Middlesex DA; Anti-Establishment Republicans; Marty Challengers

Quick answers to a few emailed questions from today’s ‘Ask Me Anything‘ Day.

“Jennifer” asks via email:

Do you have some updated thoughts to the DA’s race in Middlesex and is it still in your opinion..”…perhaps the single best political race of the year..”

Yes, although I’m still waiting for acting District Attorney Marian Ryan to start seriously campaigning—she’s spent all of $13,000 from her campaign committee since she set it up, upon being appointed, about a year ago. I suspect we’ll start to see some action soon; she’s now paying Liberty Square Group as a consultant. Meanwhile, Michael Sullivan is out guns a-blazin’. I had the chance to talk to him just recently, and he confirmed my suspicion that the DA office’s apparent mishandling of Jared Remy is going to be a problem for Ryan.

Also through email, a saucy question from “John”:

How important will it be that the folks who were effective in local elections for GOP (Eno, Ferro, Prunier) have sold out to Charlie Baker for access to institutional power of Mass GOP? Certainly, it muted criticism from them during the Fisher Fiasco (to date).

It does seem to be the case that some on the anti-establishment side of the Republican network are becoming part of the establishment, and I think it’s true that Baker and his team are taking opportunities to co-opt where they can. But to be honest, I think a lot of the anti-establishment MassGOP folks were just not impressed with Fisher. I heard it from delegates at the convention, who were interested in helping the O’Connell/Diehl/Cole/Fattman insurgency but were not voting for Fisher. So, I think those anti-establishment Republicans know that control of the state government will go to either Baker or some corrupt socialist, and they’re willing to play ball to help Baker—while also working separately for the local candidates they really like.

And “James” emails this query:

Who would present the toughest challenge for Marty in 2017? Assuming Marty is an OK mayor, no major scandals but also not winning raves. And who do you think actually runs against him? Besides Flaherty of course.

I concur with a wise local pol who I cannot name, who said to me that the only profile for a candidate to beat Marty Walsh in 2017 is a racial minority who endorsed Walsh in 2013. That list would include, but is not limited to: Felix Arroyo the younger; John Barros; Charlotte Golar Richie; state senator Linda Dorcena Forry; and city councilor Tito Jackson. If someone like that broke with Marty over perceived failings in the next couple of years and turned and ran against him, we’d have ourselves a race. Other than that, sure, Michael Flaherty or someone else will probably take a shot and hope that some great disaster strikes Walsh and/or the city before the election.


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  • Rob Eno

    Thanks for thinking of us David!

    It goes further than that.

    Charlie has been helping the grassroots for the past four years. Everywhere I turned Charlie was helping state rep and local candidates. Regardless of where they fell on the ideological spectrum of the Republican party.

    While “John” – I’m guessing Norsu – was helping Gabriel “did you Rob Eno is a Klan member” Gomez, Charlie Baker was going door to door for Leah Cole and the Latina Carol Claros.

    Now we have the conservative version of Gabriel “Michael Graham is a Racist” Gomez. His name is Mark Fisher. He has not been involved at the local level or the state level. Republican and civic activists in his current town – i.e. two of the people you mention above – had no idea who he was. The Worcester Tea Party folks had no idea who he was. Does he say things I like, yes. Is he a nice guy, yes. If he had been active and put in his time would I be supporting him, maybe?

    The facts are that Baker has put in his time, has helped to build and fund the grassroots of this party. It wasn’t for show, it wasn’t to score points, it was because he truly believes that having “two teams on the field will be better for Massachusetts.”

    National Committeewoman Prunier said it best at the convention:

    “There’s one particular guy I saw more than just about anyone else over the last several years.

    And he is here today.

    He isn’t a paid staffer, or a political junkie with time to spare.

    He is a Dad who took time away from his family, as you all do, to lend his support up and down the ballot, for school committee, for selectmen and state Rep.

    He is a volunteer who knocked on doors in downtown Worcester during a special election with us.

    He is an activist who stood outside a supermarket in Peabody to get signatures for the gas tax initiative.

    he is a leader who baks up talk with action.

    He is Charlie Baker – the next Governor of Massachusetts!”

    So John – I’m guessing Norsu – and the rest of the there’s a RINO behind every corner folks – can believe what they want. But the support isn’t selling out. It is supporting someone who has supported you, even when nobody was looking… On that last point, ask Evan Kenney (http://www.redmassgroup.com/diary/17475/why-im-thankful)

    • taxman10m

      None of that excuses the way Fisher was treated at and after the convention. And unlike in the case of Evan Kenney, Baker took a pass on addressing the Fisher 15% fiasco when he could have fixed it 2 months ago.

    • http://www.eggandsperm.org JohnHoward

      Wow it’s amazing how much loyalty that Evan Kenney gesture bought him. But the Ron Paul contingent already liked Baker, didn’t they? I’m glad to know Fisher isn’t one of the Liberty slate, even though they both have called the party corrupt. I think the party was right to kick the Liberty kids off, and were not corrupt in using their power to do that, but were corrupt in trying to keep Fisher and Addivinola off the ballot. (Can’t wait to find out if Addivinola sues them too).

      And apparently someone was looking when Baker was knocking on doors in Watertown and standing outside a supermarket in Peabody, and not just looking but probably taking pictures, and is now writing blog posts about it every two months. Baker is a guy who took a part time job for no salary (but equity) and gave 10,000 bucks to an out of state candidate, so of course he has the means to campaign outside of a supermarket in Peabody and earn some more loyal minions.

  • Jon

    The rate Marty is going I would not be surprised if Michael Flaherty runs in 2017 and becomes Mayor!