In Massachusetts, 2014 Will Be The Year of Yuengling

The beer will make a triumphant return to the Bay State in March.

By | Boston Daily |

Plans are flowing smoothly for one of Pennsylvania’s biggest beer companies.

After news was released back in October that Yuengling was poised to tap into the Massachusetts beer market—an announcement that was met with a proverbial social media “cheers”—new details about the exact date of their launch in the Bay State have emerged.

According to, a website dedicated to daily news in the craft beer industry, “D.G. Yuengling Brewery will officially return to the Massachusetts market in the first quarter of 2014 with seven wholesalers.”

From the report:

Yuengling COO, Dave Cassinelli said the company has signed agreements with L. Knife & Son Inc., Seaboard Products, Craft Brewers Guild of Boston, ABI House of Quality, Girardi, Williams and Atlas Distributing for distribution across the state. The brewery will introduce draft and packaged beer near the end of the first quarter, Cassinelli said.

“America’s Oldest Brewery” confirmed the news to one of their fans on Twitter on Monday night, too:

An announcement was also posted to the Craft Brewers Guild Facebook page, one of the distributors that will be selling the long-sought-after beer. “We’d like to officially welcome D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. to Boston! See you guys in March!!!,” they wrote, noting that the beer would be “taking over Boston.”

Industry experts have been expecting the same.

In October, Jeff Wharton, co-founder of Drink Craft Beer, told Boston that the Massachusetts beer market can be tough, but he believes Yuengling will be bale to break through the other bottles being bought by beer drinkers.

“I think its going to do well,” he said.

Yuengling sells beer in 14 states, including New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, but has been unsure about returning to Massachusetts. Yuengling stopped selling beers in Massachusetts in 1993 because the demand was too high, and their out-of-state operations weren’t large enough for them to keep stocking the shelves. But Yuengling has been slowly testing the market over the last few decades, as the beer’s popularity has continued to soar.

  • Steve Abraira

    Tears of joy…streaming down my face…

  • luanne

    IT’s a Christmas Miracle!

  • Brooke Michelle

    I’m a central PA native, living now in Massachusetts. This is amusing to me! I had no idea that the staple beer of my misspent youth would be so in demand.

  • wvankley

    It’s a good beer for the price, much better than Bud, Lite, Coors, etc.. I wish someone would make a reasonably priced, hoppy beer. I suppose there isn’t enough demand.

  • acpeabody

    My Grandson, Sean, tipped me off that this beer will soon be available here. It’s my beer of choice when in a Florida and a six-pack is less than the competition.

  • Bob Nelson

    Jacob’s Corner in Beverly MA just jumped the gun, starting to sell it today (Feb 24)

  • td

    Enjoying one now! Wow , this is a fantastic beer value. Super smooth but has flavor too. And at almost $3 less per six pack than Sam adams or Harpoon, I predict they will be do very well here in Boston.

    • td

      PS – I LOVE the extremely American eagle on the can and the fact they are a 5th generation family business. How cool is that in this age of generic corporations?

  • Goes2eleven

    Their light beer is easily the best light beer I’ve ever had. My new favorite!