Rob Gronkowski: ‘I’m a Virgin’



Photo via AP

New England Patriots tight-end and Red Bull-vodka-soaked man-child Rob Gronkowski shared some startling news on WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan program Monday morning. Co-host Gary Tanguay, filling in for John Dennis, starting prying into Gronk’s personal life, outright asking how many women the inspiration for A Gronking to Remember and skipper of the Gronk Party Boat has slept with.

“Wilt Chamberlain wrote that he slept with 20,000 women,” Tanguay said. “Now, the reason that you’re a hero here in New England is not only because you catch touchdowns, but every time we turn around, you’re with some hot-looking babe. And quite frankly, guys like me live vicariously through you. So how old are you?”

“I’m 26 now,” Gronk said.

“Okay, 26. So how many women has Rob Gronkowski slept with?” Tanguay asked. “Because that’s what people really want to know. Because all this preseason stuff? No one cares.”

“I never—I’m a virgin,” a palpably uncomfortable Gronk deadpanned.

When co-host Gerry Callahan followed up and asked if he has a girlfriend, Gronk said, “Nah, I’m just hanging out. I’m just looking.”

You can listen to the full exchange below.

  • Mumbles

    Tanguay is a creep.

    • lilliehsanchez

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  • freindlyfoe

    gary is such a fool. He’s the worst “host/anchor/radio commentator” and also the worst human to talk sports with… because of his ignorance,
    and refusal to admit the smallest of his mistake… and scream n scream a point, when his producer comes to solid point a second before the others on camera.
    It’s foolish to put him in so many ‘sport news prime time’ spots. Tanguay is the only one in all Boston media, all formats, (Steve Burton gets a pass bcuz all know he is an idiot, only working with him when forced, if its on his network.. Always defended as ‘the voice of the fan’, when he shows his ignorance.

  • Master Bates

    Well yeah, Gronk has never had relations with a WOMAN… so if he wants to call himself a virgin…

  • Linda

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  • disqus_oAWGNJgbJH

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