Time for Another Ask Bernstein Anything Day!

Our contributing editor is taking your questions about local and state politics.

Said Francis Bacon 400 years ago: “It is a good point of cunning for a man to shape the answer he would have in his own words and propositions, for it makes the other party stick the less.”

I don’t really know what he was getting at, but I like bacon and I promise to shape my answers in my own words and propositions—how cunning they’ll be I leave it to you to judge.

Anyway, leave questions in the comments here, or email them to David@DavidSBernstein.com, and I will answer in posts throughout the day.

I’m looking forward to it!

Question 1:  What’s next for Conley, Murphy, and Forry?

Question 2:  Who will win the big, down-ballot races?

Question 3:  What scenarios could unfold for Martha Coakley?

Question 4:  Will the Democratic candidates criticize Deval Patrick?

Question 5:  What’s Going to Happen in the State Senate Race?

  • RoxKid

    After running for mayor last year, Dan Conley has signed up to run for re-election for Suffolk County District Attorney. Will this time be his last time? And is he possibly planning to leave for another job soon?

  • Rob

    What does the future hold politically for Linda Dorcena Forry?

  • Sean B

    Boston City Councilor Stephen Murphy has expressed interest in a state-wide seat. Any chance he is looking to run again this year for something else?

  • elliot12

    With the number of issues facing the Patrick Administration and presumably giving Charlie Baker fodder to associate this weaknesses with the Democratic Party as a whole, will the Democratic Gov. candidates become vocally critical of Patrick and his management of the administration?

  • Chris Dempsey

    How seriously are people taking this vain, wasteful Boston2024 bid? Why aren’t more people calling out the glaring conflicts of interest at the highest levels of this effort?

  • Matt

    Just days into Mayor Walsh’s term the Boston Public Schools announced budget cuts.
    Were we suckers for falling for all the campaign promises to be the real education Mayor, when we should have known they would be deleted and forgotten?
    Or is this just more of the last administration’s cynical Boston political ploys, to keep us trained to beg for everything so we’re happy when they throw us a bone (like slightly smaller school budget cuts)?

  • Ryan B

    How does it change the treasurer’s race if either Conroy or Goldberg don’t make the ballot? Is a 3 way race more beneficial to Finegold? Or does his huge fundraising advantage make it a moot point?

  • Jb321

    Is there any chance that one of the dem. candidates for Gov who are not named Coakley or Grossman end up winning? Also, what do Grossman’s odds look like currently?

  • Brian

    Do you see any MA politicians leaving their party to endorse/support a candidate in another party for #magov? Democrats supporting an Independent/Republican? Republican supporting Independent/Democrat?

  • tgm

    Who will be the next Senator from 5th Middlesex, Clark’s old seat?

  • Matt Szafranski

    You have opined on crime and the tackling of it in Boston before. How does the situation in Beantown stack up to other major cities in the region? I’m particularly interested if you’ve noticed any different approaches/outcomes with policing/community relations/crime between a strong mayor system like Boston and manager-council systems.

  • TNT

    Will Eric Lesser be a state senator?