Eyewitness: Waltham Crime Scene Didn’t Match Description of Triple-Murder in Todashev’s Confession

The English is awkward and the handwriting in places illegible, but the threadbare narrative that emerges from Ibragim Todashev’s alleged confession note seems to contradict the facts of the crime to which Todashev was allegedly confessing.

On Tuesday, Boston magazine obtained what appears to be an unredacted photograph of the confession that law enforcement officials say Todashev wrote just before an FBI agent shot him to death on May 22, 2013. (A redacted version was released earlier Tuesday as part of the Florida state attorney Jeff Ashton’s long-delayed, 600-plus page report on the incident.) In the unredacted note, Todashev appears to implicate himself and his friend Tamerlan Tsarnaev—a suspect in the Boston marathon bombing—in an unsolved triple murder from 2011.

But the note raises as many questions as it answers. The note seems to state that Tsarnaev was armed with a gun when he and Todashev arrived at the house where the murders took place. There were “3 guys in there,” the note reads. “We put them on the ground.” The story breaks off after four clearly written words: “taped their hands up.”

The “taped their hands up” detail may seem glancing. Yet it drew particular attention from investigators; it was cited in the Ashton report as having demonstrated “the gravity of his [Todashev’s] involvement with the crimes being investigated at the time.”

But when Hiba Eltilib discovered the bodies of her boyfriend Brendan Mess, 25, Erik Weissman, 31, and Raphael Teken, 37, their hands were not bound or taped, she said Wednesday in a phone call from Sudan. Eltilib said that she found the bodies in three different rooms, all belly-down, in neat pools of blood, heads turned to the side.

“None of their hands were tied as I recall,” she said.

In an interview Wednesday, Aria Weissman, Erik’s sister, said she’d never heard mention of any of the victims having their hands taped, either. “That was the first time hearing anything about it being him tied up, that’s really bizarre,” she said.

And while the note’s claim that “we put them on the ground” sounds as if the victims were ordered down at gunpoint, at least two of the victims showed signs of a fight, according to friends who saw the bodies. Weissman had a bloody lip, and Mess had puncture marks on his temple and the top of his head, another mark by his ear, bruises on his face and scratches on his arms.

The confession mentions a gun, but it doesn’t mention the murder weapon. When Eltilib discovered the bodies on September 12, 2011, the victims’ throats had been slit with enough force to nearly decapitate them. The note suggests the motive for the crime was a “robbery,” even though eight and a half pounds of marijuana and $5,000 in cash was left in the apartment—and all three of the victims knew Tamerlan. Mess was a close friend.

Of course, by all accounts, the confession was incomplete. And because of the difficulty in deciphering the document, it’s impossible to say for sure that the note is inconsistent with reports of the crime scene. “Put them on the ground,” for example, might have been Todashev’s way of describing a physical fight. The note ends abruptly; there was almost certainly more to the story, but Todashev never finished it.

“Clearly it doesn’t seem like he was writing for very long, and typically those types of statements can be pages long,” said former FBI agent Mike German, a fellow for the Brennan Center for Justice.

German, who is not involved in the case, said it’s unusual for a written confession to contradict the crime scene. Typically, German said, agents address any inconsistencies in a suspect’s story before the confession is written.

“You would go back and say, ‘Well, there is one detail that’s not quite right, maybe you’re remembering that wrong,’” he said.

German also said the length of the interview, which went on for four and a half hours on a sweltering Florida night, could have affected the confession.

“You always have to worry about false confessions,” he said. “Particularly in an interview that’s gone on for so long. The person is sometimes just trying to give the answer that you want.”

According to the Florida state attorney’s report, the FBI has audio recordings of the Todashev interview which end just as he is beginning to hand-write his confession, near midnight, into the fifth hour of his interview. “Okay, I’m telling you I’m you I was involved in it, okay, I, I had no idea [redacted] was gonna kill anyone,” Todashev allegedly said just before a Massachusetts State Trooper got him to sign a form acknowledging he’d been read his Miranda rights.
Minutes later, he was dead.

  • Linda MacDonald

    Why were they interviewing him in his apartment rather than in a police station

    • Laurie Lauren

      Good question. Personally I feel it is because the plan all along was to execute Todashev. They needed him silenced for some reason. The text message sent by the trooper to the FBI agent the day following Todashev’s death is quite telling: “Well done, man.” Well done, indeed, if the goal was murdering the suspect that was so important that you followed him for months, spending countless hours interviewing him and his friends.

      • Courtney Madison

        I never heard about the text message that said “well done” before. How is killing the only alleged witness to an unsolved triple murder a job well done?

  • Guest

    I do have questions about the report but in general I don’t think there’s much off with Todashev’s confession. Mess, Weissman and Teken may have been bound first to subdue them then the tape removed afterward. The perpetrators took time to decorate the scene, doesn’t seem far fetched to consider they might decide to unbind the victims and “pose” them. As far as leaving all the money behind, didn’t someone say Mess had a large stash of money in the apartment? Leaving behind 5 grand might have been peanuts and a sort of twisted affront to Mess. As in “I have all this money now, here, let me leave a little for you.” Etlilib was probably traumatized, witness accounts in violent crimes are not always 100 percent accurate. And Weismann’s sister may not have heard of it before because it’s detail that police kept to themselves to suss out impostors.

    Back to Todashev– he was nervous and might have been jumping around logically in those few written sentences. That room was pumped full of stress, anxiety, and adrenaline. It’s also possible that Todashev was working up to the most important details. Suspects (even violent ones) have a hard time admitting violent crimes. Todashev admitted involvement in speech, but the act of writing would have felt much more personal and left him feeling vulnerable. He seemed worried, he was asking for help (for what, we may never know). Agents didn’t seem to care about helping him and I think he began to realize this as he got closer to writing out the more incriminating details. Emotion/fear/desperation took over and that’s when he “snapped.”

    I’m not saying nothing questionable happened here. Lots of questionable and possibly negligent decisions that led to the night in that apartment.

    • Laurie Lauren

      You sure had to do a LOT of reaching and speculating to arrive at the conclusions you arrived at here. “Posing the bodies?” This isn’t True Detective.
      None of this so-called confession matched any details of the crime. Not motive, weapon, actions or circumstances. Lastly, I’m pretty sure Brendan’s girlfriend would not forget whether or not their hands were bound, and that detail was never mentioned anywhere at any time before. Trying to explain everything away to make it fit is insulting to all the victims in this case.

    • Bangortenor

      What nonsense.

    • furtive

      The autopsy report would have reported adhesive remnants on their skin.

      You are too trusting.

      In the end Todashev was very clever. He knew his a confession wouldn’t gel.

      • Bri

        But not clever enough to ask for a lawyer??? Something definitely doesn’t add up.

  • Antonia Ydal

    There is absolutely no doubt, officials messed up but who cares, they are law enforcement and can do as they please obviously. Where is the logic in interviewing a witness at home for days and hours on end only to kill him. It looks a bit like killing him, was the plan all along. Not match of law enforcement here.

  • Woody Box

    One thing that must not be forgotten is that Brendan Mess and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were close friends, their relation was much closer than between Tsarnaev and Todashev. Ok, even between friends sometimes a deadly quarrel may erupt. But slitting the throat and nearly decapitate your best friend?

    • Bri

      Tsarnaev and Todashev were never anything more than acquaintances. This is what the media reported from day one and what Todashev’s friend stated in a local news interview. The media has deceived the public by lying about this little “fact”.

  • Seneca Wolf

    Todashev’s friend told the media that he’d mentioned being afraid of a set up. Now that friend is no longer allowed back into the US. To me the whole thing looks like a false confession. The Waltham Triple Murder was not just a robbery. It sounds as though they’d convinced him to confess by telling him he would go to jail if he didn’t because they had evidence against him (deception) but if he confessed and explained how Tamerlan was the mastermind behind it then he would get a less harsh sentence. If he had to choose between being sentenced to prison for murder even if he was innocent or confessing and getting a lesser sentence, what do you think he would do? This would explain why he’d started writing a story that didn’t match the crime scene and then got angry part way through it.

    • Bri

      This actually makes sense and could possibly explain why he tried to escape and was subsequently executed. Once again, a lesson for anyone not to answer any questions posed by law enforcement without a lawyer present.

  • furtive

    This illustrates exactly what happened the week of April 15, 2013 in Boston.

    A whistleblower warned in a blog shortly after the marathon hoax:
    Anonymous 04/15/13(Mon)18:42 No. 15795252
    WARNING: laws being written to screw you.

    I work on a security commission and I’ve just received word to start campaigning on a campaign we’ve been working on for the last two months and now it all makes sense.

    I’ll keep it as short as I can.

    They’re going to pin this even on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he is unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn’t be for sale to the public.

    —->”They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.”<——

    I can’t do anything or I’ll lose my job and possibly face criminal charges. Please don’t let them get away with it. They won’t find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. This was a staged event. The people hurt are real but the event was planned. Don’t let them hurt our rights.

    I’m at work so I used a copy of the picture from another thread. Also please don’t mention me. It will seriously hurt me."

    The Boston FBI OFFICE IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE now run by sociopath extraordinaire Vincent LISI.

  • wiseowl

    Why would they need a confession when Todashev DNA would be all over the three men, two of the men fought back.

  • public_servant_watch

    Where is the death certificate in this report? How can a determination that the FBI were there in good faith with the overwhelming evidence that shows the Boston Marathon Bombing to be a government orchestrated event; pretext was given!

    Do we have a Quid Pro Quo going on here and should we be tuned in for the announcement of SA Ashton’s nomination for a US District Judge seat?

    SA Ashton just condoned murder in the State of Florida as long as that murder in involved a federal agent. Why are KNOWN liars getting a credibility pass.

    No death certificate raises the unpleasant thought that this too may just be more of the fraudulent simultaion when a distraction was needed. Unpopular, yes, but it must be consider because as much truth as possible is needed to take these treasonous fools down!

  • alamo

    Cops are allowed to lie to suspects, so I imagine the FBI/MSP team told Todashev that they knew he did it, because they have DNA evidence that linked Todashev to the scene. Todashev probably had to give a DNA sample when he was arrested in May after that fight at an Orlando shopping mall. He was charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, a second-degree felony. Felony arrests in Florida and about 20 other states require a DNA sample during booking and processing. So, they told Todashev that they matched his DNA. Maybe they did actually get his DNA and matched it. Either way, that’s what they told him.

    By the way, last year when I initially read the police report of that Orlando shopping mall fight (it’s online), I sensed that the fight was staged by FBI/MSP. It just seemed strange, because I knew they had to be following and surveilling Todashev, but yet they allowed the fight to continue and never intervened. A regular Orlando or Orange County sheriff had to be dispatched to apprehend and arrest Todashev who was driving off after beating the guy senseless. There is no way FBI/MSP were not there. If they weren’t constantly surveilling him that would be gross incompetence as he was already connected to Tamerlan and who knows what. And actually, the Orlando sheriff happened to be in the area, which made me think the sheriff was likely part of the surveillance detail. I only mention all that because, Susan, you should find that police report and read it. It seems contrived. I will link it if I can find it. Having trouble finding it now. Can’t remember if I saw it on Orlando County’s site or a Florida newspaper’s site. Report and addendum. It was strange because the alleged “victims” spoke no English, so the sheriff “translated”.

    So back to the DNA trap. So, the cops tell him they have DNA evidence from his recent DNA sample and the Waltham crime scene and Todashev believes he’s in serious trouble, and he wants to know if he confesses will he get less time, and of course the cops tell him they will tell the prosecutor and judge that he cooperated and so the sentence might be reduced, knowing full well that they will throw the book at him for a triple-homicide. So reluctantly Todashev confesses, but he wants a reduced sentence so he proceeds to tell a story that is less horrific than saying they both went up there, drew a gun, pistol whipped them, beat them up and slit their throats. Once Todashev realized he was getting to the part of the confession that detailed the throat-slitting, he must’ve known that would get him locked up for a long time, so he never got around to mentioning the knife. Perhaps the knife was there. But my guess is that they brought a knife or 2 with them to make it a quieter robbery/murder than several gunshots. There’s another reason the knives and throat-slitting fit so well. There is an old saying in Chechen culture: “A man is not a man, unless he carries a knife”. It’s a traditional saying in Chechnya, going back centuries. And if you have the stomach for it, google Chechen Massacre or Dagestan Beheading Massacre. Knives are the preferred MO in the old country.

    So I don’t find it that odd that Todashev
    would confess to a lesser and different set of facts than the actual
    crime. Remember, if they did steal a much larger amount of money, then
    it was a robbery. They stole the much larger amount of cash that was there, which
    Hiba Eltilib stated she believed to be there. The scattered drugs and
    money are not that surprising, as this occurred on 9/11/11. Tamerlan
    liked his symbolisms. Tamerlan needed cash to return to Dagestan/Chechnya, Todashev needed a Benz.

    I don’t much doubt that Todashev was involved in the Waltham murders. But why didn’t FBI-Boston and Middlesex DA Gerry Leone pursue Tamerlan with more tenacity in 2011. Leone was a long-time member of Boston’s JTTF, Joint Terrorism Task Force. There is no way a triple homicide with near decapitation flies under the radar of Boston JTTF, FBI-Boston, Leone, and even the CIA, especially when it happens on 9/11/11, and when a close friend of Mess has a name like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is Muslim and hails from Chechnya. Just ain’t possible. Just wouldn’t happen. Not once. Do you know where the name Tamerlan comes from? Tamerlane, Timur, Sword of Islam . Google it. There is no way Tamerlan didn’t ring a bell for Leone, the FBI, or JTTF, especially when Russia had warned them about him. Tamerlan Tsarnaev. A good-sized boxer from Chechnya, mother from Dagestan. The story that FBI, Leone et al didn’t know Tamerlan after Waltham and after the Marathon and before they released his pics to the public is utter nonsense. So why didn’t they pursue him back in 2011? The answer to that question will shed light on Todashev’s sudden demise.

    The CIA did not false flag the Boston Marathon, but they were definitely running around Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Armenia and Azerbaijan recruiting anyone and everyone they could to fight the good fight. Their first recruit was Uncle Ruslan Tsarni, who changed his name from Tsarnaev to Tsarni after attending Duke Law. Tsarni was Fuller’s chief recruitment officer. Tamerlan rebelled and got out of control. Remember Safwan? Look up the co-defendants in the case Safwan is involved with. Remember Uncle Tsarni disparaging Armenians? Remember the elusive Misha?


    Nikolay Suleimanov? 2nd pic

    Uncle Muhamad Suleimanov? 1st pic, right

    It’s the same guy, with a little name change, just like Ruslan, Nikolay’s nickname too, that’s what organized criminals, and nobody is more organized and less transparent than the CIA. Chechen Obshina and CIA tighter than Mujahideen and CIA ever could’ve dreamt. Chechen oil is of such a high quality that it burns in the Vatican. Remember Sen. Lindsey Graham stating that he wants to put a democratic noose around Russia? That wasn’t his idea, but he certainly understands and supports it. Why people from South Carolina are always talking about war, rebellion and nooses when they were responsible for the largest slaughter of Americans ever is a topic for another post.

    Anyway, it’s not a rope that encircles Russia, it’s the CIA and every Central Asian gangster, jihadist and terrorist who will help them. Sometimes the worst laid plans backfire, or worse. But nobody is really watching the CIA and they answer to nobody, as the FBI proved in Orlando. Sometimes I think it’s our democracy that has a rope around its neck.

    A bit long, but this whole situation bothers me. My mother and father would’ve been at the Boston Marathon last year, as my mother volunteers every year since she stopped running it about a decade ago, but fortunately she had a doctor’s appointment that day, which is where she was with my father when I called her that day after watching the at first unexplainable explosion on Boylston, and I used to live and work a few blocks from there and I probably would’ve been there if I still lived in Boston. So, yeah, if the truth is that boneheaded machinations of the CIA, Graham Fuller, Lindsey Graham, McCain and the rest of the war and chickenhawks created the conditions that induced the bombing, yeah, I want accountability and the truth. At the very least, the Tsarnaev family of criminals was allowed into this country because of Uncle Ruslan Tsarni’s CIA connection to Fuller and Ruslan’s marriage to his daughter. Research Graham Fuller. He wasn’t just a random CIA stiff. He was at the very top. Most likely he still is as the very top never truly leaves the CIA.

    • ScurryUp

      FYI, per the report, “they” were definitely surveilling him during that fight. Presumably via drone?

      “Um, and they, ah, the FBI, we had a, ah aerial, ah, surveillance and…”

  • alamo


    Susan, it’s missing the report supplement from the other arresting officer, maybe you can use your investigative powers to find/request the supplement? It’s mentioned in the above report.

  • furtive

    Why all the murders & deportations without explanation?

    The answer is here. Move it forward.



    • Hinesy

      The testimony offered in NH in this video is quite compelling and would appear to make a clear case that a “homeland army” of sorts is being engaged, which is pretty troubling/sad. Is this fear of an citizen-led affront against the government (regardless of political positioning?), or merely sound homeland defense?

      I’d offer up that just as much if not more trampling of American rights and extension of aggressive “homeland security” (not to directly indict the DHS itself) type activities went on or was launched under GWB. Patriot Act anyone?

      I see the nonpartisan takeaway as, expressed and illustrated in the testimony, that the US gov’t is aggressively amping up its ability to take over US soil by force if necessary. One can actually advance both positive (and terrorist) and negative (anti-citizen) catalysts for this, but either way it is sad, scary, and seemingly unconstitutional, and to another point of this video (though one trampled by its heavy handed, pro Conservative politics), sadly, most Americans appear neither to care or notice.

  • alamo

    Below, in my 1st post, I suggested that maybe FBI/MSP did match Todashev’s DNA, but thinking about that some more I doubt that’s true because they would probably have mentioned that in their reports. I don’t believe any of the 3 reports, FBI, DOJ, nor FL mentioned Watlham DNA once, although they did mention DNA testing and results from Orlando. LEO mentions evidence and DNA when it supports their case, and exclude it when it does not.

    “When FBI agents came to tell Reni Manukyan that her husband was dead,
    they claimed they had hard evidence of his guilt in the Waltham murders.
    “We have DNA that proves he was involved in that triple murder,” she
    remembered them saying. “The only thing I was telling them is, ‘This is
    not true, this cannot be true.’”

    CNN Online:
    “Investigators are awaiting test results to determine whether Todashev’s
    DNA was found at the Massachusetts triple murder scene and whether the
    DNA of Tamerlan Tsarnaev also was found there.”

    FBI/MSP/LEO FL’s Ashton, Angela Corey, Chris Christie, David Samson, Sam Alito — all prosecutors, all FOS. Christie’s team of Bridge Jumpers are almost exclusively former prosecutors. Nobody understands how to use state power and manipulate evidence and truth better than prosecutors. Blago, Rudy, Spitzer, Leone — all prosecutors. Even Scott Brown — former JAG, a prosecutor. Whatever Shakespeare said about lawyers, he would’ve said worse about prosecutors. Prosecutors should be barred from holding any other political office, much like South Carolina originally barred anyone without substantial property holdings and with specific religious occupations from holding elected office, which barred well over 90% of the population. Seriously, prosecutors are stanky. Defense attorneys are another story. But how do you sleep at night after defending Casey Anthony by baselessly accusing her father of child molestation? Ask your father and report back, Susan, k? Just kidding there, your father clearly raised someone with a keen eye and tenacity for the truth. Please keep it up, kthxbai.

  • alamo
  • alamo
  • furtive


    The door has FINALLY begun to creak open:

    “Did the FBI ever really want to have Todashev testifying in court?
    The FBI had started investigating Todashev a day after the bombing when it learned he was a friend of the elder brother, but perhaps were more interested in preventing him from talking about what he knew…
    ..about how the bombing was planned.

    … getting Todashev hit with a murder rap could loosen his tongue about what he knew about Tsarnaev and who he had worked with in planning that bombing…

    Is the killing of Todashev by the FBI a deliberate action, now being covered up as a justifiable homicide, because as Ibragim Todashev’s mother-in-law Elena Teyer says, he “knew too much” about Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

    To wit: The FBI has been deeply involved in orchestrating all but one of the 41 terrorist plots since 2011 that it claims to have “prevented” or “disrupted,” and the Boston Bombing might be one such plot…


    ..the Boston Globe is reporting, that a year before the bombing, the FBI at least sought to get Tamerlan to become an FBI informant.

    Perhaps the FBI, doesn’t want the world to know that he was on their payroll and perhaps Todashev had learned that from his friend Tamerlan.

    … Florida State’s Attorney released with his report, a statement from the Supervising Agent of the Florida Joint Terrorism Task Force, overseeing the Todashev investigation, making it clear that the agency’s investigation was not about a three-year-old Waltham murder case, but about “terrorism.”…

    Did he balk at writing the confession at that point, and then get brutally hit on left side of his head, perhaps by the agent’s fist or a gun butt? If so, his martial arts training could easily have led him to react instinctively to defend himself by lifting up the table in front of him into his attacker, and then trying to flee, leading to the shots into his back….

    Todashev, “forcibly struck,” NOW BLOWS OUT OF THE WATER THE ENTIRE STORY of this case, as “reconstructed” by both Ashton’s office and the FBI and US Justice Department:

    1. The deadly shots would both have caused almost immediate collapse.
    a. According to the coroner’s report, the head shot, which went through the center of the brain and the cerebellum, lodging at the base of the brain, would have caused immediate incapacitation, dropping Todashev to the floor.
    b. The shot to the chest pierced his aorta, the main artery carrying blood out of the heart to the body, a rupture of which, like an aneurism, would have caused a rapid collapse in blood pressure and unconsciousness also almost immediately.
    c. Those two shots had to have been in the second round of four shots. Otherwise there would have been no “renewed attack” by Todashev.

    2. So that leaves us with five more shots to explain…
    a. Todashev runs for the front door to escape his two armed captors, and is shot three times in the back as he is fleeing through the long foyer towards the door. Seriously wounded, the bullets pierced lung and liver, but did not hit anything that would have dropped him instantly, and perhaps realizing he was doomed if he kept heading out the door,
    b. Todashev turned to confront his attackers and was hit first two times in the arm….

    3. Surrender
    a. i. he either raised his arms in a protective fashion or as a sign of surrender, & was shot twice in the left arm at the start of the second shot sequence,
    ii. or, he instinctively raised his left arm to protect against the gun aimed at him & was shot twice in the arm.
    b. Then, he was shot in the chest, & either as he was falling towards the floor, or after he had fallen face first to the floor, with his feet towards the front door, and the top of his head, pointing towards the agent,
    c. the agent fires into the top of his head,,a coup-de-grace after he was down (contract-like).
    d. ..Most of the blood would have drained from his head & chest wounds, where he was fell & died…

    4. Witness
    At 11:30 pm, did the FBI agent, Chris, outside the premises, get an instruction to have Todashev’s friend, Khusen Taramov, suddenly leave the area, so as to take Taramov out of eye and earshot -to remove a ‘witness to a witness killing’?
    Chris rode in Todashev’s car with him to the restaurant, later calling for another car to bring him back to the scene.”

    …when the only two eye-witnesses to this killing, only a week after the event, cannot get their stories straight, we have to assume that something is badly wrong with the whole scene.

    FBI investigators, who have managed to exonerate 150 out of 150 agent shootings of suspects and witnesses over the last 18 years, managed to conflate the two accounts, changing some of the witness statements, to create one smooth “alternative reality” in which the shots all fit together nicely.

    State’s Attorney Ashton’s office declined to take a call asking for a chance to ask questions about his report.




  • Michael Williams

    The FBI has a long history of entrapping people in terrorism plots like this one:


    How much do you want to bet the FBI used Todashev as one of those same confidential informants to gather all of that information they had on (Tamerlan) Tsarnaev? Then, when the Boston bombing actually happened as planned by Craft International (the president of the company, Chris Kyle, was conveniently killed in Feb 2013), the FBI had someone (patsy) they could “blame” for the bombing.

    More on Chris Kyle: This guy was known as America’s deadliest sniper, president of that Craft international company, probably found out what was going on, and then they did it to him. Remember, the mafia always kills the hit-men first.

  • lovemachine

    somehow the world will have to muddle along w/o todashev.

    • furtive

      Go back to bed

      Can you spell S H E E P L E?

      • lovemachine

        Wake up and Smell the Coffee.

        Can you spell G U I L T Y ?

  • Hinesy

    I have no idea what this adds to the discussion but I offer this as additional first person input for the sake of having it somewhere on the record (and have before on other articles):

    I was a customer of Raf Tekken’s for some time years prior to the murder. Raf was a very nice kid. On multiple occasions he offered that proceeds from his pot sales were somehow to be “sent back to Israel” to help “support the cause.” At the time we found this laughable or far-fetched as he also said he had plans to become a fighter pilot for the Israeli Air Force and that just did not seem to fit his profile.

    My only guess is that those involved (and for one I’m buying on the story of the Marathon Bombers) targeted Raf and his roommates on some level related to their support of the Israeli cause, either direct (financial) or indirect (philosophical).

    So OK, none of that is big news, though interesting. But why the strange approach to the stream of information regarding such an uncommon and gruesome murder (there just seemed to be so little coverage at the time given the scope and circumstances. When are pot dealers murdered gangland style with the product and monies left behind at the scene? Why were no real leads ever established?).

    Anyway, more to the point of the details covered in this piece and now raised again for further consideration… how or why was there need to kill this guy during the interrogation? Merely because of a slip up on Miranda? I think not. I sense a cover-up of something larger by the government and/or LEOs. My theory is that these guys are somehow related to a larger (however formal or loosely organized) presence of anti-Russia, Islamist (Chechen?) terrorists in the U.S. and the government has deemed that broader awareness of this is not positive (my guess is that we fear inciting either greater anti-Putin sentiment or the notion of un-addressed terrorist activities). The WH Admin has nothing to gain on either front, and quite a bit to lose (either by feeding Conservative policy makers or further inciting Putin, who clearly must be handled carefully).

    I will offer to those who might comment on my remarks that I am a registered Democrat who voted twice for Obama and still supports his admin. I am also a former journalist, and a recovering drug addict. I offer all of this for the sake of transparency. Make of it what you will but all I say here is my direct experience or personal opinion based thereon.

    To me the biggest question remains: why does there appear to be some effort to kill this aspect of the Tsarnev/marathon bombing story? Why was this suspect killed so abruptly with no sensible explanation, and why does there continue to be a certain amount of information control regarding it?

    If you made it his far, thanks for reading. Nice job of clear objective writing by the Boston Mag reporter.

    Matt, Dorchester MA

    • Susan Zalkind

      Hi, Matt. Thanks for writing. I’m sorry for your loss. I’d like to talk to you more about your post and about Raf if you’ve got some time. My email is susanzalkind@gmail.com. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks so much. SZ

  • mybuddycat


    The official death report says Boston Bomber died at 1:35 am “of
    multiple gun shots and blunt force tramua ; yet this WHDH TV video shows him
    alive at 2:45 am lying on the street in the “surrender position” and apparently
    unharmed? I viewed this “surrender” video live on ABC TV and the cops where all around pointing their guns at him.

    If the younger brother ran over his brother with a car, why did he abandon his getaway car (and where?) and hide in a backyard boat?
    I think there is a cover-up of a police execution of the older bomber trying to surrender. it is more likely the cops drove into the surrounded bomber #1 lying in the street in the surrender position and riddled him with bullets when he moved, as the coroner’s photo seems to show. (I will send a copy of official photo upon request.)
    No matter how terrible the crime the police should not become judge, jury and executioner. Police terrorism is the worst kind of terrorism!
    Boston retiree who has seen it all.

  • https://sites.google.com/site/911whatyoumighthavemissed/boston-bombing/the-cctv-cameras Tom Fontaine

    Tsarnaev is Innocent. He was set up by the Feds.