Ibragim Todashev’s Father Writes Open Letter to Obama, Releases Photos Surrounding Son’s Death [Warning: Graphic]

Abdul-Baki Todashev is calling for justice for his son, the Tamerlan Tsarnaev associate who was killed by the FBI in Florida.

Abdul-Baki Todashev, the father of Ibragim Todashev, the Tamerlan Tsarnaev associate shot to death in his Orlando, Fla., apartment by a FBI agent in the company of two Massachusetts State Troopers in May, has released an open letter to President Obama calling for justice.

His letter includes photos of the bloodied Orlando apartment taken about a week and half after Ibragim was killed, images of his bullet-ridden body, and a photo of his knee following a surgery he had in March.

Federal prosecutors have officially stated the government’s contention that Todashev implicated Tamerlan Tsarnaev in a 2011 triple murder in Waltham. Anonymous FBI sources also told reporters that Todashev implicated himself in those murders, along with conflicting reports about how Todashev died.

In the letter, Abdul-Baki Todashev accuses FBI agents of deliberately killing and torturing his son (citing bruise marks near his left eye) and threatening and deporting his son’s acquaintances. Todashev asks the president to ensure that the FBI does not interfere with the independent investigation into his son’s death.

Earlier this year, Todashev’s live-in girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva, was arrested and deported to Moscow. ICE officials told her she was deported for giving Boston magazine an interview. At the time of the interview, she was granted deferred action by ICE. It is unclear what the terms of her deferred action were. Ashurmamad Miraliev, a friend of Todashev, was denied repeated requests to an attorney during a six-hour interrogation with the FBI after his arrest according to the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Abdul-Baki Todashev states in the letter:

“Did my son know that he had the right to remain silent or did he have rights at all, including the right to live? Being a citizen of another country he might not be aware of the laws as he was only 27 years old and wanted to live so much. No, they left no chances for him inflicting 13 gunshot wounds and multiple hematomas on his body. After what FBI agents have done to him whatever excuses they come up with nobody would believe them because my son is dead and cannot talk for himself. They did it deliberately so that he can never speak and never take part in court hearings. They put pressure on my son’s friends to prevent them from coming to the court and speaking the truth.

I rely on you, Mr. President, and hope that the prosecutor’s office and the court do not let the agencies conducting internal investigation on this case prevent the truth from coming to light so that at least some part of our grief, caused by the murder of our son, is relieved, and that the murderers stand trial instead of sit in their desk chairs.”

Florida State Attorney Jeffrey Ashton is currently conducting an investigation into the FBI killing. Earlier this month, he released a statement saying that he recently received additional information from the United States Department of Justice and would release the findings of his report early next year.



Below, the images released by Todashev. Warning: Some photos are extremely graphic.













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            We in America had great laws that allowed people to get justice, protected the common man, and allowed the common man freedom. That’s what we had, until 9/11/2001. It was a glorious system that was near divine. Then we screwed it all up with the Patriot Act, but that could have been forgiven, as the circumstances were understandable. It would have sun set and America would be great again…or so I thought. No, no we have turned into a quagmire of psuedo freedom. A beacon of light in the world that has grown dim and does by the day. We sit on the edge of civil war, though no one dare speak it…and here you are cheering on the actual destruction of our country and it’s beloved laws. Guest, if you really like seeing people murdered for whom they know, go to North Korea. If you want people killed before they get a trial, North Korea will suit you just fine. Don’t stay here and dim the light of our great nation even more with your hatred for intellectual ways of dealing with things. Go be a mindless slave for Kim Jung Un. We don’t need your kind here.

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      This map was published in 1859 by the most prominent american cartographer Joseph Hutchins Colton (July 5, 1800 – July 29, 1893), known professionally as J.H. Colton, who founded an American mapmaking company which was an international leader in the map publishing industry between 1831 and 1890.

  • Film The Police Always

    He was murdered to silence him. It was a revenge killing.

  • susan

    Hey, look! There`s the table he supposedly flipped! Y`know that table that according to law enforcement sources is what caused the FBI to shoot him in the first place… And well no surprise, its not flipped at all. Secondly he was shot while heading towards the door, possibly trying to get away? Who knows..

    • mike.michaels

      The pics were taken a week and a half later sherlock

      • susan

        That does not mean he flipped a table. Had he done so, his trail of blood would have been by the general kitchen area not by the door.

  • Rex

    “Earlier this month, he released a statement saying that he recently
    received additional information from the United States Department of
    Justice and would release the findings of his report early next year.”

    The way this government acts, the information was probably something like “If you don’t clear us, your fucked”.

  • public_servant_watch

    So was it Special Agent Genck AKA Genke in Fla?, He wrote the fairy tale affidavit and submitted the complaint to the corrupt USDC of Massachusetts, and he was more than likely the FBI agent who stood at the mailbox in the video “Proof the Boston Marathon Bombing was Real” with all the other federal agents! He walked over from about 30 yards away and arrived at the mailbox at about 21/2 minutes after the blast;. The other agents were already there in front of the Forum and even acted as victims!! Kinda looks like fraud and racketeering!!!

    Why did it take over two weeks before any US Attorney made a legitimate appearance.in the corrupt criminal case where the majority of the judicial orders are fraudulent including the extension to indict Defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

    How about that peculiar judicial assignment where Judge O’Toole happens to be married to a woman who owns Raytheon stock yet does not recuse from a terrorism case! Will any Defense Counsel in this case ever file the required notice of appearance; how about Judy Clarke paying her Pro Hac Vice fee?? Why did the last filing by Defense Counsel have Judy Clarke’s name in the PDF properties but get undersigned by one of the Federal Defenders? Did they forget to fix that before they filed?

    Speaking of Defense Counsel do they have certified medical and insurance records yet so we can be sure that any real hospital care was actually associated with the “bomb” event?

    How about that One Fund! When is an amendment to the paperwork naming Kenneth Feinberg as the managing counsel and distributor of this fund going to be filed with the state?

    How about the numerous trolls out there advocating for the corruption and promoting the story as in whole truth, or simply advocating for the innocence of the Defendant while hanging onto the false reality of the victims- are they aware of the statute of limitations regarding the furthering of a conspiracy? Maybe everyone needs to write Whitey Bulger and inquire as to how much fun the criminal justice system is at 85!! These things can take a while to reach full sunlight!

    How about that Martha Coakley running for Governor? Apparently her political aspirations trump truth?

    Nothing can be trusted by these corrupt people in the State and Federal government, the media or any of the multiple private sector criminals helping these other criminals DEFRAUD AMERICA!.

    • susan

      Where you smoking crack this morning?

      • public_servant_watch

        You fail at evidenced based argument but succeed in snarkey response! Traits of a troll!

        • susan

          If you`re implying this was a false flag event, and that the entire government is covering it up, than you are the one who needs to get a reality check. I know a girl who was injured and her mom lost two of her legs. To suggest that this was a staged event is an insult to our intelligence.

          • Selinca Jime Guerza

            shutup sheep

          • dofphish .

            Susan, I feel for you. I do. It is YOU that suggests this was an inside job. Is that a “Freudian slip” I detect?
            I think it’s blatant as are the many other “false flag” operations that take place. So you deny this too was a government operation of some kind? I can rattle off a whole list of events designed to elicit emotional responses from the public. Please understand this type of practice is as old as government itself and every government since has and continues to use this technique to sway public opinion. It’s historical fact – I know I studied International Relations.
            It seems your are very susceptible to suggestion, national patriotism and idiocy (not you but you are susceptible to it’s influence).
            My suggestion to you is to turn OFF your television, STOP reading mainstream media sources and START paying attention. Look around you with your eyes and mind open. Think critically at what is going on and why it is happen? Who benefits? Do you think the brainwashed imbeciles blowing themselves up or shooting up a crowd only to die in a hail of gunfire never able to testify benefit? OR Would an Administration who wants to take people’s guns benefit?

            The world is definitely NOT as you are seeing it.
            I wish you well in the trying times ahead.

            ps I am very sorry about your acquaintances.

          • susan

            I`m not saying these events do not occur, and I`m not saying I trust my government, I don`t. I am saying that its idiotic and disgusting to suggest that the victims are crisis actors. They`re not.

  • Sarah Nicole Anastasia

    This is the father’s entire letter. Not sure why someone hasn’t posted it in full but here it is:

    Abdulbaki Todashev
    Representing interests of his son – Ibragim Todashev
    98, 3-i Pereulok Dalniy,
    Grozny city, Oktyabrskiy district,
    Chechen Repulic, Russian Federation

    President Barack Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Dear Mr. President,
    I am writing to you being dictated by the call of my soul and the unalleviated pain of a father whose son was ruthlessly killed. I am not asking you to share my pain but I am asking you, as the head of the great country – the guarantor of democracy in the modern world, to help the law and justice prevail. I will try to be short and concise.
    My son was born in 1985 in a family with other 11 children. All my life I worked hard, trying to provide for my family and bring up dignified and law-abiding children.
    In 2008 Ibragim, being a fifth year student at the Chechen State University, was enrolled in an international student exchange program and went to the United States to practice his English. In Boston he studied English in depth and got engaged in big sports – Mixed Martial Arts. In 2011 he moved to Orlando, Florida. All these years, alongside with his studies and sports, he worked to earn his living and sometimes received financial support from his family back home.
    We, Ibragim’s parents, were aware of everything that was happening in his life in America, including his friends, girlfriends and trainers, as he was regularly in contact not only with his father, mother, sisters and brothers, but also with his other relatives and friends.
    After the terrorist attack in Boston FBI interrogated my son several times because he was acquainted with Tsarnayev brothers – suspects of the terrorist attack. He got acquainted with them because they trained in the same gym when he lived in Boston. When Boston events took place my son had already lived at 6022 Peregrine Ave., Orlando, Florida 32819, USA. He had received a green card and was preparing to visit his family in Russia. Having had a knee operation he was waiting for his leg to heal to be able to walk independently. He had bought presents for his relatives and tickets for a flight that was supposed to take place on May 24. However, on May 22 he was visited by FBI agents who ruthlessly cut short his life.
    Large amount of factual evidences proves that he neither had anything to do with the terrorist attack nor with any other crimes, which FBI wanted to hang on him. We, as Chechens, know very well what terrorism is and how many innocent lives have been taken by it during the first and the second Chechen campaigns. Chechens have always condemned terrorist attacks wherever they have taken place and whatever goals have been pursued by their executors. Neither bad nor good intentions justify terrorism.
    Let’s assume that my son was suspected in participating in a crime. FBI agents four times interrogated him in their office. Please, note that the interrogations took place in their office and Ibragim regularly visited them when they called him and provided detailed answers to all their questions. He was neither arrested nor was he detained. Then he told me that he did not want to go to the FBI office anymore because the agents put pressure on him. The fifth time FBI agents came to his place. They asked his friend Khusein Taramov, who was at that time with Ibragim, to leave the apartment. After that Ibragim was tortured and later shot multiple times in the body and in the head to guarantee his death. Ibragim’s body and his head had 13 (thirteen) gunshot wounds. I also should mention that I have not misspoken about tortures. His face and body had bruises sustained while he was still alive.

    There are many questions that arise from the above mentioned facts. I will list the most salient ones:
    1. Why the group of FBI agents after four interrogations in their office, came to Ibragim’s house for the fifth interrogation? After all what happened to Ibragim I am inclined to think that they came to kill him. It seems that killing him in their office would create significant challenges for them.
    2. There was an article in the media that said that an allegedly anonymous FBI agent shared that Ibragim attacked them and they used fire arms in order to defend themselves.
    Let’s assume that this is true and Ibragim, having become Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger, all in one, literally threw around and battered the entire group of specially trained and well-armed agents. These are fairy tales for the mentally infirm, because shortly before this incident my son had undergone a serious operation on his knee at GAVETTA Orthopedic Clinics on 03.13.2013 (diagnosis: anterior cross-shaped ligament and meniscal tears) and used crutches. His weight at that time was 72 kilograms while height was 175 centimeters (photography of the operated knee is enclosed).
    3. What kind of actions could my son do to endanger the lives of FBI agents while he was literally in their hands and how these agents could allow any danger to arise to kill him so ruthlessly in his apartment? This is absurd. It is clear and obvious. This means that these FBI agents were incompetent if they allowed this to happen. My son was absolutely unarmed.
    That means he was provoked. Unlawful acts were committed against him; unacceptable methods were used on him. They must have needed it; they wanted to provoke him, and any healthy person could be provoked after hours-long interrogations.
    Even if the FBI agents were right, why would they shoot at him so many times instead of immobilizing him by shooting in his shoulder or leg, etc.? Doesn’t FBI have other special means that can neutralize anyone, such as tasers, batoons and so on?
    I would like to emphasize once again that all this was happening inside my son’s home and not while he was being chased on the street or someplace else in the course of an arrest, or resisting authority, or during the commission of a crime.
    4. The medical examiner’s report concerning my son’s body has not yet been released to my legal attorneys, despite the fact that they requested it several times. The medical examiner’s office claimed the FBI banned the report’s release. I can’t help but think that an independent medical examination is unlikely if the examiners obey the FBI’s orders.
    5. Why does FBI subject Ibragim’s friends and acquaintances to pressure and blackmail by threatening arrests and deportations?. Having refused to work for FBI Ibragim’s friends, Tatiana Gruzdeva and Ashurmamad Miraliev, were deported from the United States. Many others have been forced to leave the country under FBI’s pressure.

    6. Why does FBI pressure not only all Ibragim’s acquaintances, but now also my acquaintances, who helped me during my first visit to the United States when I picked up my slain sons’s body, as well as my second visit, when I was trying to learn from Ibragim’s acquaintances and friends about the circumstances surrounding his death?
    7. FBI does everything to prevent this case from hearings in court and, if hearings take place, to ensure that none of the witnesses can provide positive feedback about my son.
    8. When I came to the United States for the second time I lived in Ibragim’s apartment. I slept on his bed, ate in the same cafes where he did, visited the gym where he trained, went to the mosque where he prayed, always was with his friends and talked to his acquaintances and neighbors. In other words I was in his shoes. Believe me it is extremely difficult to recall these events again and again. I wouldn’t wish this even to my fiercest enemy. For the entire time of my own investigation I haven’t heard anything bad about my son.

    Dear Mr. President,
    Unfortunately I am not an expert in the U. S. criminal legislation but in my country actions of these FBI agents are classified as an abuse of power and a premeditated murder. I believe that the FBI agents not only damaged reputation of their agency but also of the entire country in the eyes of the international community.
    It seems that FBI in the United States is everything. President is nothing for them. They are judges and prosecutors. There is no authority above them. FBI can kill anyone wherever and whenever they want. If FBI suspects something they first kill and then start looking for scapegoats, trying to connect something that cannot be connected, such as Japanese Tsunami with American Tornado. They think up legends to justify what they have committed and file away a person, just like a sheep on a farm.
    Because of actions of such FBI agents and other similar people in power for the last several years the democracy, former glory, image, and the reputation of the United States have been seriously questioned. According to available statistics, for the last several years law enforcement agencies (police, FBI, etc.) have killed 70 and injured 80 people. In none of the cases have the men in uniform been convicted.
    Don’t you think that it is time to put an end to this practice and stop this lawlessness, turn your face to the people who voted for you hoping for positive changes?
    Far from lecturing you, I am simply sharing my thoughts caused by the grief that came upon my family and as a man whose heart has been ripped out and, in addition, is being trodden to pieces.
    The murder of my son is an unprecedented case.
    Believe me, Mr. President, that after such an unprecedented, cold-blooded, ruthless and premeditated murder of my son there is no justification for them. Everything is as clear as black and white. Having gotten rid of the witness and not allowing my son to have a legal representative they killed him in an extra-judicial manner.
    Did my son know that he had the right to remain silent or did he have rights at all, including the right to live? Being a citizen of another country he might not be aware of the laws as he was only 27 years old and wanted to live so much. No, they left no chances for him inflicting 13 gunshot wounds and multiple hematomas on his body. After what FBI agents have done to him whatever excuses they come up with nobody would believe them because my son is dead and cannot talk for himself. They did it deliberately so that he can never speak and never take part in court hearings. They put pressure on my son’s friends to prevent them from coming to the court and speaking the truth.
    I rely on you, Mr. President, and hope that the prosecutor’s office and the court do not let the agencies conducting internal investigation on this case prevent the truth from coming to light so that at least some part of our grief, caused by the murder of our son, is relieved, and that the murderers stand trial instead of sit in their desk chairs.
    Dear Mr. President, in addition to all what I have mentioned above, I enclose factual evidences.
    If you have time to listen to me and give me your consent to meet you I can come to the United States and provide detailed explanations using factual evidences.
    Dear Mr. President, I hope that you, as a guarantor of the U. S. Constitution, pay attention to my letter and those who are guilty in the murder of my son will be justly punished.

    With respect and hope,
    Father of a murdered son Abdulbaki Todashev

    Attachment: 13 (thirteen) photos of the body of my son and his apartment where the murder took place.

    • Kwame Reina

      Thank you for posting the letter in its entirety. The father’s questions are valid and I believer he serves answers. The whole thing stinks like murder. Unfortunately, all this man will be left with is more unanswered questions.

    • kiki davis

      Now i guess we’ll see just which side of justice our President stands on,i can’t wait to hear his reply to this man.

  • jhonny ringo

    oh poor bad guy, not everyone killed by cops is innocent……he hung out will killers…i think he was one too, but he killed for his fucked up religion….fuck him and all wannabe terrorist

    • awesomerobot

      Ah, so you disagree with the constitutional right to a fair trial?

      • jhonny ringo

        dude can it man. you speak about the constitution like you know something…please man, i help draft new case law to protect a specific group of Americans like myself who actually had rights taken away. I then got my rights back and protected the rights of others. you sit here and talk about things you dont know, you use them as a punch line to sound important and to make people think you actually know something….please man keep quiet or speak about things you actually know…HED003847 look it up and look at how i righted a real unconstitutional act, against the terminally ill… and stop your bench style racing on topics above your head…and i never said i do not believe in the right to a fair trial…..you did

        • jake481

          I doubt someone who can’t write a coherent sentence wrote “case law”.

    • MoBetter2

      That doesn’t mean that law enforcement can be self-appointed judge, jury and executioner. This is a country that once operated under the Rule of Law where executing prisoners without the benefit of trial was not permitted.

      • jhonny ringo

        I agree with some stuff being said, I Think most cops are good. but i know a bunch are liars criminals killers and rapist….i say about 15 percent. maybe 20. I say that based on what i read and see with my own eyes….scary i know, but i dont think this case fits the bill just saying.and i have no problem with a terrorist knowing we wont take your shit…just saying.

        • susan

          The problem here is, you are only referring to this young man as a terrorist because he is Muslim ( maybe) and Chechen. This man has no links to terrorism, besides being an acquittance to one suspect.. If you are to blame him for simply being a friend to a bad guy, than half the people in Cambridge are to be considered the same as well. I think you are wrong in your view of this man, and perhaps that view is being fueled by fear, bigotry, and prejudice rather than anything factual.

          • jhonny ringo

            lol yes that must be it, i like to discriminate…even though i have actually help write new case law because of discrimination i faced…..what the heck have you done….my guess is nothing…but make assumptions on why i stated my opinion….and it had nothing to do with his ethnic background……I cant stand anyone who says a “god” tells me to hurt people…anyways ask next time Susan cause its my belief people who don’t ask and only assume are really retard morons…..just saying

          • jhonny ringo

            i guess someone deleted what i said to you before so i use you words
            this time, did you smoke crack today, cause you sound cracked out. i
            have no problem with the ethnic background of anyone, as i am sure you
            will never find anything i have said that would indicate your stupid
            assumption. and yes its stupid to assume what i said was raciest or to
            call me a racist by asserting your weak opinion on what i said..what i
            said is its fucked up that anyone would kill for religion. and i never
            even named a religion because i was talking about any religion people
            hide behind to kill. like i said i helped draft new case law to protect
            Americans and i even sited my case look it up its free. now lets talk
            about what you have done……oh that right nothing to protect the
            rights of Americans….the only thing i see you doing here is making all
            kinds of assumptions based off of how your weak mind interprets other
            peoples opinions. you really should ask before you speak you sound
            ignorant when you dont…..

          • jake481

            Well, he was implicated in committing a murder with Tsarniev, that certainly SEEMS to be a link with terrorism.

      • bluesandwine

        I agree, but since we were not in the room, who knows if the FBI did not act in self defense. Let’s be real, this guy was not completely stable person, he has anger and violence issues – and was professional of martial arts.So until I read the actual reports, it’s open for discussion. Just because the FBI involved doesn’t mean they are automatically in the wrong. Not releasing records is not a sign that there is foul play. You have to remember once they release these files, then the Waltham homicide investigation would need to do the same, as they are related, concluding who was involved and what happened that night three men were murdered.


      “poor bad guy,” “killers…i think he was one” “he killed for his fucked up religion” “terrorist”

      You judged him the way you saw it …BUT…on what basis did you judge him ? WHAT evidence ?

      And by the way”which religion ISN’T fucked up” ?

      “I’m blind and you giving me a street map, okay?”

  • Dee

    Not every foreign person is a terrorist. Don’t be so ignorant. Also, don’t forget this great country can get you to believe anything they want you to. It could be the most corrupt of them all. As soon as it comes to a foreign national everyone is ready to defend it. But when its taking away your rights and breaking its own laws then you want to be pissed and talk shit about it. Its pure ignorance. This is why some ppl just should not voice their opinions on anything. Im sure some of you will talk shit about this comment. Go ahead feel free. But I gave 10 years of my life to this country, to the Army so I believe I have earned the right to say what I want. To all that talk about you dont like our country stay out of it, I say you so gun ho about your country fight for it.

    PS there is no reason someone should be shot that many times. Front , back and in the head?

    Also, I love my country but all im saying is dont be so quick to judge others. Dont be so harsh on others simply cause they are not white. Being American has nothing to do with skin color, race or religion.

    • jhonny ringo

      every American has earned the right to speak about his beliefs and feeling on topics related to the rights freedoms and opinions on facts about this country….we earned that right by the blood spilled by our fathers and our fathers fathers….so yeah….

    • bluesandwine

      Leave me out of your comments, as an American. I speak for many of millions of people who do not see foreigners as terrorist, never have…that language just incites negativity. Yet, if you are American under Freedom of Speech, we are allowed to voice our opinion, even if it doesn’t exactly match your own views. I am not talking shit or taking anything to heart, but it seems like you a bit angry or upset at a few things. Just saying….

    • kiki davis

      Thank you,not only for your post but for your service to our great country.I love my country not always the ones in office who run it.Should be for the people by the people but thats been dead a long time-most just dont care to admit it or do a damn thing to change it

  • Ventura Hernandez Jr


    • MrNiceCar

      You don’t know what a police state is.

      • Scott Etec

        you’re fucking right !

  • http://thefreelance.tumblr.com/ Jeff A. Taylor

    Absolutely stunning. Unless the scene was tampered with before these photos, it indicates that Todashev was shot as he sat on the corner of the bed and then repeatedly as he tried to make it to the door. He bled out on the “kitchen” floor.

    Absolutely nothing we’ve been told thus far about this case matches to these photos.


    • MrNiceCar

      uhh what?

      • WER

        He’s a detective, ya know!

        • kiki davis

          And it,s clear you are ignorant

      • http://thefreelance.tumblr.com/ Jeff A. Taylor

        Don’t play dumb, even if you work for the CIA, FBI, etc.

        Several unsourced reports (NYT etc.) claimed Todashev overturned a table and rushed one FBI agent (where was his or her partner?) or possibly one FBI agent left alone with ONE Mass State police LEO.

        In what universe does that staffing happen? (Maybe that is why the FBI Boston SAC at the time is now working for Penske guarding rental trucks.)

        Anyway, no evidence of a table rush. Visual evidence of a seated Todashev on the bed OR a Todashev beyond the bed, near the sliding glass door, who then rushes the single, alone (sic) FBI agent; Todashev took multiple (.40 cal?) rounds, bled on the bed, got up tried to make it to the door. Took 3-4 rounds in the back.

        NOTHING about this event remotely comports with the official account. Could just be a bad shoot. Fine. Happens all the time.

        Just don’t piss down my leg and tell me it is raining.

  • WER

    I hope they rolled their bullets in pork before they gave him what he deserved.

    • public_servant_watch

      Wow dude- see a vet because you have sick puppy syndrome!!!

      • WER

        I’d love to see all of these Holier-Than-Thou Apologists take one of the template stands (you pick one. Veganism, Gay Rights, Enviromentalism) and beat these “Religion-of-Peace”ers over the head in their own land. You’d be the first in their prisons, or in Iran’s case – stoned to death.

        • public_servant_watch

          Stop by the pharmacy on the way home from the vet and see if they have any ant-BIGOT pills.

          You should purchase a large quantity- sounds like you have been afflicted for quite a while!!

          • WER

            Awww…. somebody needs a hug!!! Can’t come up with a solid rebuttal, soooooo resort to the typical Lefty way of dealing with things. Spew. Somebody ought to change your diaper, little boy. That rash has creeped to your brain.

          • Marc

            WER – missing the point. If you are correct then best case “we got one”!! BILLION MORE BEHIND HIM and they all think we murdered a muslim in cold blood. Worst case? Another young human killed by our police state.

          • Fuck wer

            You are lower than any of your “hated enemies”


      How can you act so insensitive and act so hateful against someone YOU
      DON’T KNOW? What if he was YOUR BROTHER or FATHER? What can possibly
      motivate you to be so hateful against him ? For all we know this guy was
      probably innocent and unknowingly got caught up in some corrupt business! G_D only knows.

      • ChuckSnow5

        Well, then I would know him, wouldn’t I?


          This is not a joking matter.

  • barbara

    Susan, thank you for following this story. I can see by the comments that you are beginning arouse attention. When you’re right over the target you get the most flak.

  • http://www.subgenius.com/pam1/pamphlet_p1.html jesus_loves_you

    Who would believe any story the FBI has to tell? For crimeny out loud, that outfit was the darling of the little butt hugging, cross dressing fruitcake J. Edgar Hoover – the little priss that kept a file on every prominent American while he ran the FBI like his own little fiefdom.

    Screw the FBI. They killed that kid to shut him up.

  • bluesandwine

    I don’t know what went on there, but they said the one agent or state police had texted the other agent doing the interview, and said: this guy looks like he getting mad, so be careful. None of the media reports have said he was shot 13 times? Cleary, these files need to be released, which means Waltham murder case will be concluded, thus identifying those who murdered the three men. It’s clear, this guy was no angel. Several people say he was hot head, violent – and even had altercation as the feds were watching him. He also had anger issue that resulted in him fighting a lot in Chechyna, so that is why he came to the US. It’s a myth, that this girlfriend say he could not have committed the murders as she was with him – she meant, he was with her at the time of the BB, but he was in the Boston area during these murders. The investigation needs to be concluded, and files and evidence need to be released for viewing so the general public can understand what happened.

  • Das Schtaunkhauser

    According to the NSA, if you are 3 hops from someone suspicious, you can be killed by a drone. Or, if you are completely innocent, you can be killed by a drone. It’s legal if the government does it. Just ask Clapper.

  • bluesandwine

    I should conclude that it is easy to sit in position and cast blame and doubt on the country and on the FBI. I think the father is missing some info, that I am sure if you presented it to him would question that too, as many people in his region are notorious at not believing law enforcement. I will add, if the FBI did not want this all to come out, then they would have secretly killed him without a trace. But they did not – they made their presence know daily, with friends and neighbors. I think he needs to refrain from politics, as this is not the issue at hand nor does he see the US in objective way…and for a person living in Chechyna, where distrust, dictatorship and violence are a way of life, he brings that to his observations regarding this country. I feel for this father. His son is gone, and in way that makes anyone question what happened. Yet, even when the files are released, will he every believe what is written, I doubt that he will see things any differently. Just like if they prove to him that his son may have lived in Florida in Sept 11, doesn’t man that he did not go back to Boston at this time. The gym in Boson said he did come back for some MA competitions. Plus, they only need to look at his cell phone to know his whereabouts that night. I am not saying the father’s story is wrong, we just don’t know at this point. But it’s safe to assume, a father’s devotion of his child would cause him to go this far for answers, as does seeing his son as innocent human being. Last, this man was NOT involved in the BB, that I do believe.

    • susan

      Maybe it`s you that is missing information. According to his cell phone records and bank records he was in Atlanta, GA at the time of the murder`s. Even if he were somehow involved in the murders, that does not give the FBI the right to kill him. We have a system in this country. No, they cannot be jury, judge, and executioner.

      • Shadowcloud ba’cho

        Q. “According to his cell phone records and bank records he was in Atlanta, GA at the time of the murder`s.” e.
        You mean the invisible records. You know the ones that come out of many mouth(s) yet never appear in the hand. They sure would have bolstered the Father’s emotive appeal to the President, that is if they had been attached. Their absence is duly noted. Not a single picture includes a caption of any sort. The pictures are included for one purpose and one purpose alone, shock value. Had they had evidentiary value, they would have captions and/or write ups.
        I continually remind folks, the deceased’s knee picture is pure deflection. Weeks prior, the deceased engaged in a brutal attack in a FL parking lot after first driving himself to the destination., then back again.
        BTW: Please locate and identify the 13 entrance wounds. While you are searching, you might want to search for the previous statements of a lesser number spoken and written by the principles after receipt of the deceased, prior to and after a proper Muslim burial. Bon Chance!

      • Shadowcloud ba’cho

        Q. ” Even if he were somehow involved in the murders, that does not give the FBI the right to kill him e.”
        Your leap omits the fact the deceased was the instigator in 3 charged priors along of a slew of street fights. You’re wrong, the American Social Contract permits ( under self-defense) LE to be: judge, jury and executioner. This also applies to citizens and non-citizens. In both instances, the act of self-defense is reviewed, If a shoot is deemed “good”, then both the facts & evidence will so indicate. If the shoot was not good, then the evidence will so indicate.

        • public_servant_watch

          You were already debunked on those assertions on another site with the actual documentation from a MA court record, the FACT that the FLA incident was self defense when he got assaulted first over a parking place and had to protect his knee and no third incident has been documented so why do you reassert LIES here. What’s your agenda–are you protecting the racketeering–did you get paid off or are you mentally incompetent!!!

          • Shadowcloud ba’cho

            Q. …no third incident has been documented so why do you reassert LIES here–did you get paid off or are you mentally incompetent!!!

            You can’t even construct, then properly present a question, never mind advance an/any argument.

            The 3 prior charges are on the record. To put a sharper point on it, the 3rd resulted in the filing of charges against an associate of the deceased. No one from WWW or Weebly has ever rebutted a single one of my posts. Least of all ( emphasis on least) you.
            Tis you to defending the indefensible, that being the deceased’s knowledge and or role in the Waltham butchery and the defense of the Barbarian Brothers bombing on Boylston St and their subsequent cowardly cold blooded cop killing. There is Reason to deduce there were other criminal activity beyond the aforementioned.
            Am civilized, therefore am offended by such barbaric acts, by barbarians and by their Apologists. Tis Reason and reason why people of good-will push back.

        • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

          no, fool … there is no social contract that empowers leos to murder people to prevent them from telling the truth the government doesn’t want the rest of us to learn

          • Shadowcloud ba’cho

            Q. ” …prevent them …” e.

            Had the “Boogieman Gubermint” wanted to silence Mr.Todashev, they would’ve done so quietly long before the shoot. For example, when Mr. Todashev was in FBI custody, anytime Mr. Todashev presented as in out and about.
            Now, you assert Mr. Todashev was privy to truth, then you imply/infer this unspecified truth was something the citizenry needs to know.
            Ambiguity is not persuasive nor compelling argument, ambiguity is mere fallacy. Wise men argue that which is known, fools argue what they don’t know. ~Fare Thee Well little snail ~Fare Thee Well

          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            murder is murder

    • kiki davis

      How is he missing info,he,s got the photos of his son,the FBI cant seem to get the story straight and the other cops there are (all of a sudden) ‘it,s not clear what happened’ BS it was clear as hell the first day when they all said he attacked them with a stick like a broom stick,then a knife them a sword,these are suppose to be trained agents and they cant even get the lie straight.They murdered this young man because he was scheduled to testify at Tsanraev trial


    Searching for information on the Boston Marathon Bombing I came up with 1 simply amazing video. I couldn’t believe the coincidences. Look it up on youtube (also include the quotation marks). Its title is : “WTF?!? Same witness connected to Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook and Watertown shooting too!”

    • merri

      “By now, you might also started asking yourself…”

      …why the video’s author thinks three different people are the same person, and why one would even consider taking he/she seriously with a wobbly grasp of English.

      http://www.visualnews.com/2013/11/09/portraits-unrelated-doppelgangers-found-match/ — because no people look like other people.

      http://i.imgur.com/T82CJxj.png — certainly not.

    • jake481

      People like you really are responsible for the Boston Bombings. The Tsarnievs were radicalized by reading conspiracy theories written by irresponsible fantasist @holes like you. They believed innocent Americans deserved to be killed because the US government bombed ourselves on 9/11.

      • Tommy Scutti

        what the hell is an @hole? anyway, there’s nothing wrong with questioning the government. in fact, it should be done to the maximum. if we hadn’t questioned and rebelled against our government, the US wouldn’t exist. that’s why we broke away from England. and this whole “blaming conspiracy @holes for terrorist attacks” trip you’ve been on, well it’s pretty disheartening. It makes zero sense, and you’re using it to insult other Americans simply for being curious and wanting to dig a little deeper. That may be the most unamerican thing I’ve ever seen. And that theory of yours is much more asinine than pretty much any “conspiracy” theory I’ve ever heard. Those in power love people like you. They say jump, you say how high.

        • jake481

          Do you really believe that saying “Boston Marathon Bombing = inside job” is the same as “questioning the Government”?
          A healthy skepticism is completely appropriate, but claiming the US government is guilty of acts of war against it’s own citizens, based on absolutely zero evidence is the farthest thing from that.

          There is no doubt these conspiracy theories were partly responsible for these attacks. Tamerlin’s mother said he spent all his spare time reading websites like “infowars” and he used these websites to prove to his mother and brother that the Us was responsible for the 9/11 attack in order to drum up anti-islamic sentiment. His actions were partly in response to these beliefs. that’s not spin, it’s fact.

          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            the u.s. government has been proven to have committed acts of treason and war against the people of the u.s.

      • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

        are you senile ? you’re repeating yourself


    And this also could be an eye-opener from youtube : ”

    SANDY HOOK KID SPILLS THE BEANS” (Seems like the media (and others) are trying to pull the wool over our eyes)

    • jake481

      What are you trying to say?

      I’m so sick of these “Sandy Hook conspiracy” @holes.


        Judging by the agreement

        Others can see the daylight,

        why can’t you?
        You’re not on that paid shill-wagon are you ?

        • jake481

          Judging by what “agreement”?
          What evidence do you get from that little kid’s statement?
          Try to be as clear as your limited vocabulary allows you to be.

    • jake481

      This Sandy Hook conspiracy stuff is one of the few conspiracies I find truly offensive and baffling. You people are absolutely sick.

      • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

        have you seen a shred of evidence ? they’re now tearing down the school, to prohibit anyone ever seeing the real evidence : no blood, no bodies …

        • jake481

          Hmmm …no bodies? Really?

          Find the tallest building you can and throw yourself off of it.

          How insulting is your completely nonsensical charges to the people who BURIED THEIR CHILDREN?
          Delusional assholes like you should just play in traffic and do society a favor. Enough’s enough.

          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            as i stated, no evidence : no bodies, no blood, no persons with injuries …

            you’re the one offering insults . we have no actual evidence that anyone was buried . we have plenty of evidence that we’ve been lied to, at the very least

          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            you might want to seek counseling … putting death wishes on complete strangers based solely on a disagreement is pathetic … indicative of sociopathy

            no bodies . there was no evidence . it’s that simple

            did i say i know what did or did not happen? no . i said there was never a single shred of actual evidence in this or the twin towers and building 7 collapse that supported the government ‘explanation’

          • jake481

            Disagreement? You’re the one insulting these victims you buffoon. Every one of these parents who lost a child is enormously insulted when some boob on the internet thinks they’re lying and their kids weren’t killed.

            Exactly how much evidence do you usually see of crime scenes? Are you used to being given a guided tour and being shown all the dead bodies?
            Get a job as a medical examiner if you need to look at dead bodies and the leave the poor victims alone.

          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            i insulted nobody, unless you consider telling the truth by calling out the official lies an insult

            ‘every one of these parents’ have nothing to do with this . no bodies, no crime . if there were bodies, why didn’t we see ’em? even if a shooting occurred, how is it so easy for folks like you to just roll over and accept the ‘official story’ … when there is plenty of evidence that the official story is just that : a story : made up and incomplete at best

            i don’t need a job as a medical examiner to realize that the medical examiner in the sandy hook story is a complete joke

            you just keep allowing these fake stories to distract you from what’s happening all over the world, k? i’ll continue to push for the truth when it’s clear that what is being delivered is a pack of lies

            in case you are unaware, there were people lined up instantly to suggest, based on the supposed twenty some lives lost at sandy hook, that all of the people in the u.s. should lose our right to bear arms

            meanwhile, pharmaceutical drugs kill hundreds of thousands of people per year, yet no push to outlaw those much more deadly pills …

          • jake481

            Show me one shred of evidence that all thiose parents are lying about their children being murdered. that all tghose Law enforcement officers are lying.
            How many kids bodies do you get to examinen from crime scenes?
            It is completely despicable to claim these childrens deaths didn’t happen you tin foil hat wearing kook. You should be tarred and feathered and run out of America on a rail. but I’d settle for you to have the common decency to feel shame.
            Finally show me ONE PIECE OF LEGISLATION designed to disarm Americans.

          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            jake, show me evidence that a shooting occurred, that the story according to ‘authorities’ is true . there is none . that’s my point . your insults are ludicrous . your comments and challenges are unrelated to what i’m saying … which is very simple :

            there is zero evidence to support the official story

          • jake481

            Have you heard the recordings of the 911 calls? Seen the interviews with the grieving parents? There were autopsies performed on every dead baby and funerals too.
            Now show me some evidence that it didn’t happen. I’ll wait right here.
            I’m going to put this at the end so MAYBE you’ll answer me.
            How many other kids corpses have you seen at crime scenes?

          • jake481

            Yeah, I didn’t think you’d bother telling me how many child murder victims bodies you HAVE seen.

          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            yet, still not a shred of evidence . only ‘reports’ by ‘authorities’

            great for obedient serfs

            not so good for thinking humans

          • jake481

            Are you really too cowardly to answer the question I’ve asked over and over again?
            Just how many dead children’s bodies have you seen presented on the nightly news?

          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            cowardly? you change the subject and i’m somehow required to follow your trolling lead?

          • jake481

            So the dead bodies, and dead perp aren’t evidence, huh?
            Absolute loonie.

          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            what dead bodies? what evidence is there that the kid (who’s original death report calls him dead the day before the supposed shooting) shot his mother or anyone else? none

  • http://3dmee.com/!/Shiny.Pixels ShinyPixels

    It all smells like murder but sadly I doubt anyone will do anything about it.


      YOU have made a difference by stating a strong viewpoint, and that COUNTS a lot You stated that the whole story given “stinks”, and your statement will continue to encourage others to read about this for a while. With more people looking at it and making comments and videos, we can EXPECT MORE ACTION through good people in circles of power who will be determined to do something about it, LIKE President Obama

      Our viewpoints, videos and posts are going to be around for a very long time. Therefore let’s just be certain about what we really want to write about that will be available for everyone to see for many years to come.

      An “independent” investigation is the least that citizens should expect from their government representatives.

  • ChuckSnow5

    “No, they left no chances for him inflicting 13 gunshot wounds and multiple hematomas on his body.”

    I’m sure that in Russia it would have been 113 gunshot wounds. I am unmoved. I have yet to meet a man from the Chechen region who is not a slathering psychotic child murdering killer with a victim complex. The more the Russians kill, the less we’ll have to. So we owe a great deal of thanks to the Russians.

    • CaucasianIngush .

      You are absolutely right! I would only add to your words that Russians have to deal now with the islamic and turkic-nomadic chechen frankenstein they carefully and neatly created themselves against the Caucasus, first of all against its autochthonous people such as Georgians and Ingushs, and Western countries. And it didn’t take a long time before this coward chechen terrorists hit the USA in the Boston.

    • Andy

      advocate genocide much bro?

  • Dave R

    Government has no respect for life.

  • FrancisMcManus

    What happened to Ibragim Todashev we will never know.

    The idea that he was disclosing information before he became combative points to one of two things, the official story is made-up story, or interrogation ws handled incompetently. Which way we’ll never know unless one of the officers involved crosses the think blue line. The only chance is if a special prosecutor is called in and that wont happen.

    Trust in govt is already low, and the story of this interrogation smells of botched police work and manslaughter — it stinks to high heavens and no one is willing to risk their freedom to tell the truth.

    • merri

      Your descriptor is “interrogation,” but it reads more like an interview, hence the seeming lack of arrest- only temporary detainment.

      If he were detained/arrested and being interrogated in a proper environment, no death should have occurred, but because they were seemingly just conducting an interview, there was room for things to go awry should someone take that kind of chance around armed individuals. Then again, all of that context could be an alibi for their fibbing. Who the hell knows?

      • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

        he wasn’t free to leave . it was an interrogation . it was murder by police

  • Guest

    Anyone else getting the problem on this webpage ?

    the Rating goes “Down” (by one point) even though I click “Like” OR
    the Rating goes “Up” when I click “Thumbs Down” (for a comment I hate.)

  • Phineas Furburger

    Kill, Kill, Kill. Keep Killing. Its ‘Murican. Smel the blood. It smells like ‘Murica.

  • bossman61

    I agree, their is no need for 13 shots to be fired,and in the back, even if he was running somewhere, hes not going to get far with 10 shots to his body.someone got gun happy and should pay for it.also where did they get gun training,because if you have to shoot someone 13 times,you are not trained right to have one.

    • jake481

      Law enforcement are trained to empty their guns at a threat. That’s why people who are shot by police are usually shot A LOT by police.

  • bwilson

    Why isn’t anyone asking about the person who was either interrogating or handleing Mr.Todashev when you are in a building like that you are under constant supervision. It would seem that who ever was with him had either a serious lapse in judgement to allow a person under questioning to grab a knife and from where the interrogation room kitchen. Or a serious disagreement Mr .Todashev got the worst of either way who or where is this person.

  • IHateFatChicks

    The FBI, like all LE, is comprised of troglodytes, narcissistic sociopaths, pathological liars and violent psychopaths. Doesn’t anyone find it ironic that they stop “interviews” if anyone is taping them? They’re scum.

    • merri

      I commend IHateFatChicks for his/her thorough insight.

  • Kim Jong-un

    Damn…check out those cauliflower ears! Some of the worst I’ve ever seen

  • http://navoices.com/ @EnemaOthstat

    I just fail to understand this…


    Just way too much death

  • facereplacer

    Boston bombing = inside job

    That’s why.

    • jake481

      Conspiracy theorist like you should really understand that you have a share of blame in the Boston bombing. The Tsarniev’s were radicalized online, by people like you who write irresponsible theories based ENTIRELY on fabrication. The Tsarniev’s believed the US deserved to be bombed because they believed we committed the 9/11 attack on ourselves to promote anti-Islamic hatred.

      • CaucasianIngush .

        That’s true that chechen terrorists like tsarnaev brothers and their accomplices communicate much online and instigate each other to commit those vile and cowardly terrorist acts. One could be surprised to discover how aggressively and stubbornly these radicalized chechen religious terrorists conduct their propagandistic campaign online disguising it under various discussions which principally deal with other matters than religious ones.

        But I have great suspicions that quite a great deal of chechens that reside in Europe and USA, including tsarnaevs brothers and todashev as well, are infiltrated there by ruling chechen dictator kadyrov to conduct when it’s needed for Russians or chechens, who act exclusively in Russian interests, various sabotage acts against Western countries.

        Just one interesting and characteristic citation from London Times of 18th october 2009: “There is a
        longstanding tradition of warlord families changing sides in Chechnya”.

        • Guest

          It’s well within your rights to believe everything the TV tells you. And I’m the one believing propaganda?! Ever heard of the church committee? Norman Dodd’s report to the Reece Committee? Oscar Calloway’s congressional recording of all the major papers being bought up by industry and bankers in 1917? Don’t pretend like you’re smarter than people who actually critically think. There’s nothing special about believing what the media tells you. You’re not special. You’re not informed.

          • CaucasianIngush .

            Read my comment to “Guest” above

          • Borz

            How mentally ill has someone to be, to come up with shit like this. Borsh yoc hum, h1ai 1ur ca doiash 1ad 1a vezar h1o mund.

          • CaucasianIngush .

            If you don’t have any arguments then it’s better for you to hold your dirty jaw and read what others write here, you mentally and intellectually retarded chechen-nohcholg-nogajchik under the nickname “borz”-puppy. Haj seli-nohcholgi vorhi dya dakh hold Ia, bIezhal dya nohcholgi khut.

          • CaucasianIngush .

            How could you, “Guest”, peremptorilly buy all the rubbish todashev’s father has dumped on you If you are one of them who thinks critically? I am very well aware of endless chechen
            blatant lies, falsifications, concoctions, infamies and their perfidious immanent cowardice they demonstrate to the world by their heinous bloody terrorist crimes the last 20 years. It’s a long story why chechens got mired in this seemingly endless bloody islamist terror against first of all their Caucasian neighbours Georgians and Ingushs
            and now against the West. But cutting the story short here is an concise explanation of the fact: asiatic nomadic tribes of turkic origin Nogajs (hence their selfname “nohchi”) from Central Asia, who are better known under the name of chechens, desperately need historical, cultural and national Caucasian identity to legitimize and root themselves in the Caucasus after 150 years of residing here.

            And there is a simple chechen receipt to achieve it: unite all this mishmash of turkic tribes into a “great ancient chechen nation” by

            1)shedding as much blood as possible to unite them by common bloody history (don’t it remind you mafia with its laws)

            2) stealing ancient history, cultural identity, rich folklore, famous architecture of their autochthonic Caucasian neighbour Ingushs and then claiming Ingush territory, Ingush history, Ingush ancient stone architecture consisting of more than 2 thousand matchless ancient Ingush monuments (30 meters high medieval battle towers with Byzantine crosses made out in masonry, ancient christian temples in the style of Greek-Byzantine basilika, great deal of stone nekropolis and so on) to legitimize their nomadic turkic horde as autochthonic in the Caucasus

            3) and if there is someone out there who is critical to their lies giving him his portion of bullets and bombs as chechen arguments.

            That simple.

          • Borz

            Chechens has nothing to do with turkish people. Chechens are the oldest etnicity in caucasus. Unlike ingushes who popped out of nowhere, And still at this day ingushes are nothing, and you are living thx to us chechens that saved your ass everytime you got buttfucked by osetins and so on. Everytime the golden horde were raiding caucasus, they simply tramped on ingushes. And the chechens resisted them everytime, if not for us there would be nothing called “Ingushes”. When we take back arshty, ingushetia will to be small to be considered as region, And then what is left of “ingushetia” will be chechenya. If ingushes like you dont calm your tits before that day comes. There wont be any cudling for ingushes )

      • facereplacer

        Oh it’s my fault? Have you ever read The Terror Factory? Have you looked into any of the mysterious details in the case? Have you ever looked into 9/11? Did you know the ’93 WTC bombing was facilitated in large part by the FBI? Look into it.

        • jake481

          It’s absolutely the fault of irresponsible conspiracy nuts who make up stories or build implications on simple inconsistencies.
          Crazy people (like you) believe everything they read on the internet and DANGEROUS conspiracy nuts, like the Tzarnievs take these implications as PROOF that the US deserves to be attacked. it’s anti American propaganda ..and you’re promoting it.

          And yes I’ve read plenty of the so-called “evidence” about the US government being involved in everything from 9/11 to the Boston Marathon bombing and it’s all absurd garbage…oh, don’t forget the Sandy Hook shooting never really happened, right?

          • facereplacer

            It’s well within your rights to believe everything the TV tells you. And I’m the one believing propaganda?! Ever heard of the church committee? Norman Dodd’s report to the Reece Committee? Oscar Calloway’s congressional recording of all the major papers being bought up by industry and bankers in 1917? Don’t pretend like you’re smarter than people who actually critically think. There’s nothing special about believing what the media tells you. You’re not special. You’re not informed. Your dismissive nature does not garner you more knowledge.

          • jake481

            Blow it out your @ss. Every single one of you conspiracy fruitcakes suffers from the same disease, “smartest-man-in-the-room-itis”. Only you are smart enough to see what all the sheep aren’t courageous enough to perceive.

            You’ve been reading lies, distortions and the half baked ramblings of kooks whose claims NEVER stand up to even the simplest investigation.

            Stop muddying the waters ..explain to me how my government was responsible for the bombing that killed my neighbor’s son and injured several hundred people, including a co worker who will limp for the rest of her life.

            So really, “Boston bombing =inside job”? Prove it. I’ll wait right here.

          • facereplacer

            The burden of proof does not lie with me. Apparently, there is video of the brothers dropping the bags. Let’s see it. Well, we haven’t. There are images however of a live Tamerlan in custody, yet the official story says his brother ran him over. The images of Dzokhar’s apartment include one that shows the backpack he was wearing at the marathon, after the bombing. Did he have two of the same backpack? Apparently, he “confessed” with a marker he had with him in that boat. Let’s see the note. There has literally been no conclusive proof that it was them, other than what was said on the same propaganda box that convinced us all that Iraq had WMDs and was connected to 9/11. You need to study real history. A high school diploma doesn’t cover it. I am smarter than you.

            Answer me: have you ever read or heard of the book, “The Terror Factory?” Did you realize that the FBI helped build the bomb in the ’93 WTC bombing, and do you know they have a history of this shit? Did you know the Bush family financed the Nazis before World War 2? Ever read anything by Antony Sutton? It’s not just me and “conspiracy fruitcakes” saying it. This is verifiable truth. You can lob insults all day. That doesn’t make you right.

          • jake481

            Tell me something, just how much evidence do you usually see before people go to trial? Are you normally presented evidence in criminal complaints before it’s presented in trial? How many murder scenes do you get to inspect in the media, how many confessions?

            I could understand your cynicism IF Dzhokar was already found guilty and you found the evidence suspect. You’re clearly an Alex Jones “false-flag” kind of guy and trying to present my disbelief in the vast majority of conspiracy theories and the REAL damage they do when dangerous nuts are convinced they’re legitimate as some kind of “Polly-Anna” trust in our government is just silly. Our Government is far from blameless, but basing a belief that the Boston Marathon was an inside job because you “heard” there were images of Tamerlain in custody alive is the height of irresponsibility.

            Do you personally know any of the Law Enforcement involved in apprehending Dzhokar? I do. Have you ever spoken to anyone involved in the case? I have personal relationships with several people VERY closely involved with this case, as well as relationships with victims.

            It’s very easy to make glib comments like “Boston Marathon= inside job” but you don’t have even a whiff of a hint of a suggestion of ANY evidence to support that.

          • facereplacer

            Dude. Go make out with your Rachel Maddow posters. There is nothing dangerous about critically thinking and doubting the government. They lie. The Syria thing? A lie. Proven. Incubator babies? A lie. Proven. Iraq WMDs? A lie. Proven. The Gulf of Tonkin? A lie. Proven. It doesn’t matter if you know people close to the situation. And it’s not about what I heard. It’s what I have SEEN with my own eyes and what I have not seen. You didn’t answer any of my questions and we’re done. You’re the glib one. Enjoy your brainwashing. And fuck you and your insults. Just call the critical thinkers “Alex Jones” types and “fruitcakes” and you’ll be the winner. What a brilliant intellect you have. Do the research. Look at all the evidence on all sides. Don’t just buy what the TV tells you because THEY LIE AND ALWAYS WILL. Dipshit.

          • jake481

            Stupid @holes who believe websites like “infowars” are “critical thinkers”? You’re dangerous loner oddballs who AUTOMATICALLY believe all conspiracy theories because you think it makes you smarter than everyone else. It doesn’t. It makes you one of the many, many weirdos who like to think they’re the ones with the “big secret” and insider info.

            Where did you “see” Tamerlin in custody, alive? Was it on Youtube by any chance? Does it bother you AT ALL that the man in question in the video is CLEARLY not him? How about the pictures taken of him and his brother engaged in a firefight with police taken by onlookers? Does that not exist because it doesn’t fit in with your theory? What about the photos of them planting the bombs and walking away right before they went off? How about one of the victims clearly stating he watched the bomb being dropped, and who dropped it right before his leg was blown off?

            The fact is people like you who pass along these incredibly irresponsible lies are responsible for radicalizing people like the Tzarnievs. They actually believe your nonsense and then believe the US and its innocent citizens deserve to be attacked.

          • facereplacer

            You’re a full of shit and full of yourself prick. You are a brainwashed rube. You claim “What about the photos of them planting the bombs and walking away right before they went off?” Those images don’t exist. You’re a liar and an idiot. If you were on a jury, would you convict someone only hearing from the prosecution? You seriously believe the same government that built the ’93 World Trade Center bomb, lied about WMD in Iraq, who used sarin in Syria and has been caught setting up patsies via the FBI so much there are a number of books and even New York Times articles about it wouldn’t lie to you? They have proven nothing. They are the ones who shoulder the burden of proof and yes, I am a critical thinker because I don’t just fucking believe what the TV says. I don’t even go to infowars you small minded shitbag. I actually use my brain.

          • jake481

            The pictures of Dzhokar planting the bomb DON’T exist? You’re going to passionately defend these shitbags and haven’t even bothered to look at the most commonly seen piece of evidence?
            How about the man who was carjacked by them? Does his first hand eyewitness statements count? The pictures taken by people in Watertown that clearly show the brothers engaged in a gunfight with police, does that exist?
            You’re a delusional asshole who likes to pretend he’s “in the know” when all your doing is convincing likeminded boobs that the US government is out to kill them.

            As far as me being a “rube”…. I’ve travelled around the world several times and one thing is consistent the whole world round. No matter where you go you’ll always find delusional shitbags who like to think they’re the smartest guy ever, because they’ve convinced themselves they’re the only people perceptive enough to see the truth.

            Go back to jerking off while watching the Zapruder film, jackass.

          • facereplacer

            Link me to the image smart guy. It doesn’t exist. We’ve been told it exists. Even the mayor of Boston hasn’t seen it. He said, the chief told him what’s on the video.

            I’ll wait right here. Rube.

          • jake481

            I’ve seen it ..so have you. I’m not going to link the single most identifiable picture in the entire case.

            You haven’t seen the picture of Dzokar standing directly behind the little boy he blew up? He walks into the frame with a backpack and walks out without it. All shown on film. Now I have no doubt a delusional loner like you will believe these pictures wee doctored, because the FBI actually planted the bomb, but the person I’ll listen to is the victim who saw Dzokar place the bomb, saw it go off, blowing off his legs and told the police who did it. He identified Tzarniev.

            You better get back to covering your electrical sockets with aluminum foil. You don’t want the government listening in, do you?

          • facereplacer

            Wow. Everything you just said is a lie because that footage does not exist. None of what you said is true. Nice work. Liar. And I’m the one who thinks I’m smarter than everyone else? At least I deal in reality. You’re straight out of la la land. Unbelievable. Man, you’re stupid.

          • jake481

            You haven’t seen the picture of Dzokhar standing behind Martin? Honestly?

            You haven’t seen the video of him and his brother carrying backpacks on surveillance cameras on Beacon St?
            How about the pictures of Dzhokar walking away WITHOUT the back pack?
            And finally how about the victim who SAW HIM DROP THE BOMB and identified him as the bomber?

          • facereplacer

            Wow how your story changed from, “He walks into the frame with a backpack and walks out without it. All shown on film.” I have seen a select few frames that prove literally nothing. Loner. I love the insults. I’m smarter than you. I have more quality friends than you. I’m better than you. Don’t you dare insult me. I probably make more money than you too. So go pound sand, liar.

          • jake481

            “I’m smarter and better than you”

            I’ve never met a smart or well adjusted person who needed to make those claims. I’ve also never met a conspiracy fruitcake who wasn’t anything other than a lonely loser who spent hours convincing themselves they’re “really onto something”. How empty is your existence if you have to fill it making up stories about the government and claiming to be rich and smart, oh and popular too, on the internet?

            The photo evidence is indisputable and it was produced by bystanders, not the government, immediately after the bombing, within hours. The idea that these publicly identified witnesses manufactured this evidence is laughable and only a delusional oddball would find it even remotely possible.

            Find something better to do with your time. Try writing fiction, just don’t end up believing it’s real.

            Be a man and admit you’re blowing smoke. There’s isn’t a single shred of credible evidence that anyone other than the Tzarnievs committed this crime.

          • jake481

            This is one of those rare occassions when I can actually PROVE you’re not nearly as smart as you think you are.

            Smart people don’t assert things without any proof or evidence.

            Would a smart person write “Boston Bombing=inside job”?

            No. A smart person would try and actually examine the evidence and make a decision based on it. A glib, arrogant, oddball loner would just automatically assume the government did it.

          • jake481

            This comment has been removed for violating our commenting policy.

          • Lynn Ertell

            Then you’re either a fool, a useful idiot or a damnable and dishonorable liar. Are these same LE officials the ones who cleaned up for Whitey Bulger whenever he rang them up ? We all know how dirty and mobbed-up Boston is.

          • jake481

            By the way, how does the burden of proof not lie with the man who states “Boston Marathon Bombing=inside job”?
            You’re the one making accusations, of course it’s up to you to prove it. Otherwise you’re simply making unsupportable accusations, right?

          • AZRanger

            This dumbass is either a closet statist, whose highest aspirations is to be a federal agent, except that if he did, his mommy won’t bring him his twinkies to the basement for lunch. Or, he is a Tory, as described by Thomas Paine in the American Crisis; and he tries to hide his craven cowardice behind the mask that the gov’t can do no wrong, and therefore he has no responsibility to hold them accountable, or to take any action that might jepordize his lifestyle!
            Eitherway, he really is a moron!

          • jake481

            Who’s claiming the Government can do no wrong?
            Show me a single shred of evidence that anyone besides the Tzarnievs set off these bombs.

          • Aaron Merritt

            haha you clearly are a gov troll.
            lol I love how you keep signing in as guest.


            strangggeeee huh?

          • facereplacer

            And it’s not anti-american. It’s anti state. The state is corrupt and can only steal jail or kill. It does nothing for humanity. You might be a statist. Have you looked into that? It’s curable.

          • Aaron Merritt

            and you obviously believe everything you hear on the TV…..
            I guess the because it’s on TV it’s factual because you know……that’s what um….umm….we grew up thinking?

        • R Bleier

          Thanks, faceplacer. No doubt in my mind about 911 — read David Ray Griffin — and Todashev’s murder by FBI makes Boston another inside job it seems clear.
          Only writing to say that it’s not about the evidence for these people. We too believe what we have to believe. We like our evidence but there’s a reason for that. We all have and live by our own truths.

      • AZRanger

        This comment has been removed for violating our commenting policy.

      • Aaron Merritt

        This information you state as fact is from national media….which cannot be used as an authoritative source in any college essay.

        Though I’m sure you gathered your information from your close relationship to the accused…..

  • BenTheGuy

    Whatever, we know our government is 100% honest and never lies about anything. “If you like your life, then you can keep it… Except when I decide you can’t!”

  • Joe rogan

    Cauliflower ears depict intensive combat training. it could be a government job, wonder which government though.

    • jake481

      He participated in MMA training.

      if there is any government involved ..it’s clearly the US government, right?

      • Joe rogan


        • jake481

          So you think the Russian Government killed this kid and the American FBI is taking the rap ?

  • D.B

    You really do need to learn how to think about the bigger picture. Part of that is how society is crumbling. You are helping it to crumble.

  • Bryant

    Happy New Year to you as well Ron.

    If you can separate yourself from that narrative you’ve bought into you’ll understand that every group, every race, every community, etc. has assholes and making assumptions based on a small sub-set of any group simply makes you an asshole.


    I would also say, check your news sources. They have agendas and typically it is to sell advertising. The more emotional and angry they can make you, the more you’ll tune into their narratives, which leads to more profits for them. #restorethe4thestate

  • CaucasianIngush .

    Typical turkish chechen-nohcholg-nogaj bla-bla-bla instead of resonable arguments. This rubbish tell you turkish nomad folk of chechen-nogajs that came to Caucasus 150 years ago from Central Asia. Without ancient Ingush Caucasian history, identity of Caucasian autochthones architecture, music, dance, folk dress and folklore you are nothing but turkish-mongolian nomadic horde that should be kicked out of the Caucasus as soon as possible. What about Chernokozovo shithouse where your worthless turkic-mongolian nomadic hordes of chechen-nogajs were soaked one by one by the beloved by your Kadyrka-khan pappy Putin? Hold your dirty jaw, you shabby nomad chechen-nohcholg. Don’t talk much here and get ready your nomadic wagon that will carry you miserable nomadic hordes of turkish-mongolian chechen-nogaj tribe.

  • carlos

    The (all) government (s) has their days numbered. Soon we will see all injustices vindicated.Sad to see this happening in America and some other parts of the world. Governments are corrupt, PERIOD!!!

    • Aaron Merritt

      People are corrupt sir.
      Governments are simply vessels which enable.

  • rmcnnlly

    Truth is Treason in the American Empire of Lies.

  • Drew Bright

    The rule of law is dead, the Empires thugs have dropped any pretense of justice..

  • tessann238

    Looks like an execution to me. I am an American, and I am so tired of our corrupt tyrannical government and growing police state. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Obama has not been impeached.

    My sympathies to the Todashev family. I also agree that the Tsarnaev brothers were set up. Why the masses are, for the most part, just sitting back and believing the B.S. U.S. media ‘tells’ us is bewildering. I imagine the fluoride in our water supplies, chemtrails in our air and poisons in our food may explain some of the apathy, however.

    • Mitchell D Phipps

      You have a solution? Seriously. What do you suggest?

      • Aaron Merritt

        again….Obama does not control the FBI.
        Chris Kyle is not dead…..
        You’re a detective now…You’re not allowed to believe in coincidences

  • llewellynh

    Why is this dragging on and on? Clearly this young man was murdered. If he was involved in the Boston bombings which certainly hasn’t been proven, that does not justify his slaughter.

    It is time to prosecute.

  • bobclaville

    Nobody seems willing to actually say, or admit anything. But I will. Consider WHO is in charge. WHO keeps insisting AQ, and the Taliban are running away, and WHO is in charge..overall, of the In-Justice System in America today. No need to use names. But…I know, I didn’t vote for the same person who won the last two elections. DID ANY OF YOU?

    • jake481

      I sure did.
      You do know Archie Bunker was a satirical character designed to show America’s ignorance, right?

      • jhonny ringo

        like your mom

        • jake481

          Yeah, my Mom was a satirical tv character Norman Lear created to make fun of American bigotry and ignorance? Good one.
          That doesn’t make any sense. Try again.

          • jhonny ringo

            try your mom again? how many times must i take care of her? You’re gross if you think i would do that twice….i am tired of her dirtiness once was more then enough

      • bobclaville

        They call the tiny picture an Avatar. Has nothing to do with what YOU, and others WANT it to mean to deflect attention away from hypocrisy. But then again. Pointing out your blatant Ignorance on that was PERFECT.

    • robertsgt40

      I stopped voting over 25yrs ago when I realized it didn’t make any difference who is at the helm.

    • Aaron Merritt




      • bobclaville

        Okay Aaron. Then it must be the dumb Americans who keep voting for congress, and the Acorn President to control their lives. Once you began using the name calling. You lost all credibility, sounding just like those who voted without understanding who, or why they were voting…other than to get FREE STUFF everyone else pays for???

        • Aaron Merritt

          “Once you began using the name calling. You lost all credibility.”

          -Those are two separate sentences. What you meant to say is “Once you began using name calling you lost all credibility.”

          You essentially just said that all of the college students, educators, and professionals who voted for Obama have no credibility and don’t understand how they themselves vote.

          I am not going to openly speculate on what you meant by FREE STUFF but I think everyone knows what your talking about.

          I mean come on man. You even have an Archie Bunker avatar. No more needs to be said.

          • bobclaville

            Oh, you mean like Liberals, and Democrats call all Republicans, or Tea Party members those same things? Trying the liberal, DNC talking points trick of reversing the direction from yourself, to me about credibility only makes you sound like Hanoi Jane’s friend Double-speak John Kerry Heinz. Archie Bunker has become the Liberal example of Hypocrisy you seem to be trying to duck away from here. The name calling for you…will never end.

          • Donny Jepp

            There is only one party in American politics and that is the Corporate Party, the Democrats are one faction the Republicans are the other.

  • robertsgt40

    Just another case of the feds just tying up loose ends

  • Melissa Hayes

    (1) March 2011 –
    FSB, the Russian intelligence agency that arose from the remnants of the KGB, sent a cable to the FBI with its concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Tsarnaev family. By then, the Tsarnaevs, a Muslim family of mixed Chechen ancestry, had been living in Massachusetts
    for almost a decade”

    Winter, T. (March 2014). Russia warned U.S.about Tsarnaev, but spelling issue let him escape. NBCNews. http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/boston-bombing-anniversary/russia-warned-u-s-about-tsarnaev-spelling-issue-let-him-n60836

    (2) FBI “conducts…& closes…investigation” Fall – Summer 2011

    Majority Staff of the Committee of Homeland Security. (March 2014).
    The road to Boston: Counterterrorism challenges and lessons from the Marathon Bombings. House Homeland Security Committee Report. Retrieved from https://homeland.house.gov/sites/homeland.house.gov/files/documents/Boston-Bombings-Report.pdf

    (3) Meanwhile the FBI starts scoring BIG on Busting up AQ plots in America using a CI… hmmmm….wonder who???? the Same fucker that gets taken under the protective wings after committing a triple homicide on 9-11-11 of three Jews in Waltham, MA., one of which was Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s professed “Best Friend”

    (4) Tamerlan then goes off to Russia JAN 2012 – JUL2012 where conveniently more opposition ‘dies’…. (Majority Report)

    (5) The loose end…. Was Ibragim Todashev…. the other best friend…