Big Papi Approves of the SNL Skit About His Obama Selfie

He gave a “shout out” to Kenan Thompson for his impression.

Screenshot via SNL/NBC

Screenshot via SNL/NBC

The best way to gauge whether something you did was a big deal is to wait patiently to find out if the comedians on Saturday Night Live make fun of you. This past weekend, David Ortiz’s time arrived.

Weeks after he was criticized for taking what was deemed a promotional “selfie” with President Barack Obama using a Samsung phone, not long after he inked a deal with the wireless company, the cast of Weekend Update decided it was necessary to do a spoof about the incident by having Kenan Thompson do an impression of the Red Sox slugger—and he nailed it.

From his consistently enthusiastic smiles, to his trimmed-up beard and accompanying diamond earrings, the only thing Thompson struck out on while poking fun at Ortiz was an opportunity to wear shades indoors. The mannerisms and broken English? All accounted for.

While talking about the types of ethnic foods Ortiz allegedly ate (to be honest, Thompson’s take on Dominican food sounded mostly made up) during the team’s visit to Washington, D.C., dominated the three-minute skit, Thompson spared no punches when ripping on Ortiz for using his selfie to flaunt his new, “big ass” Samsung phone, as millions of people watched on.

Ortiz and Samsung both denied that the stunt was pre-planned, and swatted at the speculations in jest, but as the stories continued to churn, it left ample opportunity to take jabs at the scenario. The burns at the Sox batter were all taken in good stride, though. On Sunday, Ortiz tweeted out a clip of the segment, and gave it the Big Papi seal of approval. “Have to give a shout out to Kenan Thompson for that skit on [SNL],” he said. “I know my girl [Amy Poehler] would approve.”

Wait, are Poehler and Papi BFFs? Now that’s a selfie we would wholeheartedly endorse.


  • Garis

    Well, the food was not made up. the only food not from Dominican Republic was Yuca Fritas, which I think is originated in south america.

    This was really good… made my night!

    • Marco

      Agree, the food was not made up and I was surprised he named so many plates.

      • Marco

        They even named Presidente beer LOL

  • Nantuko

    The complete list of food he mentioned is Dominican to the fullest! haha… I even had to google what links Kenan had with Dominican culture… Thumbs up for that awesome research! (c’mon! even the wasakaka chicken!? who’s your source??) hahaha..

  • Epi Camacho

    Im Dominican and the food list was completely real…the only thing he got wrong was the [mofongo] which is a puertorican dish. Our plantain dish is called [mangu]. On the other hand, the video has become one of my all time favorites. Ive watch it several times and everytime time it gets funnier.