Mayor Marty Walsh Is Meeting With Rome’s Mayor to Talk About Transportation

And all things North End, of course.

Image via BSA

Image via BSA

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But when you’re an elected official from Rome and you’re visiting Boston, tell the host city what to do.

At the end of the month, Ignazio Marino, Rome’s mayor, is scheduled to fly to Boston for an event hosted by the Boston Society of Architects, before he makes a quick stop at City Hall to sit down with Mayor Marty Walsh for a private meeting. It’s during that rendezvous that the pair of governmental leaders is expected to trade transportation secrets that have worked in their respective cities, and discuss everything from needs, strategies, and “vital urban topics.”

“Boston and Rome may face different challenges in some areas, but both cities share a desire to find new and efficient transportation solutions for all of their citizens,” said Walsh in a statement. “We are delighted to welcome Mayor Marino to Boston to discuss his approach to transportation in Rome while sharing some of the ideas being considered here in Boston.”

Whether or not Marino will encourage Walsh to get more people on moped-style modes of transportation, or to drudge up and bring back the nearly-ancient cobblestone roads buried beneath the city’s streets remains unclear. But the Italian official is expected to share with the public some of his “revolutionary” visions as they pertain to mobility and bike riding in heavily-congested urban environments.

According to event details from the BSA, during his lecture at BSA Space on Congress Street on May 30, called “From Rome to the North End: Life Without Driving,” Marino will discuss strategies for “pedestrianizing” the most historic archaeological sites a city has to offer, like the small, winding streets tucked away in the Italian-dominated neighborhood along Boston’s waterfront.

“Marino will also discuss other challenges and opportunities related to making Rome a more sustainable city and will articulate the broader mobility shift that is taking place in car-obsessed Italy, the home to super-car makers like Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini,” according to officials from the BSA.

Marino’s appearance is part of  “Overhaul: The 2013-2014 Transportation Series,” which welcomes speakers from around the world that boast accolades in topics like transforming and reshaping city landscapes.

  • Mark Yancey

    Just so it isn’t a shock to anyone, the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) is the behind-the-scenes organizer for this series. Bike and Bus (Bus-Rapid Transit: BRT) use will be promoted throughout the summer. The ITDP is waiting until the end of the Rights of Way exhibit (a showcase with rail) before a major BRT summer promotion. The ITDP brought us Enrique Penalosa and the 28X Bus project in 2009

  • Junito Sanchez

    I’d love for the city to raise the fairness tracks like it once had…it’ll open up space in the road for bikers and cars so that we aren’t on the road with trains bikes buses and other cars….just a thought

  • Sally Mund

    Rome has an extensive network of car sharing, bike use, buses, and trains. Some of it includes repurposing commuter rail for metro use ( Definitely a big issue, but not an ITDP talking point.

  • Ken Loh

    The ITDP is a special interest group (BRT over rail) and the BSA ED seems to be oblivious to this. Having a transportation series that cannot feature rail is like having an AIA architecture expo that can’t feature modern design.

  • Luis Second

    Ken, special interest group is an understatement. The ITDP attacks any rail project within their “focus cities”. For instance, they have a Johannesburg bus promoter on their payroll and regularly attack the region’s Gautrain rail project Thankfully Jo’burg discarded ITDP’s attacks and built Gautrain,

  • Mary Fallon

    Ken and Luis, the bigger issue is whether or not Mayor Walsh understands this. Hopefully he talks with Mayor Menino about the ITDP 28X Bus Rapid Transit fiasco in 2009

  • Mike Mattei

    If this lecture is only about biking [the ITDP might pull him off the stage if he brings up Rome's Line C rail] then you might as well just read about Philly, Mayor Marino’s inspiration for Rome via bike.

  • Frank Q

    Only buses and bikes can be presented at an ITDP event, so you’re probably right Mike. This behind-the-scenes approach by ITDP is even worse than their in-your-face approach in 09′. .

  • Joyce Mills

    The Barr Foundation has a new president, Jim Canales. Hopefully he can put out the BSA fire and demote whoever had the bright idea to hire a bus promotion group to run a transportation series

  • Martin Whalley

    Ken, the BSA ED is aloof. He onced proposed having events on MLK Day because “nothing happens in Boston on that day” Hopefully someone has mentioned BU to him at some point.

  • David R

    Heard last night the organizer is owed $13,000. Also, Ken it sounds like Eric White tried to do the same thing with Veterans Day!

  • Pamela R

    Eric White commutes 50+ miles by car by himself every day from Charlton, Mass; yet is in charge of a group advocating for sustainability, resiliency, and urban transportation. Let that sit for a while.

  • Ann Gail

    David, Eric White DID have an event on Veterans Day last year. He was told several times by the members, the staff, and the BSA transportation team to change the date, but refused, saying it was ok to have the event on the 11th

  • Toni A

    Eric White also tried to bring in his personal friend as a “transportation organizer” to help cut down on costs {payment to the team}. Didn’t go over well. I remember when his friend was talking about her prized goats on her estate, but knew nothing about transportation.

  • Martin P

    Eric didn’t try this stunt with MILLIGRAM in NYC, he tried it with the local designer(s). Tons of hail fell in Charlton, Mass, Maybe its a sign #ericwhiteresign

  • Leo T

    Leo T

  • Leo T

    Eric’s friend is Sheryl Snyder. Apparently her husband is from the convention center. The husband gives Eric ABX convention perks and funding, Eric gives a housewife a “transportation organizer” pseudo-job. Everybody wins #ericwhiteresign

  • Mary Poulin

    Sheryl Snyder organized the Overhaul series? the individual who sends out the dinner invites? For one she is, based on past experience, very incompetent (still waiting for an email response; two weeks!) apparently Eric White thought this would work; stating the BSA president, according to him, is a feminist…..WID embracing rich housewives as role models….are you kidding?. We’ve met the team who put this series together, what a kick in the head for them.

  • Mark Shen

    Sheryl Snyder is what you would call a temp worker. The actual manager is still owed $13,000

  • Stephanie S

    Leo, talk about cronyism! Sheryl Snyder can’t even get dinner invites right for the BSA, but claims to bring in international speakers? Yeah, I’m calling BS on that one. By the way, whenever I receive a word doc from the BSA with Sheryl’s name on it, I check the encryption, the name Nick Caruso appears.

  • Patricia W

    Sheryl Snyder did not organize the Overhaul series, no matter how much her husband pays Eric White to say it #ericwhiteresign

  • Martin Y

    Congratulations to Nick and the entire team for a job well done! Despite the rampant Eric White cronyism, you made an impact. Also, just fair warning, Stephanie Pollack’s husband and brother are both BSA members. Don’t be suprised to see a summer addition with Steph and a public officlal entitled “Stephanie Pollack solves all of Boston’s transportation issues – Volume 24″

  • Toni Hall

    Congrats as well. Eric will have to answer for a lot of things in time, such as why bringing in his friend Sheryl, a rich housewife from Grafton, Mass with zero transportation experience, was a good idea.

  • Patrick D

    Congrats all around! Nick, great job and thanks for sticking with it. When Sheryl could no longer pass off her tasks onto you she passed them off to others. She loves the illusion of working without actually working

  • Joyce M

    Congratulations Nick on putting together this Boston-Rome component and for all of your hard work. Despite Stephanie Pollack’s screaming, Tim Love’s ego, ITDP’s BRT lobbying, and Eric White’s cronyism, you STILL put together an initiative that has made an impact. Thank you for all of your work concerning Boston’s transportation and for your efforts regarding equality and women’s rights in New England.

  • Sarah Murphy

    Martin, either you’re psychic or have an inside track on Eric White cronyism. Steph Pollack’s lecture was announced earlier today, an interview with Gabe Klein, but of course her name isn’t included until the week of the event. Apparently she wants to “bookend” the series (was crowbarred into the Robert Puentes / Beverly Scott kickoff) as the all encompassing starting and ending authority on transportation. Can someone please give Ms. Pollack an actual job? someone? anyone?

  • Barry B

    Steph actually wanted three slots within the national/international series. Steph Pollack one-on-one with Brookings kickoff, Steph Pollack one-on-one with John Powell (March), Steph Pollack one-on-one with Brookings conclusion (now Gabe Klien). Maybe its time to cool the jets.

  • Eric S

    Gabe Klein was pushed out of both DC and Chicago. Chicago’s transportation initiatives were defunded to pay for the city’s crime prevention. Why is the BSA ending the series with this? Also, didn’t Stephanie Pollack present during the kickoff with GM Scott?

  • Mariko M

    Ken, I agree. The ITDP was on campus touting their work, Someone asked about the 28X collapse, silence. Not sure why they’re back. This alongside the guy who was fired in Chicago doesn’t seem like a strong ending, something must be up

  • Mariko M

    I asked around, it sounds like the series ended with the Mayor of Rome (this article) and the ITDP / Gabe Klein stuff was tacked on afterwards.

  • James C

    Gabe Klein had controversy after controversy in Chicago (including a conflict of interest with Alta) and was eventually forced out

  • Diane M

    Hopefully the ITDP disaster last night works as an important lesson for Barr. After thousands of dollars on international trips and lobbying, only 32 people showed up for their BSA presentation, a drop of over 200 from last month and few more people than they pulled for the expensive Mexico City trip. I personally don’t like the BSA nor find most of the their programming to be worthwhile, but they didn’t deserve the Barr-ITDP tyranny over the last year. 28X was a huge flop, so they tried to push again through an unsuspecting outlet, and flopped again. Plus, if your main consultant is Stephanie Pollack, a suspended lawyer with zero transportation development experience, yesterday shouldn’t have been a surprise. Godspeed

  • Leo C

    Eric, Stephanie Pollack did present within the Traffic Advisory kickoff in October, Apparently, there was some deal between her and Eric White, the BSA ED. In regards to Klein, after his firing, who knows why. Diane, the ITDP is a bus promotion group (bus over rail; every scenario)

  • Sandy F

    Hopefully Eric White is no longer the ED after this ITDP fiasco. He allowed Stephanie Pollack, Tim Love, and the ITDP to just plow through the BSA while he sat on his hands. I can’t believe the BSA team was even able to muster some success given the conditions.

  • Michael C

    The BSA team originally rebuked Tim Love’s push to takeover the entire Overhaul exhibit, Milligram and all. Tim also conferred with Yale about how to “remove the Caruso barrier”. I think MIT is still breathing a sigh of relief after passing on Alan Plattus. What a nightmare

  • Tamara U

    Gabe Klein’s Alta cronyism would have gotten him fired in any other US city; it took this and the Ashland BRT to finally force him out in Chicago. Not sure what the Stephanie Pollack-Gabe Klein July meeting is going to accomplish. Maybe Barr should just call it a series and let the BSA group recap

  • William S

    Michael, Washington, UVA, and MIT are all sighing. All three schools rejected Alan Plattus during the final rounds of their Dean search. When I met him in 04′ on campus, he came off as being both lazy and arrogrant. I’m still stunned Nick was able to pull off the series despite his APlattus albatross.

  • Fred K

    Nick Caruso did a great job with the series. Hopefully it puts into focus the Alan Plattus blunder, especially after the blatant Tim Love : Ed Mitchell emails.

  • Mary O

    Whenever they’re in town, Alan Plattus and Ed Mitchell always seem to rant about Dolores Hayden. She’s considered the main urban studies individual at Yale. Someone should tell either one of them to conceal their jealously once in a while

  • Judith M

    Mary, Alan Plattus has been cited in the past for not doing enough to curtail plagiarism and women abuse at Yale. To say the least, he’s not well liked on campus up here in Boston. Nick Caruso’s name has been batted around at a few dinners, he did what Alan was too lazy to do, act when colleagues ask for help, only to get mired in Yale’s Soviet-esque machine

  • Rosalie G

    Hopefully Nick can find some relief soon, He did a wonderful job with the series. Whenever I ask him about Yale he just defers, but some of his old colleagues beem. Both him and his studio partner Yijun were put through the wringer. Its also the best case of “don’t judge a book by its cover” in quite some time.

  • Martha P

    Thank goodness MIT did their homework on Alan Plattus. The Van de Velde / Peter Kohn flop could only happen at Yale. Hopefully just like Van de Velde, Nick Caruso gets his due

  • Marc C

    I don’t think its helpful to Nick nor anyone to spew about Alan Plattus on a comments section. Alan Plattus has made alot of mistakes and has alot of enemies [literally invited to three bar parties celebrating his passing Thatcher-esque style] but will he suddenly have an epiphany and change for one past student?, of course not. I think all Nick can hope for is a strong series under his belt and an apology from Stephanie Pollack.

  • Joseph B

    Nick Caruso has accomplished a lot at the state and federal level without desiring the spotlight. At Yale, he did the same, but for a much more important task. He saved a life. Nobody gets banned from Yale only to encounter a full 180 when a university has a major “oh crap” moment, and the idea of painting him as the complete opposite didn’t work out well for Alan Plattus. What Alan did wasn’t a “blunder”, its something you get fired for regardless of the situation.

    • David K

      This was a great series before the Tim Love era. I believe Nick Caruso was also the guy Alan Plattus wanted me to smear. He offered roles at Yale in exchange for ripping into him. I declined, more than happy with Boston, but does anyone know why Plattus is so adamant about ruining this guy?

      • Julia

        David, to put it in general terms, Alan Plattus screwed up royaly. A Yale creeper who lost out to Nick Caruso on multiple occasions went to Alan Plattus with claims againist Nick. Without checking, reviewing, or even considering that a student that Nick beat out would lie about him, Alan took action aganist Nick, and ultimately the Yale creeper recieved the roles Nick originally had. In time, everything returned to normal, but there was damage. Since then, Alan has spent years trying to smear Nick Caruso instead of coming clean about screwing up.

        • Holland

          Not to mention the jokes. Alan Plattus makes jokes about Nick Caruso all the time, the last one involving Williams. Evil is a word I don’t use often. but it applies here

          • Amy C

            Apparently Tim Love took the Alan Plattus challenge, makes sense. Both believe in underhanded tactics to get what they want, The Nick Caruso case sounds like a Plattus hatchet job gone wrong. Plattus is not at Yale because he’s a stellar urban designer, he’s the Old Yale Boy’s Club hatchet man. Alan believes women are a commodity meant to serve the men of Yale, not equals, not partners. For anyone who knows Nick, the boy scout / super patriot, he has a very different view. Alan thought he could smear him, and thought wrong.

          • Robert F

            I’m glad Yale’s hatchet man didn’t become my MIT Dean, and super glad he was beaten out by a wonderful women. Hopefully Old Yale fades away; sooner rather than later

          • Sarah A

            I heard the Yale Urban Design Workshop (Alan Plattus’ dept) has been shuttered. The storefront they were located in is apparently empty. Maybe its a sign

          • Mary V

            The Yale Urban Design Workshop did not close. It moved out of its storefront location of many years and into a space that’s out of sight-out of mind (the UDW revolves around a one-sided peace park in Israel, no work in New Haven) However, it’s a signal of sorts. The YSOA Dean is a very good manager and is contending with everything as best as he can. The Plattus dilemma won’t be resolved overnight but instead over time. The uptick in women-centric events and work at YSOA has been a welcomed change, but Plattus’ departure is the key advancement. Plus, Yale doesn’t have to look far for a strong urban studies lead, Dolores Hayden is astounding and should have been leading the division years ago. Finally, such a transition would be redemption for Mr. Caruso, who reported abuse to Alan Plattus and has been suffering ever since.

          • Joe U

            Plattus’ departure should be expedited, not postponed. He’s been trying to ruin Nicholas Caruso for years.

          • Joyce I

            Alan Plattus tried to recruit several people to tarnish Nicholas Caruso’s image, Boston designers, Yale alumni, anyone who would listen. Thankfully word has gotten out about why Plattus is so adamant about destroying this poor kid.

          • Patty D

            Hopefully Tim Love’s disastrous Beacon Park Yard initiative helps drag down Plattus as well. Heard it was the worst Love charrette so far, everything was so schematic and off that the material is already in the trash.