Letter from Tsarnaev Friend Claims Abuse at the Hands of Correctional Officers

A letter that appears to be written by Khairullozhon Matanov details abuse at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility, but his lawyer said his injuries don’t fit his description.

Ed Hayden, defense attorney for Khairullozhon Matanov/Image via AP

Ed Hayden, defense attorney for Khairullozhon Matanov/Image via AP

A recent letter that appears to have been written by Khairullozhon Matanov, the friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who’s being held in solitary confinement in a Plymouth facility for allegedly lying to investigators about meeting with the brothers just hours after the attack on Boylston Street, contains details that the inmate was severely beaten by correctional officers at the jail last month.

But according to Edward Hayden, the court-appointed lawyer representing Matanov, the supposed letter made the injuries sound worse than what he actually saw during a recent visit with his client at the facility.

“I got a phone call on the morning of Thursday, [October] 23, from another inmate to go down to see Matanov, because he said he was in bad shape and had been beaten up,” Hayden told Boston. “He had a black eye, he had scrapes, bruises, and that’s what I saw…some of these letters and Tweets make it seem like he was beaten to an inch of his life, and that’s not true.”

One of the letters, which was sent to Boston in late October by a source who requested anonymity, claims that after Matanov “flood out” his cell and refused to “cuff out,” seven officers entered his confinement area and sprayed him with pepper spray. The letter states that the officers then handcuffed him, and when he was “half dead, no moving,” an officer came in and stuck his finger in Matanov’s eye, causing it to swell up and fill with blood.

The letter states the same officer then called him a “Muslim” and a “terrorist,” and kicked him in the head, giving him a concussion. At that point, the letter states Matanov passed out, but “the horror just beginning.” The letter goes on to say that he was put in a chair, and left there with the pepper spray in his eyes for more than two hours, and that the officers have also played the National Anthem when coming into his cell.

“Ruthless human beings,” the letter states. “I thought I am about to die. Fortunately for me, it was not my time. I survived with a lots (sic) of pain. No justice in this place. Inmates are rats, and [Correctional Officers] support them.”

Matanov, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan who entered the U.S. legally in 2010, was arrested in May and charged with destroying, altering, and falsifying records, documents, and tangible objects as part of a federal investigation into the bombings.

FBI investigators claim that Matanov had dinner with the Tsarnaev brothers just hours after the bombings, and later “took a series of steps to impede the FBI’s investigation into the extent of his friendship, contact, and communication with the suspected bombers.”

Matanov is not being charged with participating or corroborating in the attack, or for knowing about the bombings prior to the tragic event, according to court documents.

While Hayden said the injuries did not appear as extensive as what was described in the letter, he also said there have been a series of “problems” at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility with his client, and he has been unsuccessfully trying since June to transfer Matanov to another jail.

“This latest thing is sort of the culmination of a series of problems. I have been going down to Plymouth regularly and putting out fires, but nothing as bad as this,” he said. “There have been other problems. Never quite this bad, but stuff that he has been disciplined for for various reasons—not really serious stuff. I have had to go down there to speak to him about it.”

Hayden said he would not confirm whether the letter was written by Matanov, but the address, cell number, and other letters allegedly written by Matanov match up with the information in regards to the suspect’s whereabouts. Envelopes addressed to the recipients from the jail also match up.

Hayden said he’s going to see his client this week, and will ask him more about what took place. He said an investigation into the incident is underway at the jail, and the medical department at the Plymouth facility assured him that they were treating Matanov, and were “on top of the situation.”

A spokesperson from the Plymouth County Correctional Facility referred Boston to the U.S. Marshal’s office for all inquiries about the allegations of prisoner abuse. A spokesman for the U.S. Marshal’s office declined to comment on “security-related matters.”

Below is a copy of the letter in which Matanov claims the abuse at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility:





  • capicola

    Good. Beat him harder.

    • Karin Friedemann

      I hope the same for you when you are in prison, capicola.

      • capicola

        Congratulations on being just as bad a person as I am.

  • Antonina Paskaleva

    I just do not understand how anybody’s lawyer can say: Yes, he has been beaten, but not that hard?! Is beating inmates waiting for a trial legitimate in US prisons?? This is wrong to begin with!! No matter how hard, or not that hard the beating was. It is unacceptable and discredits his lawyer as his defendant, and the legal system as a whole to allow this behavior.

    • public_servant_watch

      The reality is that there instances where this inappropriate behavior by jail and prison staff does go on in the US; however, in the instant matter this is not the case.

      This is simply the corrupts tactic where discourse is initiated to keep the lies strong. If you are reading about any of these defendants and the discussion includes the criminal proceedings and what is going on with the cases you are reading BS.

      Every single case that involves these “Personas” is fake. The Defendants do not exist and this is corruption at the highest level. If you are not OUTRAGED check your own biases where you would rather have a Muslim on trial than recognize how corruption has flourished in this country.

      If you prefer the shill sites that keep these defendants real for you then seek professional help to assist you through profound cognitive dissonace or try furthering yor education because curing ignorance also cures multiple other problems within our society.

      When a case is filed in the US District Courts they are given a case number. Every judicial order, opinion and filing from the outside parties such as attorneys or prosecutors goes on a docket with the the case number stamped at the top of the filings. In the Tsarnaev case the proceedings initiated before Magistrate Judge Bowler. Her initials are MBB. On or about June 27, 2013 the indictment came through and the case was assigned to US District Judge O’Toole.

      As you know much of the docket is sealed. On August 19th an order came that unsealed a few docket entries. Prior to that order there was no docket #4 on the docket– not sealed but a completely missing number. After the order, docket #4 magically appeared and this was the arrest warrant which should have been on the docket and availble to public from the time the order was written to unseal the case way back in April 2013.

      The arrest warrant stamp has the criminal number and GAO which stands for George A. O’Toole yet it is dated 4/21/2013.

      Judge O’Toole case number stamps did not start to appear until around docket #57 so why does the arrest warrant have his stamp.

      The appearance is the arrest warrant was fraudulently entered in August with the April date because no actual legally sound arrest warrant existed.

      Arrest warrants have to be docketed when issued. It is a fraudulent document and the phony case is further validated by the fraudulent extention on time to indict which was also sealed and entered by the Magistrates Clerk claiming Judge Tauro gave the order; ONLY a US District Judge can order a continuince on time to indict and if Judge Tauro gave the order the entry would have been made by Judge Tauro’s Clerk.

      We are being defrauded and multiple trolls and shills are helping the process along with the corrupt media.

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  • public_servant_watch

    Complete and utter BS. The guy has another name and lives and hangs with the other fool fraud defendants who also have other names in another state. He is free as bird. He never had a legitimate arrest warrant and NO CRIMINAL proceedings in the Untied States Courts would ever have the bogus orders that excudes time for over a full year.

    Criminals in action supported by the taxpayer defrauding the public and our federal courts are a standing joke. Massachusetts law community as a whole needs disbarred!!!

    • barbara henninger

      You are absolutely nuts.

      • public_servant_watch

        No dear that would describe you; my brain processes what my eyes see!!

  • Steve Glines

    The fact that he has any injuries at all should be investigated.

  • Bangor58

    When I read this I wondered about the admission standards of U Mass Dartmouth.

    • barbara henninger

      He never went to U Mass. He was a cab driver from Kyrgystan. Don’t know where you get your info.

  • Sam Stevens

    I wonder how ISIS would treat him…

  • Karin Friedemann

    He is completely innocent. Very sweet and kind person. He does not deserve to be treated like this and his lawyer was very irresponsible to make comments like that instead of defending his client’s integrity.

    • public_servant_watch

      As an advocate for phony court, did you file a complaint with bar on his behalf?

    • AndrewHolcomb

      Yea he is a innocent killer

  • public_servant_watch

    Wow, Boston Magazine shilling for the corrupt. Where did my comment go that clearly showed this Defendant is not in custody. That explained he had a legally deficient arrest warrant signed by a Magistrate Judge’s Clerk with no Clerk of the Court authority to issue the arrest warrant and no Clerk of the Court name on the arrest warrant because the order was by a Magistrate Judge. And how about my comment regarding the order to exclude that included time over a year; a little long for someone in custody don’t you think and which by the way was an order that never made it to the master docket of the court.
    Do we have a problem with statements supported by public record!!

    Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
    4. When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).
    There was no legitimate reason to remove my comment.

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  • Danielle Davito

    I’d like to know how the letter made it out of the jail.All incoming and outgoing mail,is pre-screened by jail personnel.Hmmmm…I don’t trust this guy anyway,he is a Kadyrov relative.

  • barbara henninger

    It sounds like Mr. Matanov is describing a scene like this one. These photos are of guards “extracting” a mentally ill inmate at Corcoran State Prison: http://www.capitalbay.com/news/410560-disturbing-video-shows-guards-wearing-masks-to-spray-tear-gas-into-a-mentally-ill-inmate-s-face.html