Prosecutors Don’t Want Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to See Photos of Bombing Victims

They submitted a motion to keep the alleged suspect from having access to the images.

Prosecutors have filed a special request for a protective order to prohibit Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev from seeing the disturbing photos of the three victims killed at the finish line last April.

According to documents filed in District Court on Monday, March 17, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, led by Carmen Ortiz, argued that Tsarnaev should not be allowed to view the images, claiming it would “violate the victims’ rights to dignity and privacy” and force their family members to relive the emotional turmoil caused by the bombing, subjecting them to “needless harm and suffering.”

“Allowing photos of the mutilated bodies of the victims to be viewed by the man accused of mutilating them would needlessly re-victimize the family members in the same way that innocent children who are photographed pornographically are re-victimized whenever those photos are seen by others,” prosecutors wrote in the court filing, which can be read in its entirety below.

Officials said they understand that Tsarnaev will need to view some documents being used against him in court, but autopsy photos of Krystle Marie Campbell, Lingzi Lu, Martin Richard, and Sean Collier should not be allowed.

“To be clear, the government is not seeking to prevent Tsarnaev’s attorneys from reviewing and copying any of the autopsy photos, which have been available for their inspection and review at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, or from allowing Tsarnaev to review personally any photos that will actually be used against him at trial or sentencing. The government maintains, however, that Tsarnaev has no need to review [them],” federal prosecutors wrote.

Tsanraev’s defense team has been fighting against limitations to access of the photos, and has made attempts to get copies of the originals. U.S. attorneys, however, have only made them available to Tsarnaev’s counsel at their offices.

“Allowing Tsarnaev the unrestricted right to review all of them is completely unnecessary [to the case],” prosecutors said in the six-page filing.

A trial date for Tsarneav has been set for November. He faces 30 charges—17 of which are punishable by death—including conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, using a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death, and possession of a firearm. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the suspect in this case. Tsarnaev’s next scheduled appearance in court is in April, one day after the anniversary of the Marathon attack.

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  • public_servant_watch

    These are sham proceedings and his defense team is a farce. Not one Defense attorney is on the record under a legitimate order and the filings undersigned with Judy Clarke’s name are coming from court computers. There are even two filings, one undersigned by Conrad and the other by Watkins, that came from court computers and interestingly the author block in the properties of the PDF names Judy Clarke.

    Further, the Magistrate Judge had no authority to appoint Judy Clarke under the Criminal Justice Act; the Defendant, peculiar in itself considering this was a capital offense, had not yet been assigned a US District Judge therefore the appointment of an out of state lawyer had to come from the Chief Judge of the Court.

    Docket (dkt) #69 and #73 undersigned with the name Judy Clarke had data under the custom selection of the PDF properties and named “company” Company -> #69 Company -> Washington & Lee University | #73 Company -> Federal Public Defender Office | <- this data can be changed by anyone drafting a document before they turn the document into a PDF. Further, Judy Clarke would not be drafting documents from the Federal Public Defender Office and with dkt. #69 having Washington & Lee University under the Custom data which was filed July 15, 2013 the fact that this is a sham is verified. By admission of these Judy Clarke impostors dkt. #73, which had the Federal Public Defender Office under the Custom selection and disappeared completely off the docket shortly after it was filed on July 26,2013 stated, " My primary home and office is in San Diego, California; I will also live part time this coming academic year (or possibly only the fall), in Lexington, Virginia teaching at Washington & Lee law school." Dkt. #73 filed July 26, 2013 remains one of the many docket numbers missing from the docket which at present totals 53.

    This new motion for a protective order has a proposed order with the motion that reinforces the protective order from August which was processed in a fashion that leaves it not a true order of the court and the Defense signature block has Judy Clarke's name. Are they trying to get a US District Judge to sign off on the fraudulent order?

    Keep in mind, the court does not use a digital electronic signature and the staff of this court can type a signature /s/anybodytheywant and file from a court computer. The notices of electronic filing (NEF) that bear a digital document number are delivered to the recipient's upon a court delivered document or ELECTRONIC ORDER to his or her email from the court are not public record and the staff of this court, including, at the moment, the appearance that we have judges included, are DEFRAUDING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. (this court also has a history of sending invalid NEF's that bear no digital document number)

    Further, it appears someone is electronically forging the name of Judy Clarke and, also, her hand signature on a legally deficient affidavit and other documents including the bogus protective order dkt #91.

    Supporting evidence of these allegations including the PDF court records can be seen at The, in whole, fraud that is going on with this case including an explaination of the PDF properties can be viewed at

    • bla_bla_bla_bla_bla

      Nobody cares.

      • public_servant_watch

        You will care when it’s you or one of yours being denied legitimate court process AND trust me the day will come!!! Foolish ignorance!!