BPD Officer, ‘Boston’s Finest’ Cast Member, Reportedly Took His Own Life

Officer Pat Rogers was one of the show’s stars.

Boston's Finest Image Via TNT

Boston’s Finest Image Via TNT

A Boston Police Officer who made a regular appearance on a show produced by Donnie Wahlberg died last week, after reportedly taking his own life, but the series is still set to air its second season tonight, despite the tragedy.

Roughly one week before “Boston’s Finest” was scheduled to return to the screen, members of the Boston Police Department mourned the sudden loss of Officer Pat Rogers.

Rogers, a Dorchester native who served with the department for more than eight years, is described as “tough as any cop on the street,” but outside of the job, relaxed with a good sense of humor. Rogers was partnered with Jenn Penton—one of the show’s main subjects—on the TNT series, which featured the pair cruising around the city.

The Boston Herald reported the alleged suicide, but did not name the officer last week.

The officer who died was featured in several episodes during the show’s first season but only briefly in the second, which begins in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

On November 22, however, the Boston Globe identified Rogers as the officer who took his own life, in an article that examined the stresses of being a law enforcement official, and the greater problem of “cop suicide.”

Wahlberg was supposed to air a preview of the series’ new season at the Revere Hotel last week with Mayor Tom Menino and members of the department, but the event was cancelled when news of Rogers’s death was reported.

A request to the Boston Police Department about the circumstances of Rogers’ death was not immediately returned.

Wahlberg, who produces the TNT drama, tweeted about the cast member’s death last week, but did not confirm which person from the show it was.

This week, he Tweeted about Rogers specifically, after making a visit to Boston:

A Facebook page has already been set up commemorating Rogers, called “Remembering Officer Patrick Rogers Boston Police Dept.,” where people who knew the officer are sharing their thoughts and prayers.

“We do not know the circumstances yet about the tragic loss of Officer Rogers,” the page reads. “It also may be easy to neglect that with the ‘glitz and glamour’ of television that he was a real working law enforcement officer, but indeed he was a cop, blue to the bone. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, brothers and sisters on the BPD and many friends.”

  • danahpa

    As a former Mass.Police officer I had the greatest respect for Officer Rogers’ ability as a training Officer.I only knew him through the show but he personified what a Police Officer as well as a Training officer should be.You’re legacy will reflect those traits.

    • Karen A Cann

      I already did .

  • Stacey

    So sad. We will miss you. So sorry we couldn’t help him in his distress. Heart goes out to those close to him

  • Skyler Marchand

    As a fan of the show, I am truely saddened at Patrick’s passing. My deepest sympathies to the family, Jenn, friends and co-workers. God bless and protect you all that serve our communities and country. You are truely a blessing and treasure.
    For anyone thinking of suicide, many resources are available online. You are more valuable than you realize and suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. This too, shall pass.

  • Kimberlee Rossignol

    Such a sad situation. It was his and Jenn’s story I was so looking forward to this 2nd season. I was hoping they would become a couple. My heart goes out to all his brothers and sisters of the BPD and most certainly his family. I being a Mass native and always feeling homesick; this truly truly saddens me. GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!

    • Rachel

      A couple? He has a fiancée and a child on the way.

      • Scit6

        Nothing I’ve heard of (why would I), or seen anywhere?

        • Guest

          He had a ex fiancee and two babies on the way from two different women.

          • Lilly

            Do you really feel this is the place to share this officer’s personal business. Please show some respect to his family, his brother’s and sister’s of the BPD. This discussion is really in poor taste at this time.

            Lynnette Jarvis-Barrett Ph.D.

          • Michael Collin

            Ok Ph,D…… no one cares.

          • Lilly

            Well apparently you do since your commenting on a post that is a year old, lol. Next time join the conversation while it is still debatable.

          • the_boywonder

            This is nothing to do with the conversation / argument here but…IT IS pretty douchey to put your full name and “Ph.D.” under your comment, this is the internet, you get no respect for that Ph.D. here cuz it matters in no way here. Your opinions are not accepted as any wiser because of it. Slight credit could be given to you using your real name but that is gone when the Ph.D. was thrown down. To be honest your opinions get less respect because of your pretentious attempt to show off your title. I bet you correct people on the phone who leave it out when addressing you don’t you.

          • Lilly

            In the future write in clarity “boywonder”

          • the_boywonder

            Not clear enough for you? Even if it actually wasn’t you could still read it, I mean your a Ph.D. after all, did you forget?

          • Lilly

            I didn’t attack your grammer, I personally attacked your intelligence. Seriously I am not the one seaking you out, you are the one who responded to a 2 year old posting. I think you might need a new hobby. Go find Batman BOYWONDER.

          • the_boywonder

            How did you “personally” [I guess you do it inpersonally sometimes] attack my intelligence and not my grammar by asking me to write with clarity? Also time doesn’t make what you typed out any less dumb, I don’t care if it was said two days ago or two years ago. Welcome to the internet.

          • Lilly

            Well BOYWONDER I always welcome a great debate, still do not know why my original comment was dumb, I think bringing up this mans personal issues did not need to be displayed across the internet after this man just died. I feel the comments about him having kids by two different mothers was just in “poor taste”!! Like you said:.. “this is the internet” maybe that is the real problem!

          • the_boywonder

            I never said anything about any of your comments, you can re-read my OP if you want.

          • Binary Catharsis


  • cd

    I know how bad it is i my self thought bout when i returned from afghanistan having to watch my fellow brother’s & sister’s die..but my family & friends have helped me an i been seeing other soldier’s who are in the same situation like me but all i can tell other’s who think of this is please try get help cause if you do take your life you wont jsut hurt your self but also your family & friends who love you & care bout you..

  • Michael Giefer

    My heart breaks for this man and the brothers and sisters of the blue line. I too am a cop in California for 18 years. To see so much and not be able to sometimes let it out. If only he had just talked to someone. I so wish he would have reached out. I know we are a proud bunch of people, but to be at that moment and choose to end ones life, the pain and loneliness he must have been feeling. God it absolutely breaks my heart to know he felt so alone at that dark moment. But if he had just reached out, he had so many who loved him and cared about him. Our family is so big. Patrick my brother, you were loved by all of your family. I just only wish whatever it was that made you decide to leave this world could have been changed. I pray for your immediate family and your BPD family that they may have peace in this sad time. Love you brother, even though we never met, you were my brother and to know you would lay down your life so that I or others may live, is the ultimate sacrifice cops have for one another. May you be in peace for eternity.

  • Lilly

    It was such a terrible loss to the Boston Community to lose such a wonderful officer in such a tragic way. People do not realize at times that the people we are watching are not movie stars, rock stars they are real people working real jobs. Law enforcement officers are not used to being in the public as there are so many civilians that they are in contact with that are not on the right side of the law and then to put themselves out there for us to see inside their lives and to share their lives with us so maybe we can better understand what officers go through and to show that even though you cannot see them they are there.

    It is so sad that officers cannot feel free to go get help in this type of situation due to stigma of depression, mental illness, etc. Think about the jobs they have and the stress they go through, could you sleep well at night if you had to go to a house where someone had burned their baby or worse? Officers have to know that their jobs are safe if they seek some type of treatment or just reaching out to someone, they need to feel that what is talked about is in full confidentiality. Officers can do their jobs even if they need to have some help for a little while after going through something on the job or in their personal lives.

    We need to look at the officers who put their lives on the line everyday.

    I pray for his family, his brothers and sisters in law enforcement and to every officer out there that might be contemplating the same thing that Officer Patrick Rogers did and encourage you to contact someone to talk too.

    With Deepest Sympathy,
    Lynnette Jarvis-Barrett Ph.D.

  • Melody Kadlac

    I loved Officer Rogers on the show. My heart goes out to his BPD family, especially Jenn who obviously loved and respected him deeply. Such a tragic loss of a fine man.

  • Susan Demeritt

    This has become one of my favorite shows! When I watched the first episode and Pat transferred out this season, I was disappointed because I truly couldn’t wait to see him this season. Thankfully he was in the first episode briefly! I loved his attitude. I live 20 minutes from Boston and have a friend on the BP force. I was married to a police officer and understand the stress and demand of the job. I love how the show involves the families and let’s them know about the family and how they protect their loved ones. How dangerous it is and the children that are effected by the demand of the job and how they try balance both.
    I wanted to get a message to him to let him know he would be missed on this season if he was filmed. I googled him today and saw this and it brought tears to my eyes. When I see Jenn ride alone it will make me think of him. He was awesome to watch. I hope he has found peace. My deepest sympathy to his family.

  • Terry Barrett

    I love this show. Born and raised in Massachusetts , I now live in Arizona. I always say ” Boston you’re my home”. Very saddened by the passing of Officer Rogers, my heartfelt condolences to his biological and his BPD family. I became rather fond of him on the show .

  • rohndickerson

    It’s a sad day for law enforcement all over when a officer is lost my heart goes out too BPD in his family in friends as especially his partner jenn penton keep your head up because you are boston strong!!!!!

  • Bobbity_boo

    I was wondering where he was!! Its like she had a partner last season, and now, like we don’t notice, its just her rifing alone. He seemed uncomfortable to me. I said that to my son. Wow, thats sad. Prayers to his fam and the men and women of Bostons Finest.

  • Tricia

    So very tragic for such a young decent man. I truly enjoy watching this show which is REALITY TV!! Thank you for allowing us to watch these brave men and women do a remarkable job.
    Prayers and condolences to his family and his family with the Boston PD. Rest in peace, Pat Rogers.