Mitt Romney Is In Demand This Week

Between Obamacare’s rollout and Boston’s Olympic dreams, Romney’s a hot interview, these days.

For a losing presidential candidate, Mitt Romney sure is in demand this week, even in his somewhat disaffected home state of Massachusetts.

Nationally, Romney is an obvious spokesperson for the rather rocky week being had by Obamacare. Aside from his 2012 opposition to the law, both Romney and Obama like to point out that Romney led the rollout of a similar health care reform as governor of Massachusetts. (This means different things to the different men.) And so there he was, wife Ann Romney by his side, on CBS’s This Morning Friday, where he was asked if he’d like to offer the nation a big, “I told you so.” (He declined, at least literally.) Still, he argued that rollout issues were one thing, but Obama’s assertion that no one would lose a health insurance plan was the greater offense.

Meanwhile, here in Massachusetts, Romney’s name has cropped up a lot alongside headlines about a potential bid for the 2024 Boston Olympics. It was reported that Romney was advising “an elite group including some of the area’s most powerful business leaders, developers, and construction experts,” who were exploring a bid for 2024. That makes sense as he’s both a former governor and former head of the 2002 Salt Lake City games.

Also considering a bid is a new legislative committee, and the State House News Service reports this morning that they’d like a word with Romney, too:

“I’m sure the commission would love to hear from Gov. Romney,” said Sen. Eileen Donoghue, a Lowell Democrat who wrote the bill creating the special legislative commission.

Donoghue said, “I know he has been in touch with the private group who has been looking at this very seriously and we would certainly love to hear from him…

Perhaps this praising press is why Mitt and Ann seemed so laid back on CBS, joking around, and asserting, as ever, that Romney is really a funny guy. Reasonable minds can disagree there, but no doubt he’s at least more relevant this month than is typical.

  • Chris Hoving
  • Itsy_bitsy

    Sounds like a whole hell of a lot of buyers remorse over that pretender in Chief we have in the White House!

    • Lillith70

      What might have been? Not so much in this case but trusting the man who once led the state? Want to get the Olympics, get an experienced fixer (and not a corrupt under the table Olympic briber/fixer–having said that we can say Boston will never get the Olympics unless the international Olympics committee fixed itself after the SLC scandal–think UN and then tell me if you think Russia and China got Olympics with no bribery shenanigans? Only in SLC? What was only in SLC was a lower level employee who blew the whistle.) of problems, economic problems.

      So obama didn’t have to have a former president or two second guessing him in the classy Bushes. (Think national stage grabbers Clinton and Carter–they wouldn’t shut up to help put out any fires if the whole country was in flames and a Republican president was in office). Governor Mitt Romney on the other hand makes a constant head noise without any political propaganda or talking points. Just by being himself, clear eyed and what could have been.

      The man we should have married as the battered wife or poorer wife will always comfort herself when distressed. I should have married…

  • Ruckus_Tom

    If Chris Christie won’t do it, or if Jeb Bush won’t do it, or if McCain (holy s) won’t do it, or if Rubio won’t do it, the media has to throw out Grandpa Obamacare again.

    They’ve gotta get ahead of the ball and get a “Republican” (s)elected way before 2016 or a conservative like Cruz or Lee or Palin might get (s)elected.

    Bob Dole’s still around, isn’t he? He’d make a great Republican candidate … again.

    You go, Republicans and news media selecting all these candidates !!!

    • Lillith70

      What a laugh. Produce any article on a dem this writer has put cheap shots in for democrats? Bet he fawns over every minor accomplishment they have in articles about one of them or adds a snark about some republican. It is the style that the sheeple expect and accept and forms the damaging national narrative.

      Lo info voters can’t wrap their minds around the fact that failed Hillarycare preceded Romneycare and obamacare. The dems have wanted national one-payer healthcare for decades. Romneycare is on the state level in the most liberal state in the union. The people who elected him wanted it and their democrat legislature gave it to them but that takes a little thinking to follow and absorb. Better to just go with the flow and follow the pop narrative. Does yelling it louder make it so?

  • Lillith70

    Will the nation mind if Governor Romney were to get 100,000 or more for talks like the Clintons and other democrats do? I remember when Newt Gingrich was to get an advance on a book he was writing and the corrupt partisan media helped whip the nation into a rage (in the polls-that is)yet how many millions did democrats later get with probably only praise for their popularity with the publishers or somesuch?

    Gov Romney isn’t funny? An unnecessary snark but then that is what the national narrative the pop media has created demands. Really a superfluous chief shot..

    Paraphrasing Ronald Reagan, “Never give a Republican any praise”. Propagandista and partisan media (oxymoron?) know a well placed adjective can carry a dog whistling message than republicans are inferior, stupid, uncaring and what is another national narrative or media truism thing they have helped their liberal political elite create?–the dreaded “others”.

    Gov Romney(no Mitt will do for this dem activist “no respect” mediot) “even in his somewhat disaffected home state of Massachusetts.”, what an intro to marginalize the points about him being sought by his state for the brain and leadership that governed them from the right but listened to what they wanted in giving them state run healthcare when Hillarycare had failed nationwise.

    Good reason for the dem partisan to never give a republican a no-snark article. On a level playing field and without voter fraud, the liberals couldn’t win elections–we are a moderate center right country just like reasonable people serving Gov Mitt Romney, venture capitalist and idea man–who would have turned the country around by now.