Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Appears in Court

The Boston Marathon bombing suspect attended a hearing, his first appearance in more than a year.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Courtroom sketch via AP/Jane Flavell Collins

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appeared in front of a packed courtroom Thursday for the first time in more than a year.

He sat between his attorneys Judy Clarke and Miriam Conrad wearing beige slacks, a black sweater, and a white collared shirt, which he adjusted frequently throughout the hearing. He had an old mop haircut and a light beard under his chin.

The left side of his face was still visibly swollen from injuries he sustained during a shootout with police in Watertown, and his left eye was only open halfway. Clarke patted him lightly on the back before the proceedings began.

He rubbed his injured eye with his index finger as he responded to Judge George O’Toole Jr.’s questions. O’Toole asked him about his absence from previous status hearings, “Have you elected not to be present?”

“Yes sir,” he answered quietly.

O’Toole also asked Tsarnaev if he approved of his defense.

“Very much,” said Tsarnaev.

In the hearing, attorney’s arguments offered a brief glimpse into the upcoming trial. Prosecutors argued the defense should turn over more information on the expected testimony from expert witness Janet Vogelsang. Vogelsang is a clinical social worker. The defense is calling her to “identify risk and other factors in the defendant’s background and environment.” The prosecution wants the defense to disclose a list of the people she spoke to and the arguments she plans to make beforehand.

Prosecutor William Weinreb says he expects Vogelsang to say that, “Tamerlan told everyone what to do and the defendant was influenced by him,” and the prosecution should be given time to prepare a counter argument.

“She will be channeling a huge [amount] of hearsay at the sentencing hearing,” said Weinreb.

The defense is set to disclose their witness list to the government on December 29. This list will remain sealed from the public until after the jury is selected.

This is the final hearing before jury selection begins on January 5.

“All the other motions we’ll reserve and deal with on the papers,” said O’Toole.

Still on the table is the defense’s second motion to move the trial out of Boston, due to “emotionally charged” media coverage. O’Toole has ruled against their previous motion to argue the trial in Washington DC.

O’Toole also stated he may make a ruling concerning leaks from law enforcement to Boston magazine regarding Khairullozhon Matanov, an associate of Tsarnaev’s facing charges for lying to federal agents and obstruction. O’Toole said he reviewed the leaked FBI notes but will wait to make a decision regarding the leaks until the judge in Matanov’s case, Judge William Young, makes a ruling first.

O’Toole is also set to address issues surrounding jury selection.

At the close of the hearing there was an outburst from a woman identified by reporters as Elena Teyer, the mother-in-law of Ibragim Todashev. She exclaimed something in Russian before yelling, “Stop killing innocent people! Stop killing innocent boys!”

Teyer was then escorted out of the courtroom by US Marshals. Todashev was shot to death by a Boston FBI agent in his Orlando apartment in May 2013. Todashev allegedly implicated himself and Tamerlan Tsarnaev in a gruesome triple murder in Waltham in 2011 before he was killed. The case is still open and Judge O’Toole has ruled not to disclose information about the case to Tsarnaev’s defense.

Tsarnaev’s trial is set to begin on January 5. He is being tried capitally. The death penalty has been abolished in Massachusetts since 1984 but is still applicable under federal law. Massachusetts has not executed someone since 1947.

  • Lost At Sea

    Dzhokhar’s beard scares the crap out of me!

    • Guest

      It should,because he don’t have one!

    • carl arasi

      It don’t take much to scare you!

    • Patriarch

      That is not him.

  • carl arasi

    Don’t know why we are spending alot of money on this puke! We have him on film putting a bomb down! just Hang him!

    • Sniper Kitty

      Actually, we’re still waiting to see that film…

      • carl arasi

        Maybe you missed it,but they showed him and his brother sitting down their backs,and walking a way.
        They showed it the first week!

        • Sniper Kitty

          Got a link. As I recall, even the Gov didn’t get to see that vid

          • carl arasi

            No I do not have a link. I seen it on Fox news! I’m sure the governor seen it. Why else would he shot his brother, and had homeland security armored vehicles on the street looking for him. Either look it up or take my word for it. I am not going to do your homework for you!

          • Sniper Kitty

            The governer admitted he didn’t personally see the video. As to Fox news..well…clearly it’s not me that needs to do their homework

          • Patriarch

            No one WOULD take your word for anything.

            Your deductive reasoning skills are deficient.

            The MARTIAL LAW DRILL in Watertown was rehearsed & PREMEDITATED.


            All these attacks began under aka obama to instill FEAR & LOSS OF LIBERTY.

            YOU ARE SO GULLIBLE & naive.

            Richard Serino, from Boston was Deputy FEMA ADMINISTRATOR. This was his creation from start to finish…a DRILL as tweeted by the Boston Globe just before the first pyrotechnic smoke bomb.

            All actors with pre-existing amputees.

            No one died – all a fraud perpetrated on the sheep who live in fear..that your government will rescue you…hahahaha!

            The Gestapo was viewed that way also.

            SNAP OUT OF IT!

          • carl arasi

            Wow! Have no idea what you’re talking about. I didn’t see that drill as something that’ll come and rescue you. On the contrary, I saw that drill as a show of force. It was supposed to make you see what could happen to you. I hope it didn’t scare you. Made me laugh! Every cop There could’ve been had. If this anti-American communist Muslim Pres. declares martial law for any reason. It will be civil war, and they cannot win. We have an estimated 21,000,000 armed patriots in this country! They have absolutely no chance, and they know it. If there was more people like you in this country. In the 1700s, we would still be under British rule!

          • alwaystheindian

            Not taking any sides in this debate here or anything but… I wouldn’t admit to watching Fox News in public. Just a word of advice. You know, if you want people to take you seriously.

            Even if you watch Fox News, just lie and say it was CNN or some channel that shows news. You’ll be better off for it.

          • carl arasi

            I know your right,and thats sad…

          • Sniper Kitty

            ooohh, you saw it on Fox News. It must be true then….! lol I have done my homework. Do yours and stop relying on Fox

        • Sniper Kitty

          No, I haven’t seen it. As far as I know, no one outside FBI have seen it. Have u seen the one where the guy in the blue helmet removes evidence from under the mailbox outside the Forum seconds after the second blast while an FBI agent covers for him? That one is REALLY interesting!

        • Patriarch

          No they didn’t. That’s the power of suggestion you fell for: THEY TOLD YOU WHAT THEY “SAW”.

          The FBI willfully lies & fabricates to make themselves above the law;
          Haven’t you figured out how CRIMINALLY CORRUPT THEY ARE?

          Get your head out of the sand.

          You saw the Wizard of Oz too, correct?

          • carl arasi

            I have no idea who lied about what. All I know is what I saw and I saw those 2 scumbags put down their backpacks and leave now if you did not see that it is not my problem. They did not kill his brother because they just felt like killing somebody that day. This puke, needs to be tried for terrorism and murder, and if found guilty hung!

        • Chelsey Blair

          no actually they showed them walking down the street like everyone else, and running away like everyone else

    • Sock Gnome

      Don’t be obtuse, you know how our justice system works. If you want to try and undermine the foundation of due process feel free to try and influence politics. Maybe you can run for elected office on the platform of “Trials are held AFTER executions”.

      • carl arasi

        I can be obtuse if I want. In some cases such as this when you see the crime being comitted,It makes more sence to save the money,and drama,and just Hang him!

        • Sock Gnome

          I’d rather not give the government the power to exucute someone, the six amendment doesn’t have an astrick next to it (*unless he’s like, REALLY guilty guys, than yeah, it’s cool to skip the trial). I’ve noticed through your post history you invoke The Constitution often, so it’s disappointing to see you’re willing to cherry pick which ones you stand behind when it suits you.

          • carl arasi

            OK Sock Gnome,You are right of course the Constitution should be adhered to, but as far as I can see these people are foreign terrorists and not American citizens. If we did not see them committing the crime. They would have left the country, but we did see them commit the crime! As far as I’m concerned, the only thing they have a right to is to die immediately. This pukes brother was killed in confrontation with the police, and that’s a good thing. There’s no reason to put the other puke on trial because we know he did do the crime as well. He should get his brother’s fate as soon as possible.

          • Patriarch

            all is not what it appears…go to a david COPPERFIELD show.

  • roccolore

    What makes liberal women fascinated with Muslim terrorists?

    • Chelsey Blair

      well maybe because her son in low was murdered by fbi and statements were conflicting….

      • roccolore

        I find it funny that liberal women would defend those who would force them into full-body cloth coffins.

        • Chelsey Blair

          I find it funny that you think I`m a liberal or that I even care about government political party charades. I think it is sad that you accuse Mrs. Teyer of being liberal when she may or may not be. She also served in the US army, and has the right to not trust the FBI when they murdered her son in law.