Christian Website Run By Harvard Students Apologizes For ‘Anti-Semitic’ Blog Post

The post was written by a Jewish writer that converted to Christianity.

An online journal focused on “Christian thought and expression,” run by Harvard University students, issued an apology over the weekend for running an anonymous blog post on their website that was anti-Semitic, and said Jewish people should feel God’s punishment for killing Jesus.

The essay was published last week on The Harvard Ichthus, and then later removed.

After complaints—and media attention—Aaron Gyde, Editor-in-Chief of the publication, removed the blog post, and issued a “three-fold” apology on behalf of the editorial board. Gyde said he was sorry for the “inadequate editorial oversight” in the publishing and re-publishing of the blog post, titled “Why Us?,” which was written by an unnamed Jewish author that converted to Christianity.

According to reports, the post said that Jews, “deserved the punishments that were heaped on our heads over the last 2000 years,” because they nailed Jesus to the cross.

Over the weekend, Gyde said the writer holds “nothing but love for his heritage,” and “feels very deeply for the welfare of the Jewish people,” however, his apology pushed the notion that the blog would continue its dialogue about the subject matter.

“We apologize for publishing offensive content on our blog. While this does not excuse the post of responsibility, it was not the intent of the writer, nor the Ichthus, to present a piece that is anti-Semitic in nature or in interpretation,” he said. “The blog was not intended to communicate animosity, but concern and a sincere desire to communicate the necessity of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.”

Gyde also apologized to the staff and supporters that regularly read the publication, for allowing the post to appear as though it spoke for the entire group.

“The views articulated in the blog do not reflect views held by the current and previous members of staff. The ultimate authority for the content of the blog was left up to the author, and multiple members of the Ichthus community responded by stepping in to alert me, the Editor in Chief, of the offense caused by this piece,” he said.

The apology gained national attention over the weekend, but it didn’t sit well with readers once they stumbled upon the retraction. Many felt that Gyde didn’t directly address the anti-Semitic views published on the website, but instead merely called attention to a “dialogue” that he feels needs to take place in regards to religion and “seeking mutual understanding about the teachings and viewpoints of Christianity.”

“No direct apology to Jews. No acknowledgement of Christian sins against the Jews across the centuries. Just a statement that the ‘dialogue’ on this subject will continue,” one commenter wrote.

Others said they were disgusted with the content, and unappeased by the apology.

  • Andrew J Brown Jr

    Little history here: Only Romans had the authority to execute ergo Romans are Christ Killers. If, to continue, I wanted to “push a button” on someone – using a term from “Godfather II”, I would have to get the OK from The Don who would then dispatch with the soon to be deceased. Jesus’ prosecution?” Roman Pontius Pilate OK’d it, Jews hailed it. Jesus’ back?: Roman soldiers flailed it. Jesus’ body on the cross?: Roman soldiers nailed it. Rome is in what country?…Hmm…gee, my geography fails me here. It’s easier, or more convenient to give in to intellectual lassitude and historical (hysterical?) P.C.; it’s tough to go against the grain and call Romans and their progeny “Christ Killers” and call Jews, “you who were MERELY complicit in His death”. I use ‘merely’ here to assuage my conscience ’cause I know that were I back-in-the-day I’d be screaming, “Crucify Him!!” along with errbody!!

  • GeoffK

    You’d think that people could just find solace and comfort in their own faith, use it as an excuse to love and be kind. Turn to it as a moral code and a community. Does hate and vengeance really belong in the equation??

    I’ll respect your right to believe whatever you want, just don’t use it as an excuse to hate me or feel like you need me to validate your beliefs by agreeing with your faith. Your faith should be stronger than that. And I still think the 11th Commandment should have been: Thou Shall Not Be A Racist Bigoted Dick.