Boston Bros Lose Their Minds During Encounter with Massive Sunfish

‘Oh my god! This is crazy!’

Screencap from Shark Video via Michael Bergin

Screencap from Shark Video via Michael Bergin

Summer may be over, but two buddies from Malden ended it with a bang.

As temperatures started to drop last week, Michael Bergin and Jason Foster were still hanging on to summer as best they could by going on a fishing trip in Boston Harbor. While on their expedition, the two recorded a wild and entertaining encounter with a massive sea creature lurking near the surface of the harbor.

At first, the two were confused.

“What is that thing? It needs help whatever it is dude!” exclaimed Bergin on video.

The two rattled off ideas without coming to any kind of agreement. It looked like maybe a big flounder, a sea turtle, and a baby whale all at the same time.

While hemming and hawing over the identity of the creature before them, they cursed and yelled in the most stereotypical Boston manner imaginable while “Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G. played as the soundtrack for much of their aquatic befuddlement.

“That’s a tuna, bro!” yelled Bergin when they moved their boat closer to the creature.

Foster was more skeptical of the encounter, sounding nowhere near as enthusiastic as his very excited friend throughout the video.

The creature they were wowed by, it turns out, was a mere sunfish.


Not long after these two videos went viral, this spectacular mashup of Bergin’s encounter and a classic New England Aquarium ad started making the rounds. The sound doesn’t line up perfectly, but who cares? This thing is a riot.

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  • Sampson Simpson

    next time have Jay hold the camera. maybe he’ll hold it still

  • Myles Dumas

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  • Gajonka

    did they kil it? wow- it was funny- but they should have immediately cut the line and let the sun fosh go- they are endangered, and these guys probabaly killed the poor thing, after torturing it. The sunfosh is a bizarre looking fish- it is a giant fish head, with dorsal fins.. it scared the pants of that one guy- while “jay” the one with more shit for brains than the other, if thats possible, calls it a baby whale. oh boy- oh boy.

  • Gajonka

    i hope they choke on it. ha!