly in what appears to be a workplace. Finding holiday inspiration in the horror and suffering from that day is, obviously, pretty reprehensible. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.) And so, strangers on Twitter and in website comments sections did what the internet does too well. They attacked, often aiming their Tweets at her Twitter handle, @SomeSKANKinMI. (What a lovely username.) There was chastising:

And there was bullying. Eventually, people started posting her workplace, her address, her phone number, her parental information, and nude photos that they alleged depicted her to the internet, urging others to tell her how they felt, or worse, ruin her life. See, for instance, this screenshot of the Barstool Sports, a popular religious cult that believes women are inhuman sex objects sports blog. (We redacted her dad’s website so as not to add to his issues, and we’re not linking to Barstool because there’s some horrifying talk of raping her in there. Barstool, you’re disgusting.)


Lynch re-enabled her Twitter to ask that people stop sending her parents death threats. Eventually she reached out to Buzzfeed.com by phone, where she described her past week, which included a dismissal from her job.

“I’ve had voicemails where they want to slit my throat and they want to hang me and tear off my face,” she told the site. “I’m just like, I don’t even know how to respond to this right now.”

She added that because she is a rape survivor, the suggestions that this is what she deserves for her costume hit her particularly hard. “When people bring up the rape stuff it kind of hits a spot, but I don’t show it. I’m over it, but it’s something that I would never, ever wish upon someone no matter what they had done. They can dress however they want.”

Others, too, make the point that it’s a bit hypocritical to react to someone’s gesture of disrespect to those who were victims of violence with death threats. One of her few Twitter sympathizers says it well:

Apart from that obvious irony, the other sad outcome of the internet’s little rage fit is that it’s actually spurring a backlash to the backlash wherein people defend the costume.

Stop that. Alicia Lynch did not have an awesome Halloween costume. It was especially upsetting because it so successfully evoked the images we saw coming from the finish line that day. The only difference is the happy smile on her face. The hands-on-hip pose intended to make one’s figure look good. The flippancy of it all suggests none of the events that bloodied that shirt mattered.

Lynch should face some consequences for her thoughtlessness, for needlessly causing a lot of people a moment of pain in her search for a good laugh. But she shouldn’t be submitted to an unending barrage of rape and death threats. Nor should her parents. The crazy people calling her cell phone have found, if possible, a worse way to honor the Boston Marathon victims than Lynch did.

  • Captain Plan-it

    She definitely deserves a life spent getting turned down for jobs after a quick google search of her name drags this controversy back out into the daylight. However, taking the time to find the phone numbers of her friends and family, and calling them to threaten their lives is worse than anything she ever did. If you’re mad about her costume, then by simple logic you cannot argue the opposite.

    A quick list of things you shouldn’t do:
    1) Hatch a terrorist attack and execute it.
    2) Threaten innocent people’s lives.
    3) Wear a really, really offensive halloween costume.

  • Len Bias

    You’re a clown Randall. Turning her into a victim for your article is such shallow liberal journalism.

  • BostonMag Writer/Commenter

    OMG Eric I tottaly agree with you. Thank you for not linking the Barstool website because what the writers wrote in the comment section is horrible. Barstoolsports defiantly needs a taste of their own medicine. Like you implied they deserve to be brutally and anally raped with a spiked bat on a bed of rusty nails for 6 days straight before their throats are slowly slit open piece by piece using nail clippers.

  • zollo

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  • Drebos


  • Pork_Chop_Express

    I find it mind bottling that Randy requests a link-back for this article on Twitter, but won’t link to Barstool because it’s “disgusting”

    Didn’t they teach you to let sleeping dogs lie at Yale?

    Blue Glasses, So Hot Right Now, Blue Glasses

    • jj

      mind bottling? seriously lol.

  • FYou

    Eric Randall reads jezebel articles to his boyfriend before bed!


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  • EricRandallisapussy

    Eric Randall eats poop.

  • juneymoon

    There is one word to describe Alicia Lynch: STUPID

    • jj

      1 word describes juneymoon= douche

      • juneymoon

        Very classy, jj.
        Perhaps you and Alicia are friends?

  • chuckt12345

    guess this kid is just figuring out how the internet works,, guess they still dont teach common sense at yale

  • chuckt12345

    oh and he def looks like a man who cant change a tire

  • Noseface mcguillicutty

    Midas whale shut it down.

  • gdmarche

    So I guess Bostonmagazine.com is just as responsible for these comments as BarstoolSports.com was responsible for that girl’s? Bostonmagazine.com is disgusting!

  • Anderson Cooper

    Wow hopefuly nobody writes an article about how BostonMagazine wrote all these disguiting things about Eric Randall and Barstoolsports

  • Bostonstrong

    This costume is disgusting, but what is also disgusting is how quickly people started calling for Alicia’s physical harm. Alicia was way out of line; I don’t think anybody would argue her stupidity or heartlessness. However, when people respond to a situation that they don’t like with the threat of violence (no matter how real or theoretical,) it makes those people no better than terrorists around the world that commit daily acts of violence against parts of society of which they don’t approve.

    Shame on Alicia and shame on everyone who allowed this story to spiral out of control by calling for the harm of an innocent person (last time I checked, she has the right to wear whatever she wants in America, no matter how outrageous or insensitive.) If everybody wants to enjoy freedom of speech and expression in America, you need to learn to respect others’.

    • jj

      shame on you? are you 10 years old? grow up please

      • Bostonstrong

        what a constructive comment, thank you for the feedback.

    • disqus_ePQRYQOROM

      She does have the right to wear whatever she wants or say what she wants…legally….however, we all responsible for the repercussions after doing so. This is hers. Maybe this will stand as a reminder that while free speech is protected by the law, you should still use caution with whom you offend and what may result from your speech or actions. She does not deserve death threats or physical harm, but at least she gets the point now.

  • J R

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  • J R

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  • J R

    Eric= unique swallower

  • Steve Greska

    Really Eric? I can see the journalistic need to report on someone brainless enough to dress as a terrorist victim. But to besmirch a popular website WHILE QUOTING AND SCREEN-CAPPING it? And also committing libel by characterizing a site by the unfiltered comments left on it? Go look in the mirror…or maybe scroll down under your “article” before casting stones.

  • barnt
  • LEE


  • Nicole Smith

    She really doesn’t look like a Boston Marathon victim…she just looks like some little s*@nk who forgot her tampon!

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest

    Makes me sick.

  • Kyle Field

    Wow, stupidity has reached an all time low. Hurry, there’s two months left in 2013 if you want to have a shot as Moron on the Year 2013.

  • Kyle Field

    You know what is REALLY going to suck…every potential employer that gets her resume will do a back ground check (aka Google search) and guess what they’ll find…

    This will never go away as long as the internet exists. This is a classic example of how one stupid idea can ruin your life FOOOOOR-EHH-VAAAA.

    Kids…hope you all learn from this.

  • Greg

    you didn’t actually link anything from barstool, just the comment section. you’d figure someone with an ivy league education would be smarter than that. then again…you’re a scrub