Postmates, an On-Demand Delivery Service, Makes Boston Debut

Need some food in a hurry? Maybe a coffee delivered to your house? No problem.

Image via Postmates on Facebook

Image via Postmates on Facebook

A San Francisco-based delivery service that brings an array of items to people’s doors with the click of an app is launching in Boston Wednesday, promising to instantly fulfill those cravings for Dunkin’ Donuts coffees, North End cannolis, or craft beers from the liquor store.

Postmates, which likens itself to Uber, but for “stuff,” will roll out their iOS and Android app in the city on Wednesday, July 2.

By clicking through a selection of stores on their platform, users can have virtually anything delivered to their doorstep by a designated bike courier or driver. Once an option is selected—this includes things like takeout, beer, prescription pickups, groceries, or dry cleaning—the app lets users follow the delivery on-screen, and watch as it weaves its way through the city streets to their location.

“Imagine being able to order-in munchkins from Dunkin Donuts, ice cream from JP Licks, salad from Sweetgreen, or rice bowls from Bon Me with the touch of a button. Postmates makes that possible by picking up from merchants that don’t offer delivery themselves,” Postmates said in a statement announcing their arrival in Boston.

To start off, Postmates will be making deliveries in select neighborhoods including Downtown, Back Bay, North End, South End, South Boston, and parts of Cambridge, according to the company. They plan on expanding their reach to other Boston areas shortly after the launch. They promise to have any item delivered in under an hour.

To boost their appeal, they’re offering free deliveries in Boston for the first two weeks, and will rush lobster rolls to people’s apartments at no cost on the day of their launch.

Once the promotional phase is over, deliveries will start at $5, and like Uber, everything will be paid for within the app, including the tip. Adding this incentive means users will never have to scramble to find cash when a delivery person shows up with their order. Delivery rates will fluctuate and be based on how far the pick-up point is from the drop-off location.

Postmates is already up and running in several other cities. The company is fulfilling roughly 15,000 deliveries a week in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

  • Jess McCormick

    I love this service. I just starting using it. I hated when task rabbit was the only option because it was so overpriced for deliveries- they would charge a fee starting at $25 for one pick up a mile away. I’m most excited for restaurant pick ups that aren’t available from traditional delivery services (foodler etc)

  • smartalek

    I’m trying to figure out whether, in the grand scheme of furthering the demolition of the [formerly] great American middle class, and the restructuring of our society from a bell-curved distribution of wealth / income / opportunity into a bifurcated, double-peaked distribution of a modest number of “haves,” who can afford all these lovely personal services, and a very large number of “have-nots,” who get to compete for the privilege of providing such services at ever-lower prices…
    In this great project, are Uber (did they really deliberately choose to evoke the Nazis with that name? Really?) and Postmates and all the others of their ilk a step up from multi-level marketing scams?
    Or a step down?
    Or am I in violation of this site’s ToS by being “disrespectful” in my framing of the question?