John Kerry, the Koch Brothers, and More Make Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People List

See who else from Boston and Massachusetts made the cut for 2014.



Time magazine debuted its annual “100 Most Influential People in the World” list for 2014 today, which, for the last decade, has sought to spotlight the most effective movers and shakers from around the world.

Of course, among this year’s Time 100 are quite a few with Boston and Massachusetts ties. Surprised? We’re not. While John Kerry and the Koch brothers are no strangers to lists like these, but here are a few other names on the Time 100 you might not recognize so immediately:

Robert Lanza
Chief Scientific Officer at Advanced Cell Technology

Listed under the “Pioneers” category, Dr. Lanza and his team at A.C.T.—based in Marlborough, Mass.—achieved a major breakthrough in stem-cell research this past year. “The controversies may continue, but thanks to Lanza the science will too,” writes Alice Park.

John Kovac
Professor at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Another “Pioneer” on the Time 100, John Kovac and team detected ripples in space-time called gravitational waves… i.e. the smoking gun evidence of inflation… i.e. a big step to proving the Big Bang totally happened. (Bazinga!) If anything, Kovac and co. deserve kudos for making this happen.

Diane Paulus
Artistic Director of the American Repertory Theater

Paulus won a Tony for the A.R.T.’s revival of Pippin. The “Broadway genius” reset the entire show in a circus and cast Patina Miller as the lead. Tony-hoarder Audra MacDonald applauds Paulus’s fearlessness: “She’s willing to try anything. It can be as wild and imaginative as possible—as long as it’s authentic.”

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Note: It’s worth pointing out New Hampshire-bred Seth Meyers also made the “Artists” list. The new host of Late Night is an avid Red Sox fan, and his mini-profile was penned by Boston native Amy Poehler, who writes, “At Saturday Night Live, Seth spent 13 years making sure the comedy sausage was delivered on time.” So thanks, Seth, for delivering the sausage.

  • simonzee1

    With all Kerry’s and Obama’s preaching on freedom could they stop supporting the oligarchs in America that are trying to destroy internet freedoms. No one believes what Kerry says because like Obama they both sprout Tall Turkey Tales.

    This was the same FCC that wanted to put monitors in every newsroom in America. Have you got the message that big government is failing you yet..

    Blame Hollywood and big media for the end of the free internet.

    It appears that these Obama groupies like Clooney who is reacting to Steve Wynn are getting sensitive now that their Messiah is falling apart. Obama is full of Tall Turkey Tales.

    And true to form…Hollywood and the entertainment industry lobbied hard and are about to take away a free internet. Blame Hollywood and Obama and the Democrats for taking away a free internet. A free internet disappeared under the Democrats at the hands of a Hollywood lobbyist who runs the FCC. Sorry…Obama runs the FCC as we saw that when the FCC tried to put monitors (agents) in every newsroom.

    The end of a free internet will be their shameful legac. Leave the internet alone.

    And don’t forget the leftist Silicon Valley activists who are right there with the Democrats to take away a free internet at the bidding of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. We saw Silicon Valley Values on display when they sold out shares before the big drop recently. A bit of insider trading while at the same time they kick out the disadvantaged in San Francisco CBD to make way for housing the rich techies.

    We used to talk about the importance of the separation of church and state. How about the separation of Hollywood and State? The Separation of Silicon Valley and the State. Remember those famous words of Obama. Hollywood best projects American values.