MBTA Police Issue Warrant for Vandal Who Allegedly Defaced Train Cars

The suspect tagged his moniker on two vehicles that are part of a display at Boylston Street Station.

Photo by Steve Annear

Photo by Steve Annear

Transit Police officials said they’ve identified the person who allegedly tagged and spray-painted two historic trolleys housed at the Boylston Street MBTA stop in January, and they’re asking for the public’s help locating his whereabouts.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Daniel Nelligan, 25, for felony vandalism charges and trespassing on MBTA property, according to MBTA officers.

Police said the warrant for Nelligan’s arrest was issued out of Boston Municipal Court’s Central Division after the alleged suspect failed to appear for his arraignment.

Police claim that Nelligan is responsible for marking two trolleys that are part of a mini-museum display at the Green Line’s Boylston Street stop. In January, officials found black-and-white markings covering the vehicles. Police said the incident happened sometime between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.

One of the trolleys, a PCC 3295, Car No. 3295, is one of the last of its kind, and was covered with the word “FUGUE.” The Pullman-Standard Company, based in Lowell, built the trolley in the 1950s. It was restored 30 years later and donated to the T.

The second trolley, donated for display by the Seashore Trolley Museum in Maine, had less damage but was still marked by white spray paint. The Brill Car Company built that car specifically for Boston’s subway system in 1924.

Police said they identified Nelligan as the suspect in the case as the result of a joint investigation with the Boston Police Department, and the BU Police—specifically, two officers with “vast knowledge and experience in graffiti investigations.”

The case led them to additional vandalism in other parts of the city that police believe Nelligan might be responsible for as well. “In these instances we believe Nelligan vandalized locations in Allston,” said Lieutenant Detective Richard Sullivan, of the Transit Police Special Crimes Unit. “We are committed to identifying, and in conjunction with the various District Attorney’s, prosecuting graffiti vandals who damage and deface MBTA property.”

Luckily for riders and the MBTA, the trolleys were not completely destroyed. Just days after T officials discovered the vandalism on the two train cars, crews set out and spent an entire night scrubbing off the graffiti with high-powered machinery and special cleaning supplies.

  • Jackie Ferrara


  • doublexl

    Let’s be real. No one even looked at the train until it was painted, let alone knew it’s worth or existence. Whoever did this did the city a favor and wake-up call. Please stop pretending that any iPhone zombie industry slave in Boston actually cares about the city’s surroundings or history. A “mini-museum” display? You mean an unlit car behind a gridded fence? “Not completely destroyed?” What did he do, paint the car with an assault rifle?

    • DarthDisney

      Oh shut the fuck up, plenty of us give a damn… which is why this is a topic not only here but on social media as well.

    • http://www.fibrowitch.net/ Jan Dumas

      Well I know you don’t like the city, why do you leave and we can protect our history that you don’t want to know. The trains could have been damaged if when taking off the tagging some of the undercoat of the trains was taken off also. It is hard to remove spray can paint from old wood.

      The “idiot” who did this attacked some thing I love. I bet you would be okay with seeing U.S.S. Constitution get tagged too. Can I come over and tag some thing of yours?

    • Jerry remy

      Looks like doublexl might be Daniel Nelligan…..

    • Spank

      FREE FUGUE!!

  • DarthDisney

    I love these cars. There are way too many jerk wads doing shit like this… STOP.

  • http://www.fibrowitch.net/ Jan Dumas

    I love those cars! They are a reminder of how our subway and city has changed. Not just our past, but that of our parents and grandparents. Well mine, not sure about the rest of you. I hope the trains will be better protected in the future.

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