Mayor Marty Walsh Is Meeting With Rome’s Mayor to Talk About Transportation

And all things North End, of course.

Image via BSA

Image via BSA

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But when you’re an elected official from Rome and you’re visiting Boston, tell the host city what to do.

At the end of the month, Ignazio Marino, Rome’s mayor, is scheduled to fly to Boston for an event hosted by the Boston Society of Architects, before he makes a quick stop at City Hall to sit down with Mayor Marty Walsh for a private meeting. It’s during that rendezvous that the pair of governmental leaders is expected to trade transportation secrets that have worked in their respective cities, and discuss everything from needs, strategies, and “vital urban topics.”

“Boston and Rome may face different challenges in some areas, but both cities share a desire to find new and efficient transportation solutions for all of their citizens,” said Walsh in a statement. “We are delighted to welcome Mayor Marino to Boston to discuss his approach to transportation in Rome while sharing some of the ideas being considered here in Boston.”

Whether or not Marino will encourage Walsh to get more people on moped-style modes of transportation, or to drudge up and bring back the nearly-ancient cobblestone roads buried beneath the city’s streets remains unclear. But the Italian official is expected to share with the public some of his “revolutionary” visions as they pertain to mobility and bike riding in heavily-congested urban environments.

According to event details from the BSA, during his lecture at BSA Space on Congress Street on May 30, called “From Rome to the North End: Life Without Driving,” Marino will discuss strategies for “pedestrianizing” the most historic archaeological sites a city has to offer, like the small, winding streets tucked away in the Italian-dominated neighborhood along Boston’s waterfront.

“Marino will also discuss other challenges and opportunities related to making Rome a more sustainable city and will articulate the broader mobility shift that is taking place in car-obsessed Italy, the home to super-car makers like Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini,” according to officials from the BSA.

Marino’s appearance is part of  “Overhaul: The 2013-2014 Transportation Series,” which welcomes speakers from around the world that boast accolades in topics like transforming and reshaping city landscapes.

  • Leo T

    Leo T

  • Leo T

    Eric’s friend is Sheryl Snyder. Apparently her husband is from the convention center. The husband gives Eric ABX convention perks and funding, Eric gives a housewife a “transportation organizer” pseudo-job. Everybody wins #ericwhiteresign

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    Sheryl Snyder did not organize the Overhaul series, no matter how much her husband pays Eric White to say it #ericwhiteresign

  • Sarah Murphy

    Martin, either you’re psychic or have an inside track on Eric White cronyism. Steph Pollack’s lecture was announced earlier today, an interview with Gabe Klein, but of course her name isn’t included until the week of the event. Apparently she wants to “bookend” the series (was crowbarred into the Robert Puentes / Beverly Scott kickoff) as the all encompassing starting and ending authority on transportation. Can someone please give Ms. Pollack an actual job? someone? anyone?

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    Nick Caruso did a great job with the series. Hopefully it puts into focus the Alan Plattus blunder, especially after the blatant Tim Love : Ed Mitchell emails.

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    Thank goodness MIT did their homework on Alan Plattus. The Van de Velde / Peter Kohn flop could only happen at Yale. Hopefully just like Van de Velde, Nick Caruso gets his due

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    I don’t think its helpful to Nick nor anyone to spew about Alan Plattus on a comments section. Alan Plattus has made alot of mistakes and has alot of enemies [literally invited to three bar parties celebrating his passing Thatcher-esque style] but will he suddenly have an epiphany and change for one past student?, of course not. I think all Nick can hope for is a strong series under his belt and an apology from Stephanie Pollack.