Ask Bernstein Anything Day!

Our contributing editor is taking your questions about local and state politics.

“Too often we … enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” —John F. Kennedy

I promise to put some thought into my answers, so fire away with any questions you might have, particularly about local and state politics, and I will do my best to provide fact, opinion, speculation, analysis, rumor, or explanation in posts throughout the day.

I’m looking forward to it!

Update, 10:09 a.m.: Is John Tierney’s Time Up?

Update 10:30 a.m.: Who Wants to Be Lieutenant Governor?

Update 12:40 p.m.: And Your Next Boston City Council President Is…

Update 1:04 p.m.: Greater Boston’s View of Western Massachusetts

Update 3:58 p.m.: The Clark and Walsh Dominos 

Update 4:09 p.m.: How 2014 Might Play Out

Update 5:29 p.m.: Can We Just Elect Joe Kennedy III President, Already? 

  • Andrew Carden

    What the odds John Tierney prevails again in 2014, both in the primary and general?

  • Glenn

    Do you see one of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates becoming an LG or AG candidate?

  • Rob

    Who is in contention to become Boston City Council president? And odds on who gets it?

    • Jim Costa

      I am hearing Matt O’Malley, Tito Jackson & Frank Baker are interested. Then the golden oldies want their turn.
      I look at the percentage of all the Candidates; I see O’ Malley won his District with 85% of the vote. No other District Councilor matched that. Let the people weigh in.

  • Steven Leibowitz

    Similar to Glenn’s, or do you see or hear anyone else jumping in the LG race?

  • R.Jefferson Smith

    Which losing Boston mayoral candidate (of the 12) and which losing Boston city council candidate impressed you most?

  • alicecbrown

    How can a legislature that has passed so many fine, compassionate laws contain such crooks, and ignorant legislators such as the one who keeps the Canton Torture Center going, allowing poorly trained people to administer electronic shocks to (now) 88 people? Sen. Bryan Joyce has done great work in trying to break up the horrid situation, with 5 hearings , but that guy trots out his poor nephew to somehow demonstrate why shocks are necessary.

  • R.Jefferson Smith

    Who’s in for Katherine Clark’s seat and who’s the favorite?

  • elliot12

    What’s next for the departing Boston City Councillors?

  • Steve Abraira

    What’s next for John Connolly? Will he be back on the council in two years, or will he be sipping on lemonade watching the common folk mow his newton lawn?

  • Andre

    Did you see John Fish’s comments about the future challenges for Massachusetts? Sounds like a politician that can cares about the whole state. What would it take for him to run? If he decided to run as a Democrat, wouldn’t he be a top tier candidate?

  • kgilnack

    Governor’s Councilor Robert Jubinville maintains a prolific social media presence relative to what’s expected of the office he holds. Any thoughts on if he might be considering a run for something else (and if so, what)?

  • NASC

    Could you please preview the race for Marty Walsh and (presumably) Katherine Clark’s seats?

  • Pete Christopher

    What (if anything) from the most recent insiders poll do you disagree with most?


    What’s the deal with Don Berwick? Does he know about anything besides health care, or will he be a single-issue candidate for Governor?

  • tom

    Who will win Katherine Clark’s seat?

  • tgm

    And Katherine Clark’s successor is…..

  • John

    In the spirit of the day, will JPK the third ever run for president and who will be on the dem and rep potus/vpotus tickets in 2016

  • dougkinan

    Any chance I could have 10 minutes of your time in a face to face meeting?