Clover Food Lab Cooked Up Breakfast for 135 Plow Drivers

After pulling an all-nighter to keep the roads clear in the Boston area, the crew got hungry.

Photo courtesy of Ayr Muir

Photo courtesy of Ayr Muir

Although the snowstorm that hit the area didn’t leave as much of the powdery white stuff in the Greater Boston region as expected, plow drivers were still out during all hours of the night, making sure the roads were clear for the morning commute.

And in the eyes of the workers from the Clover Food Lab, a sleepless work shift is deserving of a hearty breakfast as a reward.

To help refuel more than 135 plow truck operators and Department of Public Works employees from Cambridge, Clover’s cooks got up at the crack of dawn on Wednesday and started preparing meals so they would be ready to eat when the crews were finally off the streets.

“The city of Cambridge contacted our catering department late yesterday, and asked us if we could make breakfast for all of their overnight plow crews. While they were finishing up their first shift—and going into their second—we were busy cooking eggs, mixing batter, and slicing tomatoes,” according to Clover Food Lab’s special events coordinator, Lucia Jazayeri.

Cooks from the “Lab” made 135 breakfast sandwiches and cups of coffee, which were ready by 7 a.m., by spreading out the breakfast production between their three store locations in Harvard Square, Inman Square, and Kendall Square. Different plow crews were assigned to each Clover location, with the majority of the orders coming from the Harvard Square restaurant. The city paid for the grub, but Clover threw in the coffee for free.

“They literally pulled up Holyoke Street in a line of snowplows. We make everything from scratch, so we were up at 5 a.m. to get everything started. Everyone was really exhausted,” said Jazayeri.

Clover Food Lab’s CEO Ayr Muir said he was “excited” that his company got to serve the drivers their meals to help rejuvenate them after the overnight shift.

  • commenty_mcgee

    Why do we treat these guys like they just got back from Afghanistan? They got paid double time to drive a warm car around and plow 4 inches of snow and they only have their jobs because their uncle Sully went to high school with Tim Toomey or their brother is in the Teamsters or something. They couldn’t just stop at Dunkin Donuts?

    I will gladly work this incredibly difficult job but it never seems like they have a shortage of guys willing to plow. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe Ayr should treat his employees better instead of worrying about guys who work for the city and are well compensated already. I would have been furious if I had to go to work early and get paid my normal terrible wage to cook food to feed guys who are making $40-50 an hour so I could make my boss look good and make people forget that he gave a bunch of people food poisoning.

  • commenty_mcgee2

    “Maybe Ayr should treat his employees better instead of worrying about guys who work for the city and are well compensated already” Agreed!

    • Steve Annear

      Would love to hear more on how Ayr allegedly doesn’t treat employees well.