It’s Ask Bernstein Anything Day!

Our contributing editor is taking your questions about local and state politics.

In every generation, Boris Pasternak said, there has to be some fool who will speak the truth as he sees it. Well, I think in this Internet age, we’ve learned that there are an awful lot of those fools out there, but I’ll play the fool today, proudly. It’s time for another Ask Me Anything Day!

Pose your questions as comments to this post, or email them to me at

I will do my best to answer in posts throughout the day. I might always have truth, but I can usually come up with speculation, guesswork, rumor, or shot in the dark.

I’m sure Boris would be proud.

Q&A #1: What are the odds Martha Coakley and Steve Grossman are the only two Democrats in the primary?

Q&A #2: Is running against Mark Fisher good or bad for Charlie Baker?

Q&A #3: What will be the legislative primary elections to watch this year?

Q&A #4: Which politicians do I like, and which don’t I like very much?

Q&A #5: A few quick answers to some questions via email.

  • Andrew Carden

    At this point, we’re less than a month out from the Dem convention. What are the odds Grossman and Coakley are the only two contenders to garner the necessary 15 percent support?

  • Walt Andrews

    What will be the legislative primary elections to watch this year?

  • Roxvoter

    Charlotte Golar Richie – After murmurs of her running for a state-wide office, she seems to have more or less disappeared. Any ideas on what her present/future political plans might be?

  • J K

    Rank your top 5 most heartfelt/likable MA politicians and then rank your top 5 most sleazy/slimy. Past or Present, Dead or Alive. A sentence or two on why for each would be nice too.

  • elliot12

    State House News Service has an interesting piece yesterday about internal division within the GOP caucus in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, specifically discontent among the Tea Party wing of the caucus with its current leadership. Brad Jones has done a pretty good job of getting GOP priorities into major bills despite Democrats overwhelming majority in the body. Suppose Shaunna O’Connell defeats Jones next year in a bid to become Minority Leader. Do you think the House would actually shift more to the left because of the division within the GOP caucus and O’Connell’s (presumable) unwillingness to negotiate with Democratic leadership from extreme positions?

  • Pete Christopher

    Do you think any of the Dem candidates for Governor are bold enough to try to trade votes at the convention to make the Primary ballot look more favorable to them? If so, do you think they’ll be able to pull it off?

  • Matt Szafranski

    I read an article, I think in the Atlantic, about how Twitter is dying. From your perspective as a prodigious user of Twitter to talk politics (and sometimes Boston sports) what do you think about that or about where social media is going (mostly apropos to politics, again).