On-Duty State Trooper Caught on Video Saying He Doesn’t Care About Bike Lanes [Updated]

The cyclist remains calm while the trooper’s tone teeters toward confrontation.

Update, Friday, 12:08 p.m.: 

The State Police issued the following updated statement, noting that they will “counsel the trooper who spoke to the cyclist about the proper way to respond to concerns raised by members of the public.”

After reviewing the videotaped interaction between a bicyclist and a state trooper that occurred Tuesday on the Longfellow Bridge, it is clear that the trooper’s statements regarding bike lanes and cyclists are wrong. Contrary to the tone and content of those statements, the State Police are concerned with, and have a responsibility to protect, the safety of bicyclists. As such, we have a duty to ensure safe conditions along any open bike lanes on roads under our jurisdiction. Earlier this year the Department issued a training bulletin reminding troopers of the rights and responsibilities of cyclists. That bulletin was re-issued this morning. Furthermore, the Department will reiterate to those troopers on the bridge Tuesday our responsibilities to bicyclists, and will counsel the trooper who spoke to the cyclist about the proper way to respond to concerns raised by members of the public.


A video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday reveals a Massachusetts state trooper stationed at Longfellow Bridge rudely refusing to hear out a worried citizen’s very reasonable concern about a State Police SUV that’s parked in a bike lane on a heavily trafficked portion of the bridge.

“We don’t really care about these bike lanes. It’s pretty much the locals. This bridge is state…We don’t really care about the lanes, that’s for Cambridge and Boston people,” the trooper says, seemingly unaware that he’s being filmed.

When the cyclist first explains the situation, the trooper dismisses him by saying, “Remember when you were a kid and you could ride your bike anywhere you wanted to—on the sidewalk?”

The cyclist remains calm and repeatedly tries to inform the trooper of the dangerous situation the SUV is creating. At points the trooper’s tone teeters toward confrontation, such as when he asks why the cyclists didn’t take the issue up with the trooper in the SUV.

We reached out to the person who uploaded the video, who declined a request for an interview.

“The video speaks for itself,” he wrote in a message.

We reached out the State Police, and were provided the following email response:

The State Police are aware of the recent interaction between a cyclist and a trooper on the Longfellow Bridge. The complaint intake officer in our Division of Standards and Training located a written transcript of the video on reddit and posted a comment asking the cyclist to contact us to discuss the incident and, if he wished, to file a complaint. As of close of business Thursday he had not contacted us. The incident remains under review by the department. The department will have no further comment while that process is ongoing.

  • catcrawl

    SO yea the Trooper was parked in the bike lane OBVIOULSY to warn **A HOLE bicyclists** like this whiney loser that the bike lane was not available to be used. Did anyone catch a little further up that there were tall cones on and a cinder block barricade blocking the ENTIRE bike lane? As far as I am concerned, this whiny loser is making a BIG DEAL out of nothing. I am sure Mr Bicycle blasts through red lights and crosswalks like a boss too. But that’s ok. How can anyone miss this in the video? He sunk his WHOLE ENTIRE argument.

    • Rob O

      Why are you “sure” that the rider “blasts through red lights and crosswalks”? I mean, apart from your reflexive hatred of bicyclists.

    • BBnet3000

      At what timestamp in the video is the block visible? Are you talking about where the bike path goes off behind jersey barriers?

      It’s in the construction contract that the bridge has to be available for walking and cycling in both directions at all times during construction.

    • thouis

      MGL 272 s99 was shot down by Glik, if recording is not secret.

      Also, if the trooper was parked to warn cyclists not to use that lane, they probably would have parked at the other end of the bridge. It was the Boston-to-Cambridge lane that was blocked (and not the one the recording cyclist was using).

    • http://www.batman.com/ Bruce Wayne

      For a cop you sure don’t understand the law very well.

    • Daniel Wood

      Why do you hate America so much? Are you a member of ISIS?

      • John Bones Malone

        Why do you accuse everyone who disagrees with you of hating America? You should seek help Bozo.

    • Ralazar

      Ok “Guest”. Great contribution. I hope you contribute to society more than your comment would lead us to believe.

    • eric

      Are you referring to the median or the cones separating the car lane from the bike lane?

      Either way, you’re an idiot.

  • Ah_Clem

    Typical Police Department obfuscation. The real message is, the officer is right, we can’t be bothered.

    • Guest

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  • Ryan

    i’m willing to bet you wouldn’t have stopped to speak to the policeman if you’d forgotten your camera that day. clearely looking for a fight and clearly boston mag is lame enough to pick it up.

    • BBnet3000

      “Looking for a fight”. You realize this started because the other cop had parked a car in a position that forced people on bikes to ride into oncoming traffic?

    • joey hansell

      I’m not a cyclist but come on man, the guy who posted it was certainly not “looking for a fight”. His tone and choice of words were 110% calm, direct, and respectful.

      The trooper is the one with a combative tone and the trooper was the one speaking disrespectfully.

    • markbu

      No, this wouldn’t have been news without the camera.

      A good person would’ve done the same with or without it.

    • Daniel Wood

      You’re either a cop or a cop sucker who has disdain and hatred for the common citizen of the United States. Fuck you, and fuck your hatred for this great country.

      • Addison DeWitt

        Someone failed to get a speeding ticket dismissed.

        • Daniel Wood

          Sorry kiddo, havent gotten a speeding ticket in 7 years. I guess you’re another America hater. Your kind disgust me.

          • Addison DeWitt

            Happy to disgust you.

        • Ralazar

          Why do you assume that? Unlike you he’s willing to take the time to make things safe for others.

    • Ralazar

      Can you explain why you think he’s looking for a fight? He’s trying to prevent a dangerous scenario. Your comment is confrontational, and I bet you wouldn’t have posted it if you were talking to him in person. It seems the irony of your comment is lost on you.

    • eric

      What the hell is wrong with you? A guy speaks up about an obvious safety hazard and you take that as picking a fight?

      • Addison DeWitt

        Which safety hazard is that? The one where he bolts across two lanes of traffic?

        • Peter H

          Are you serious? He didn’t bolt across traffic and he doesn’t appear to cut anyone off.

  • Local617-

    LOL. “It is pretty much the locals who care” (FYI the locals are the Boston and Cambridge cops actually doing police work everyday) Maybe the State should stay up on the highways and out of the cities. They don’t seem to care about much of anything, except jumping on exciting local calls when something big is going on and trying to always take the glory for everything.

  • Addison DeWitt

    Does this idiot video all of his rides across the Longfellow? Or does the fact that he’s got his own YouTube channel with 18k views and is now speaking to media outlets coincidental?

    • turtleyhorseham

      he probably records all of his rides. Its actually pretty common for cyclists to do out of fear of hit and runs by careless drivers

      • John Bones Malone

        Careless drivers. Right. Got it. I guess there’s no such thing as a careless cyclist. Good one Skippy.

        • Peter H

          Of course there are some reckless cyclists. Humans don’t change because they choose a different mode of transport; some people are just reckless assholes. Nothing suggests that people cycling are somehow less reckless or less assholish than people driving.

          Besides, I’d rather have people being reckless on a 25 pound bike with relatively little potential to seriously injure someone else rather than people being reckless in a 2500 car with a huge potential to maim or kill someone.

    • Ralazar

      You’re actually showing your ignorance here. Many bicyclists record their rides in case of accidents. Why do you call him an idiot?

    • eric

      Just to add to what everyone else is saying, yes, you’re an idiot.

      It’s how bikers do insurance. Drivers could learn a thing.

      • Addison DeWitt

        Then explain to me the new YouTube channel with just this one vid? How does that help anyone’s insurance?

        • eric

          Because he can get attention to someone in a way that cant be ignored like his first complaint.

          And im not sure if you understand insurance is a general term.

          • Addison DeWitt

            And his fielding media inquiries? So because some idiot decided he wanted to join the viral video generation by berating a cop who was clearly not interested in his nonsense, I’m an idiot for pointing it out?

          • eric

            Well he wasnt berating the cop, and apparently everyone but you, including his higher ups, thought the cop was being wildly unprofessional, so yeah, you’re an idiot, pretty much.

            The fact that he knows how to bring attention to cops who clearly arent interested in listening doesnt count against him.

            Anymore mindless liberal bullshit you want to throw at me.

          • Addison DeWitt

            Sure! Given the current climate against LEO’s, I’d say that this little video was designed to add to the current media frenzy,So anytime this publicity seeking everyman on a bike wants to sit on a lonely highway in Bellingham and wait to get shot in the middle of the night, then maybe he can complain about this officer’s attitude. As far as the officer’s superiors, do you really think this cop is going to get anything more than a stern talking to and a warning that there are a million James O’Keefe wannabes out there?

          • eric

            Yeah, sure buddy. Its all a conspiracy. Not just a guy who politely tried to warn a moody cop about a dangerous situation. That would never happen.

            And of course, people always rob cyclists in the bike lane of a busy bridge. That’s way more likely to happen than an accident from an SUV impeding traffic on a narrow, busy bridge.

            You’re just ahead of the curve is all.

  • Fang Reaper

    Most of the bicyclists I come across when in the city disregard the bike lanes and all rules of traffic anyway!