Emails Shed New Light on Bill Clinton’s Super Tuesday Stop in New Bedford

A whale of a situation for the Whaling City.

Former President Bill Clinton’s visits to two Massachusetts polling places during the state’s primary earlier this month—inside the Holy Name gymnasium in West Roxbury and outside the Buttonwood Park warming house in New Bedford—drew accusations of a violation of state election laws and even voter suppression. Though state officials concluded that Clinton’s megaphone stump speech for Hillary Clinton did not break the law, internal emails leading up to the March 1 primary and its immediate aftermath, obtained via public records request, reveal how New Bedford city officials handled inquiries from an increasingly concerned state Election Commission.

Clinton’s visit was brief— he only spoke for about three minutes. But the speech’s proximity to the polling place, combined with less than 24 hours of notice from the Clinton campaign and crowds of about 2,000 people, by Mayor Jon Mitchell’s own estimate, made for a perfect storm of congestion.

Early Super Tuesday morning, Elizabeth M. Treadup Pio, Mitchell’s spokesperson, reached out to the city’s Department of Public Infrastructure and requested some tidying up ahead of Clinton’s arrival.

“Can you please have our guys do a sweep of trash/debris in that area and arrange for the big, nice sound system to be there?” Treadup Pio wrote. “As it is Election Day, Clinton is not allowed to go into the polling place and must stay 100 feet away…So, we may need to use lots of extension cords or try to tap into the power at a nearby pole instead.”

In one email, assistant chief of staff Kristine Arsenault said the city was told “no stage, no podium, no sound—no public speech,” because the Clinton campaign declined the sound system. A stage was set up in a nearby field, but promptly taken down.

Around noon, Shannon Shreve, counsel in the City Solicitor’s office, received a call from the Elections Division at Secretary Bill Galvin’s office, advising that Clinton must stay 150—not 100—feet from the entrance of the polling place at Buttonwood Park. Michelle Tassinari, the division’s director, added that the Clinton campaign had been made aware of the guidelines.

It would not be the last time Shreve heard from Tassinari on Super Tuesday. “Are there arrangements for voters to still be able to get into the polls? We just received a complaint from a voter who was unable to get near the polling place as it was blocked off because of Bill Clinton’s presence,” Tassinari wrote. “He was unable to vote and will not have an opportunity to go back.”

“Can you call me?” Tassinari emailed Shreve half-an-hour later. “We are getting many calls about the area around the polling places being shut down, per order of the Mayor. This is a BIG problem.” First Assistant City Solicitor Jane Medeiros Friedman confirmed to Tassinari that Mayor Mitchell gave no such order, but Tassinari reached out again once videos of Clinton’s appearance at the polling place surfaced and calls from across the country began pouring in, including one from the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, a nonprofit organization providing pro bono legal services in cases of discrimination.

The next day, a resident called and asked how much the city spent cleaning Buttonwood Park in preparation for Clinton’s visit. “He also wanted to know ‘why did a street sweeper go up down his street 3 times,'” Diane Roy, a special assistant to the Mayor’s Office, told Treadup Pio and Mitchell’s chief of staff, Neil Mello. Treadup Pio denied that Buttonwood Park received any special treatment.

(Treadup Pio could not be immediately reached for this story.)

By the time the city’s elections commissioner, Maria Tomasia, made a radio appearance that afternoon, the situation had gotten sticky enough that Arsenault provided a few “helpful talking points,” including one suggesting Clinton would’ve been positioned further away from the polling place had the media gathered elsewhere.

“Essentially Clinton was forced to speak that close to the entrance because the MEDIA parked themselves there before 9 a.m. The City did not set that up as a staging area,” Arsenault wrote to Treadup Pio in a separate email. “As for breaking the law: I don’t see what others have quoted as the law online. AND—isn’t jay-walking a law? These people that are so concerned about this law should review every law.”

  • Rollonubears

    I have a feeling there’s even more to this story. Hopefully people will continue to dig. This is exceptionally disappointing, and completely vindicating for those who claimed disenfranchisement on voting day.

    • Mumbles

      Agreed. Find out what Mitchell knew, when he knew it, and what he did about it. The fish rots from the head down.

  • JohnnyNY

    Did Kristine Arsenault, the Assistant Chief of Staff in New Bedford, liken voter suppression to jaywalking? Seriously? She should resign.

  • Anon Politico

    The media didn’t break any laws by gathering closer to the polls. He should have followed the law and if the media wanted to move to his safe distance, then so be it.

    • Rick Spence

      The media was there early and set up for the stage in the field that was probably over 100 feet away but, they took it down. Blocking off the road and lack of parking made it almost impossible for many and especially the disabled.
      I was there.

      • PA86

        And they took it down at the request of the Clinton’s — “because the Clinton campaign declined the sound system. A stage was set up in a nearby field, but promptly taken down.” That is damning. It was set up at the proper distance away and declined by the Clinton campaign. They did not intend to be that far away. They planned on blocking a polling place as much as possible. Can someone answer why the 2 polling places may have been a good target to suppress the vote in a close election?

  • Bill Olielly

    Clintons are rich wolves in commoner’s clothing.

    • Mumbles

      Oh I suspect they like their nice clothes….to the extent fancy designers make ladies’ pantsuits with extra-large pants.

      • disqus_df4wez4dY4

        Star Trek Ambassador Tunics.

      • PA86

        Naw, Hillary claimed she was nearly bankrupt a few years back and personally understood financial difficulties now.

        • Eucalyptus

          Yeah two mortgages on multi-million dollar mansions and Chelsea going to Stanford in her last year. REAL BROKE!!!! Because she had to return the White House Furniture.

  • disqus_Ysg3mo4g2J

    Rally blocked access mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s not just an electioneering issue. Disabled and elderly voters have a right to participate and often require being driven to the front door because of mobility issues.

  • Mumbles

    Mitchell is a disgrace – forfeiting his citizens’ rights to vote because he was busy star-fecking Clinton. I’m sure Harvard Jon has his eyes set on bigger and better things than New Bedford, and this should completely disqualify him from that.

  • johnabbe

    There is a lot written against the Clintons that is over the top. But the privilege implicit in treating the public this way – that seems pretty typical of them. Maybe some of their tradeoffs seemed like a good idea in the 1990s, but I struggle to understand why so many Democrats of 2016 are fighting tooth & nail to prevent the candidate with more Democratic proposals from being elected.

    • PA86

      Because Hillary thinks it’s her turn now and she is finally entitled to the office.

      • cass

        I agree that’s what Hillary believes…but why do so many voters believe it?

        • PA86

          I believe because Democratic party leaders have fallen in line to support her, and their constituents follow what they say,and for some reason don’t listen to the issues. Or maybe some women are really hell-bent on electing a woman, any woman.

          • Nathan

            Because they thought they could back a sure thing early on and score some favors with the Clintons, who are very into favor-trading.

          • cass

            I realize a lot of voters are simply voting for her because she is a woman and unfortunately, I don’t think there is anything you can do or say to change that. It’s ridiculous.
            Then there is the elite group who will back her come hell or high water…
            god only knows what they have been promised.
            The supporters who will vote against their best interests are the one’s that disturb me. Feel the Bern and/or vote Jill Stein…

        • Linda Hansen

          In part, what PA86 said, some women (and some men as well) are just hell bent on getting a woman into office. They are the ones that want to break the “glass ceiling” that will finally give women a modicum of respect in a position of authority. They are, unfortunately, unwilling to actually see how her behaviours have hurt her in terms of respect. And, I can not see a leader, such as Putin, extending to any woman, the same respect that he would extend to a man such as Bernie or President Obama.

        • SJC

          I think it’s the ”I’m rooting for MY team” mentality. I also heard someone say something I really hadn’t considered. That lot’s of Hillary supporters are older, more financially secure Americans, & they don’t relate to the struggles that poor, & younger Americans are facing in today’s economy. I myself fall into that same group. I’m 58, married for 29 yrs, & my husband & I are very fortunate that he earns a very good salary. And we don’t have kids, had our home given to us, & we don’t owe for anything we own. But here’s where I must be very different from many older Democrats. I came from the era of a Liberal, anti-Establishment, pro civil rights, anti-war, generation. In other words I was a hippie, & I still am just as Liberal, maybe even more so. I thought most Democrats were more in touch with others, & with the income inequality. I assumed that most Democrats really understood what the problems are that has brought us to this place. The Hillary supporters will not even engage in a conversation about the historical facts about our Party. I’ve never criticized Clinton. At least not in a group with her supporters. I understand not everyone is a political junkie, & may not know the details of how our Party fractured staring with Kennedy, & then civil rights, Then the big blow up in 1968 with the anti-war side that supported McGovern. The real change happened when the Democratic Leadership Council hand picked Bill Clinton to be the voice of the ‘swing to the right’, and the re-branding of our Party to New Democrats, aka DINO or the New Party of Business. It’s not like this is some conspiracy theroy or a secret. The Party was out front with all of the changes. Al From, that created the DLC, even wrote his memoir, bragging about all of it. I’ve posted numerous articles about all of this along with information about the policies in the 1920’s that led up to the Great Depression & how they compare to the same policies that have brought us to the brink once again. But not ONE Clinton Democrat in groups that have memberships that total at least 10,000 members, have ever engaged me in a conversation, rather they attack me & assume I support Sanders. Of course I do, but I have never brought up the candidates, just the history of out Party & the policies failures. It makes me feel very discouraged that so many people can be so closed minded. 🙁 FYI.. I’m not falling in line this time!! I refuse to vote for Clinton. I’m ready to riot in the streets like I did all those yrs ago, & I say burn it down!! We can rise from the ashes a better country.

          • Jeanie White

            Amen to everything you said. I was born in time to remember the JFK election, and assassination, the first coup, I call it, Reagan’s installation being the second, 20 years to set up for GBush selection . Now, they hope we won’t notice the suppression & fruad. And many cannot, or will not , see it.

            And, I’m alone with less than 10k a year @ 66. Same background.
            Actually got to Woodstock, 🙂 Still carry those same ideals .

  • Eucalyptus

    “These people that are so concerned about this law should review every law.” This is a deflection. Plain and Simple.

    • oncefive

      Yes because all laws are important when we are talking about electioneering… Sad that this woman is in government.

      • Jeanie White

        And, they are implying that all laws carry equal consequences when broken.

    • Eucalyptus

      You know what else is plain and simple? The fact that she doesn’t understand the cost of war.

      Warning: Very Graphic

  • Tribalscribal


    Sounds like voter suppression from here!

    • cass

      Certainly does…
      “…the Clinton campaign had been made aware of the guidelines”.
      I’m sure the Clintons were well aware of those guidelines…they knew exactly what they were doing.
      I hope people stay on top of this.

    • Jim Sanchas

      What a POS mayor…he’s just another shady politician that can’t seem to stand by his actions and then chooses to lie instead of being a real man…

  • emmeeadora

    A MA voting group filed suit against Bill Clinton and Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin this week for these very reasons. Bill Clinton of all people should know better than this – but Bill has always fancied himself above the law. Smdh…

    • James Andrews

      Go get ’em!

  • TimO

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman

    I have not taken money from the fossil fuel industry

    On and on

    • billpayor

      It was a video, said over 4 caskets.

  • Evan

    Send him to prison along with his lesbo wife!
    Shut the Clinton crime machine down for good!
    America won’t miss these two at all!

    • N.Vault

      Using “lesbo” as an insult pretty much invalidates anything you say after. I’m no Hillary fan, and would love to see Bill Clinton held legally accountable, but this is unnecessary and ugly. I’m a Bernie supporter – and a lesbian wife and mom – name calling doesn’t further our cause.

      • Evan

        That’s your problem! Try to get help!

  • Reese

    “Isn’t jay-walking against the law?” Yes but jay-walking has never denied citizens access to basic Constitutional rights by prohibiting them from voting in an election. Jay-walking has never interfered with primary results. Jay-walking is not the same as illegally polling for your wife. Stop trying to minimize this. I’m sick of the corruption.

    • Jim Sanchas

      Well said! Thank you

    • Darrell benz

      Great answer to jaywalking

  • woodstock950

    #ReleaseTheTranscripts #ClintonNewsNetwork #MustSupportNobodyButClinton

  • Bob Moreau

    Bill Galvin should be forced to resign….coward not enforcing the laws….

  • David in MA

    Why did slick willie pick these two locations over others?

    • disqus_df4wez4dY4

      I was wondering that same thing? any significance?

      • Michael M.

        4 locations. In heavily populated districts.
        I think that covers it.

      • PA86

        Me too, posted the question above. Significant yes, if that can be proven that they were likely high Bernie support areas

    • Judith Osterman

      I heard that they were Bernie areas.

  • User

    Did you get that last quote?

    “I don’t see what others have
    quoted as the law online. AND—isn’t jay-walking a law? These people that
    are so concerned about this law should review every law.

    Making excuses for bill and hillary’s electioneering while also saying were all hypocrites for pointing out that this secret manipulation of our election is occuring.

  • Joanie Corry

    People aren’t upset just because Bill Clinton made an appearance near the polling places, they’re upset because he’s still offending the very reasoning behind those election laws- to provide a fair opportunity for all to vote without getting coerced or influenced, especially those who aren’t quite as secure in their decision. Its not that its just the law, its actually harming the voting process for those who deserve an unbiased experience when they go… even if it is 100, no- 150 ft away. We care about this so much because of the fact that its such a close race this election. People should be focused on where the candidates stand on the issues, not if Bill Clinton was nice enough to make an appearance that day.

    • disqus_df4wez4dY4

      exactly, not to mention the blocking of the polling place, delaying access. The ‘city’ could have moved the press. That is ridiculous. And just, wtf?

  • Ca77andra

    Good for you getting this done. I hope it gets him prosecuted just like any other bloke if they had done the same thing. As to the jay walking crack, what a joke. That’s the kind of thing a 12 year old would use.

  • Randall Morris

    This is typical Clinton reasoning…. “the law is for everyone but me”… and why Hillary is the worst possible choice for president. As long as there is no price for the Clinton family to pay for their illegal or unethical behaviour and as long as they are rewarded for it obeying the laws and ethics of society won’t be an option for them. This is the hallmark trait of a sociopath….

  • LoginNYC

    It all shows again how much the Clintons are against the common folks, so much so that they don’t see the harm in keeping them from voting.

  • aranxa1

    Enjoying a lovely evening of Schadenfreude.

  • Kalin44

    I guess just going with the spirit of the law, rather than trying to parse and argue the letter of it, would have been out of the question for a Clinton.

  • Guest54321

    So the police couldnt have asked the media to move? Interesting.

    • officer twunt

      Silly. They only ask the Media to move when there’s something they DON’T want people to see.

    • PA86

      The media were not the problem here, just the scapegoat. You don’t move your scapegoat.

      • Guest54321


  • KGreenland

    No matter which way I look at it, it looks like electioneering. It looks wrong. I saw plenty of pics with him inside the polling place. I feel like I’m being gaslighted. Anytime your ready FBI!

  • Loki57

    This wouldn’t have ever happened if Yale, Harvard, and Stanford lawyers were held to the law, rather than treating it as an elite club they’re all above. Hillary is disqualified from ever holding public office again, but Obama is obstructing prosecution and she has a cocky dismissive attitude towards her crimes. That’s no surprise given Obama even covering for Bush and his Cabinet and Pentagon war crimes conspirators.

    18 U.S. Code § 2071 should be a big deal to this election, and by default position Sanders to beat whichever nutcase Republican. It covers tampering with public records in ways Hillary has admitted doing, and is mandatory, not permissive, requiring the criminal perp “shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”
    That’s in addition to how officials with “Mahogany Row” offices are required by law to recognize and treat classified content as such regardless of whether it’s been previously reviewed and marked. That only makes sense given they often originate such content, not just receive it. If Hillary’s new address started with FCI- (Federal Correctional Institution), and she was banned from holding office as the law requires, Bill wouldn’t have been testing whether he actually had sex with that polling place.

  • Plugger

    In addition to ranting here, you can get serious:

  • Un Mas Gringa

    I’d love to know what happened to my post?

  • david c Wold

    Is it or is it not Clinton country we live in ? Obama did think he won but the Clinton’s just took a break and made millions with Hillary and Bill brokered state deals and contracts at taxpayers dime.
    Bill promised her the job when she covered up the ‘girls’ and he will do whatever it takes (if he can remember.. poor man, he should be allowed to retire ).

    • ChristieC

      And Obama put or kept Clinton-era (and some Bush) folks in all the important high offices.

  • Yewey

    They cant get away with the stuff they used to. Its all coming down now, only a matter of time.

    • Steve Frye

      Anger precedes demise.

  • Darrell benz

    Does having a Clinton name allow you to
    do what ever you want, BILL CLINTON broke voting laws and there
    video to prove it, The whole Clinton clan should be in jail, people
    this is exactly what Bernie Sanders is fighting for when the rich and
    powerful think they can do whatever they damn well please, if the
    people can’t see this; then there complete idiots.

  • Darrell benz

    How and when did the media know that Clinton was even going to be there ?

    • cass

      I’m sure the campaign notified them

      • Darrell benz

        if that’s the case then it was pre meditated action to knowingly disrupt polling.

  • doovinator

    They need his and hers matching orange jumpsuits.

  • Pat L

    I am voting for Bernie in the general election even if I have to write in his name, why would anyone vote for the crooks, trump, clinton……
    Barney frank is another one, he needs to shut his pie hole, he’s no saint, did some crooked things before he left office.

    • Jd

      Me too. No matter what. I will #NeverHillary & #NeverTrump – nor Cruz. Never.

    • Patriot1

      Pat L
      You must either have lots of money to give away under Bernie’s plan or you are dead broke and want something for nothing.
      Also Bernie keeps talking about getting the establishment out of politics. I wonder what he considers his 23 years in DC is if it is not part of the establishment and now he wants 4 years in the WH. H—- NO to Bernie!

      • Synthia Fagen
      • Quasi Modo

        Please finish your snack and go finish your homework

      • JA Brown

        Rather than telling you to finish your snack, I will ask you to do some better research. First, Sanders is the longest running Congressman without affiliation to either party, so, ‘being part of the establishment’ is questionable, further proved if you listen to any of his speeches in Congress over the past 30 years. They are all online or on youtube. Listen to them and be better informed. Sanders is not talking about ‘giving things away for nothing’. Up until 40 years ago, ALL public universities were free, and you got a good education there, as well. This was changed in 1980 under Reagan, but the point is that we have already had this program, and Bernie is asking for it to be reinstated again. The single payer medical program is the same type of program that is available in just about every country in Europe. His programs are financed by taxing wealthy corporations and individuals, who, amusingly, pay less taxes than you do. His ideas are financed about fair and equitable tax contributions from corporations and across income levels. The fact that, for example, Sam Walton (owner of Walmart) pays less income tax than his secretary, is an indication of how unbalanced the tax system is. Read and inform yourself, not by only reading websites that agree with your current opinion, but websites that disagree, in order to get a better informed opinion.

        • Old Vet

          Maybe Sam Walton doesn’t pay taxes because he has been dead for quite some time now?? We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world now, why would you risk them going overseas and losing more jobs by upping their taxes further. Have you ever lived in a “real” socialist country, I have. They still have the rich-elitist populations, but also have more people below the poverty line compared to America. I think you may be wanting unicorns/fairies to be dancing around too. Wake up and smell the oppression that comes with having a socialist government. Of course if you like to have someone in the govt. telling you what to do with every aspect of your life, then vote for good ole Bern….

          • Rita Pesini
          • Steve Frye

            Pfizer’s moving to Ireland… a long standing Democratic Socialist nation. How’s that fit into your tired argument?

          • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

            I’m sorry this may take awhile. I’m still trying to untangle the merging of the Democratic Socialists and the Labour Party. The problem is much of Ireland was at war w/ each other for so long. I know Pfizer, I’m 30 minutes from Kalamazoo. One of my good friends worked in R & D. I guess I’m missing your argument. If them moving to an already Dem Socialist country kind of proves the Bernie point doesn’t it? I’m trusting the top 170 Economists endorsing Bernie. Who are you trusting? I can be open…frankly I’m not reading anymore about Ireland. I have a candidate to get elected. Do you know People from all over the World are joining to Phone Bank for Bernie? The world want him elected. Haven’t you seen he’s on his way back from the Vatican? Where’s your candidate been? The powers that be may have closed the Primaries to 1/3 of this Nations Tax Paying Voters and you’re okay w/ that, I’m NOT! I reject the current corrupt system, it’s too far gone and can not be saved. Anyway please enjoy your weekend! 😀

          • JA Brown

            First, my error – it is Warren Buffet who pays less tax than his secretary….one of the simple reasons for this is that most ‘income’ for the wealthy is directed toward capital gains, which has a much lower tax level. And I think that you may be mistaken about the amount of tax that is actually paid by large, multinational companies – many not only pay no tax, but also get government subsidies as well.
            I am interested as to what ‘socialist’ country you lived in, particularly as there has actually never been a true socialist country anywhere. If you are talking about western Europe, where there are social programs like health care, child care, etc., then yes, I have lived in one of then. Sanders is not talking about doing away with our capitalist type of economy, however, if you think that there is not a surprising level of poverty in the US, you need to do a bit more research. The USA has one of the highest levels of child poverty in the western world.
            Frankly, some of your comments would seem to indicate that you have not really listened, or even researched, any of the things that Sanders is saying. He is not talking about ‘socialism’ but social programs. If, indeed, you are an ‘old vet’, then presumably you have heard of Social Security. Or perhaps you do not approve of that social program?? Perhaps you do not remember free public colleges in the US up until 1980? When you decide to collect Social Security, do you think that the government will tell you what to do with every aspect of your life? You are forming your opinion based on some serious misinformation.

          • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

            When WE correct their disastrous trade deals WE stop that from happening. This is a multi-pronged defense against a multi-pronged offense. No one issue stands alone. THEY have built a spiderweb all the while stripping OUR protective regulations in the process. If YOU think for one second WE aren’t already being oppressed you must have just come out of a long term coma…The Media is Censored, they provide very little in the way of accurate data. So you have a choice, keep blindly following along, or Educate yourself, before you embarrass yourself anymore. My wall is open or are good places for truth. FYI I’m trusting the top 170 Economists endorsing Bernie’s plan. What do you have to convince me different? I hope it’s not how well they have done to date, or prayer of Fascism. Climate Change isn’t waiting.

      • angel lavoix

        So are you insinuating that those very high prestigious 170+ Economies who endorsed Bernie after they meticulously studied his economic plan and has followed Bernie for what he has been advocating for were irrelevant to you ? Why not seriously educate yourself about economics,including social and political economics history including comparison of the candidates economics plans,and progressive records to better equip yourself with good judgment instead of relying alone what you hear and watched from very biased media and newspaper? How many times Hillary made a poor judgement like her votes for unnecessary war? how many times she changed her position and flip flopping like the disastrous TPP/NAFTA,Keystone XL pipeline and other social issues? How much enough is enough for you that she has been part of a big problem with crooks in Wall Street and dark money in Politics for accepting tons of money and contribution from them? Moreover will you excuse her when she said single payer will never ever get passed? and that`s because she accepted millions of money from a Healthcare lobbies.Will you excuse Hillary when she opposed with Bernie in a debate to reinstate Glass Steagal Act? and thats because she accepted tons of money from big banks and Wall Street lobbies?

        • PA86

          I love her being pissed off about being accused of being pro fossil fuel. As Secretary of State she actively pushed for fracking in other countries and fought for it to be allowed. In the U.S. she now only says that she will be against if local and state governments are against it. In other words in the industry is already shoved in place in your area, she’s for it. Lame answer.

          • laughingatu

            shes a lame candidate

        • Patriot1

          I don’t believe that I said anything about BILLARY. The last person on earth that I would vote for would be Billary, next would be Bernie.
          You really need to check out his real voting record in both the House and Senate. It is not all that good. Last but not least, America does not need another SOCIALIST in the White House who will support open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.

          • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

            Patriot, I had you made for a Trump supporter, right? We’re not so different. WE just aren’t endorsing the Billionaire Class. Trump won’t much different than hrc unfortunately, THEY are good buddies…

          • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

            *be much different

      • Randi Pokladnik

        You must be keeping your head in the sand Patriot. Research Bernie and read about his values. No to fracking! HRC went overseas to sell fracking to foreign countries. She makes a fancy speech to bankers and gets paid 250,000 bucks, wears designer pantsuits, her daughter gets 600,000 from a stint on NBC…yeah she understands and feels my pain NOT. #ForeverBernie

      • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

        Why specifically do you object to Bernie? You think he’s Establishment? I’m sorry you need to look up what that means. It means Voting for the Capitalists over the People. Bernie, in all his years of service has Never compromised himself on this or any other issue you feel the need to bring forth. Maybe try doing some actual research before you embarrass yourself. I think your probably a good American who’s been watching too much mass media. WE have to do actual research they lie so much. Bernie can pass a polygraph. None of the others can, Be brave, do something to save OUR Democracy. I have a lot of uncensored truth on my wall. Feel free to stop by. Most of it is public. WE have nothing to hide. Thanks for your time. Good luck.

      • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

        A picture’s worth a thousand words. And yes Bernie has been in politics a long time. Not once has he compromised his values for Lobby Money or Influence. He has and always will be the Candidate of the People. I’m sorry to suggest you might actually do some independent candidate research, instead of blindly following what you’ve been told. I feel sorry for you, if you’re not a troll and really believe the hyperbole you’re spouting.

      • Stephen Restelli

        Once we get jobs back that HRC sent overseas, and tax corporations she is in bed there will be money for this.
        Bernie Sanders has been an independent until this run for this year. So that is 23 years as a Political OUTSIDER.
        Bernie is being treated by the DNC as an outsider by DNC leaders and also Democratic superdelegates.
        YES TO BERNIE…he has exposed Hillary Clinton as just another version of Milli Vanilli and another talking head in politics who will say anything to get elected.
        Donald Trump will destroy Clinton in a general election.
        Read the polls, Women seeking an abortion should not go to jail.
        Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who can easily defeat any Republican candidate in the general election.
        Pat, perhaps this is why you posted because you support one of these 2 losers, Clinton or Trump?

        • Stephen Restelli

          Read the CNN (Clinton News Network) latest poll.

      • Silence Is Golden

        Please look at his Web page or research. It’s not free stuff.

      • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

        I’m sorry Patriot, you’re mistaken. I trust the Top 170 Economists who have endorsed Bernie’s plan. Who have you got to convince me differently? All he’s doing is making the Uber Rich pay their share. Are you the 1% ??? i would also like to suggest you swing by my wall or go to so you can speak intelligently on the matter. Please have more respect for yourself and your voote than trusting what you hear on the corrupt mainstream media, smh.

        • Patriot1

          Just keep on drinking the KoolAide. Bernie is talking BS when he says he is going to give Free College and all the other benefits he is promising. NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING IS FREE and I will bet you it isn’t his money that he is going to pay for it with.

    • ChristieC

      Write-in for Bernie won’t be counted. Vote for Jill Stein of the Greens. If they gain 5% of the vote, they will receive matching funds and a podium during debates next time around.

      • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

        Now your being silly. Keep some integrity or you hurt the cause. Telling folks Bernie votes won’t be counted sounds desperate. Jill could have done the same thing, right? Crowd funded? Not saying WE won’t end up shifting, should disaster strike. But if you portray that kind of attitude WE won’t come. Just saying there’s other options like the Humanity Party via (Anonymous). The framework is there, ready if needed. Food for thought, I hope.

        • ChristieC

          It’s my understanding that in order for a write-in vote to be counted, the candidate must file an official paper. It’s also my understanding that Bernie will not do this. Besides, I’m still open to a win!

          • francesca_csrwire

            You are right. Not all states even have a write-in option that is counted

          • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

            I’m aware. More Blocking the Votes of the People. The DNC closing the primaries is just going to piss all the Bernie supporters off. There will be no unifying the Independents behind her. I also know many Dems who will protest the blocking of tax paying Voters. HRC has drunk too much of her own koolaid if she thinks we’re kidding. MY Democracy is NO longer for Sale, period. Bernie and Jane’s combined income of 200k (less than one hrc speech, I may add) versus 160 million (9% of their total) for the Clintons. last year. Not to mention for about the last 10 years, the Clintons have misreported their speech earnings as contributions and had to correct their returns, every year running. How dumb are their tax preparers? I see it more as their attitude that the rules don’t apply to them, ever.

          • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

            Hi Christie, I can’t find that, but must confess to not reading the whole thing.

          • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

            I did find in Bloomberg that that is true in 35 states.

          • ChristieC

            Hi Lynne,

            The site I gave says this:

            If you seek to be elected to an office by write-in votes, you must
            become an official write-in candidate. You may file as a write-in
            candidate for any office which is to be filled in an election except
            delegate to national convention. If you do not file as an official
            write-in candidate, your votes will not count when people write your
            name for an office on the ballot.

            Bernie hasn’t filed and won’t (from what I’ve heard).

  • Jd

    I can’t believe the voter fraud that’s going on. Check you NY ballot. They are trying to steal this from #BirdieSanders

  • Bobby

    i will not vote for Ms. Hillary Clinton for any reason. She is corrupted. And, the corruption that is obstructing Mr. Bernie Sanders campaign is unbelievable. The Rich Corporations, Democrat and Republican established politicians, CNN, MSNBC. FoX, ABC. and the rest of the main media, a some crazy movie stars, etc. The idiots think that most people we are stupid, we are begin to see the total picture of corruption. That how corrupted our society has become. Mr. Bernie Sanders is the only honest person running for President. That why I am involved and promote, and will vote for him. This is our only hope. To not be lazy do the research so you understand the truth. Have a nice day.

    • ChristieC

      Jill Stein is running for the Greens. If they get 5% of the vote on election day, they will receive matching funds next time and be guaranteed a podium during the debates. Still keeping my heart and hopes up for Bernie, but Jill’s a great candidate to vote ‘for’ if it comes down to the “two equal evils” choice.

      • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

        WE will Write him in, sorry. But always good to have another option. Good luck.

        • ChristieC

          It’s my understanding that in order for a write-in vote to be counted, the candidate must file an official paper. It’s also my understanding that Bernie will not do this. Besides, I’m still open to a win!

          • Retro13

            Also Bernie has specifically asked us, his supporters NOT to write him in.. Due to that I will not write him in. Jill may be something for it, though I have honestly done NO research into her as yet.

  • kansas

    I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. If Donald Trump is elected, blame the Democratic party, not just the frauds and cons running it, but the party loyalists who refuse to see the truth.

    • PA86

      If Bernie is out of the equation, which I hope not, you have to look at what is left. So if that’s Clinton and Trump, or Cruz, or Kasich–I hate to say it but of those 4, she would be better then for the country, not great, but better. If you throw away your vote, we get choice 2,3, or 4 here and a much bigger disaster of a country. I will hold my nose and vote straight democrat if forced to.

      • Karen stock

        At what point do we say no to this? “I will hold my nose and vote straight democrat if forced to”. IMHO, it has become too obvious to ignore. I will not be “forced” to vote for someone, because of party fraud and deception. I have always said that I would only vote for Hillary, if she won in a fair election. This has, by the most generous assumptions, not even been close to fair. The people need to take a stand and demand a real choice. If that means splitting the DNC or even voting green or writing in our candidate, then that is what I must do. There is more than one election or one candidate at stake. Our right to vote for a candidate that represents the best interests of the people is being destroyed right before our eyes. How long can we stand by and watch our rights stripped away? We forget how people suffered and died to obtain our democracy. If we allow them to slip away, our freedoms will not be restored willingly. I believe there is much more at stake in this election, than one president. I and many others believe this is a turning point in our political system. Sometimes things are so broken that we have to let them go and rebuild something that works better for everyone. Not just for a few elites, who may or may not throw the people some occasional crumbs. If we can fix the DNC and make it work for the people now, fine. If not, now is the time to let it go and start something that will work for us.

        • PA86

          You will put Trump in office. You can’t still vote Democrat and continue the fight for change. Sorry but I may have not read your entire very long comment. Your entitled to your opinion and so am I.

          • CTrevino

            This is a false equivalency. Not voting Clinton is not the same as putting Trump in office. IF he gets the election you should be looking at what went wrong on your side. You didn’t get enough voters. Why not? At this point almost all party loyalist and the Dem establishment blame the voters who didn’t vote for them. This is wrong AND disenfranchises/causes these voters to reject you more. You need to accept it was your parties fault and the candidate they put forth.

            Stop blaming and scapegoating. You do more harm to your cause in trying to scare, bully, guilt and blame actual progressives, environmental, etc for your parties failing than if you actually worked with them to get who they want elected.

            You want real change?
            If not now when?
            If not you who?
            There will always be a Trump. ALWAYS. Until you say no, the corrupt system grows and gets more corrupt.

          • PA86


          • CTrevino

            A well reasoned and eloquently stated retort. Your input has helped to improve the discourse that was occurring here. Thank you.

          • PA86

            Yeah, thats my standard response to trolls who come along later and just want to attack me. I gave my opinion others gave theirs.

          • CTrevino

            That wasn’t an attack. That was challenging you to stop scapegoating. You attacked by placing blame on those who it doesn’t belong to.

          • Andre4000

            Hillary hasn’t earned my vote; quite the opposite. Instead, she’s knocked me off the voter rolls in CA (after being a lifelong Dem), so I had to re-register!

  • Caroline Hall Stanton

    Really? He was forced to speak that close to the entrance because of the media? I don’t suppose he could’ve just canceled, heaven forbid, but the media would probably have relocated if he did!

    • PA86

      The media would have been over a 100′ away if the Clinton’s had not requested the stage for that be taken down. Very convenient alibi–blame it on the media when they had no where else to go–oops. And the Clinton camp were advised they must stay 150′ from polling places, so how is it we have video of Bill Clinton strolling right inside?

  • Sharon Wheeler

    you don’t have to vote for her..the fix was already in the early voting box…they knew that, they just had to prevent bernie people from voting….voting needs a paper trail…i’d be marching to your democratic location, and looking to see how you voted…if i were an early voter, i’d for sure be asking how my vote was placed…

  • Sharon Wheeler

    remember way back when the server had a glitch? and bernie was locked out of his files,,,,perfect time for dws to arrange to download bernies files, see who supports bernie, then go in and keep them from voting…changing their registrations so they couldn’t vote…

    • Terrylf1

      I started getting emails from the Hillary campaign thanking me for my support and I had never, never done anything for them to have my email. This was the day after the “glitch” and the controversy over the files. I find it suspicious to say the least.

      • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

        I’m a former Dem, now Independent from Michigan, which by law is an Open Primary State and illegal to require Party affiliations. Yet, they closed our Primary and I had to register R or B to vote. I called the other day to change to Independent. Guess what? Yep, that’s right. I can’t . It’s illegal to register a Party Affiliation in Michigan, now that the primaries over. Yet I don’t see where anythings been filed on the legal front. I am very aware how rigged this election is, from the top to the bottom. It makes me sick. It’s time to stop feeding the Capitalists and feed hungry Americans instead. I hope you agree.

    • shudderrrs

      I believe that’s true because it wasn’t long after that I received a letter from clinton thanking or asking me for support. To me that’s clinton acting in desperation! I’d wager those clintons have never gotten anything above the table!

      • DailyPUMA

        lol, what a dork you are.

    • PA86

      That glitch happened more than once they said. Hillary also had visibility to Bernie’s data. It was not like anyone hacked into it, which is what I hear Bernie get accused of even by some folks. He fired the people that used that data immediately. Do we really know what Clinton did for sure when she had the ability to see the data? But I am not sure that what you suspect is all possible–depends.

    • Loki57

      Bernie wasn’t locked out of NGP/VAN by a server glitch. That was done by humans, in the DNC machine controlled by friends of Hillary, formerly managed by now VA Gov McAullife.

      There had been two server issues with NGP/VAN (the Dem “Voter Access Network”) that Sanders IT managers noticed, one two months before the one that got so much misleading press, where field permissions were scrambled, more likely by DNC contractors under control of Clinton operatives. Not discussed or reported is that those permissions likely gave Clinton staff access to Sanders specific database fields, and who knows what other local Dem officers and volunteers access to other personal info of most Americans?

      On noticing the second repeat fields access misconfiguration, Sanders’ IT head and a senior assistant did about 20 minutes of probing, trying to document the nature and details of the problem, as any responsible IT person would, before trying to make contact with the DNC controlled database admin’s. The first time around, they’d just reported seeing an issue, but hadn’t probed for details. In a database with around 300 million records and hundreds of fields, that’s not harvesting the other guy’s entries as Clinton falsely claimed.

      Sanders bungled his public statements, apologizing for normal responses of any good admin, to repeat screw ups by staff indirectly controlled by Clinton. He never asked what info of his her staff likely accessed, but just didn’t mention. He never asked what reckless disregard to the public existed if random volunteers at various local party affiliates had access they weren’t supposed to have. But, Clinton’s statements were even more technically idiotic and clueless, mixed with false accusations and outright lies.

      The bigger problem is that the very practices behind NGP/VAN, the GOP’s counterpart, Nationbuilder, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are properly criminal, but not prosecuted as personal information theft, fraud, and in the way voter records are released or sold in different states, bad public policy warped to favor “major parties” and amount to election tampering.

      How many people are even aware of the 181 million voter records data breach a couple months ago, most likely caused by DNC or Clinton operatives (as few smaller players buy that level of access to Nationbuilder)? Whoever caused it (possibly some local Dem party incompetent acting reckless, with purchased data sniffed under devious terms from LinkedIn, Facebook what users think are private sharing with friends, and other similar sources plus public and purchased voting records), they didn’t admit to it, or notify persons whose info was breached of their details either. While Nationbuilder in theory claims to try to replicate parts of what Dems in NGP/VAN and GOP in other systems harvest for more equitable public access for activists and smaller campaigns, the reality is the major parties are their biggest customers, for deviously sniffed private info sold off to whoever pays by the crooks at Facebook and smaller social and business networks.

      Both the DNC and GOP data systems pass personal info around with public and purchased voter records and phone book type info, linked to commercial data harvester info (with many errors), plus info individuals give to one group or campaign or project, passed into the shared systems without valid permissions for use anywhere beside the original use. That properly amounts to felony computer crimes under a variety of existing laws, and should be globally criminal, and cause to lock up IT staffs, political conspirators, and officers of both major parties from national to local.

      It’s a huge enough problem, that contrary to Red scares and such historically, asking “are you now or have you ever been an officer, volunteer, employee, or contractor of the Republican or Democratic parties or their affiliates?”, is properly prima facie evidence of serial felony computer crimes. The bulk of election process would see drastic change if we could ever enforce those laws.

  • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

    i agree, every law those corrupt representatives passed, needs review.

  • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

    It’s blatant. They don’t even care, they know there’s no protection for US anymore, they stripped OUR protections. Unless WE join forces against THEM, it won’t get better, only worse.

  • dewdrop38

    Who is Arsenault?

    • PA86

      “In one email, assistant chief of staff Kristine Arsenault”, to the mayor I believe.

  • Ben Berry

    just hang both clintons, just do it!

    • DailyPUMA

      Fuck you, you piece of shit.

      • Ben Berry


      • Kwade9

        Take your suppository and go back to bed

  • Jemille Hardy

    and exit polls showed Bernie won Massachusetts

  • nana41

    Voter Suppression

  • dippitydo1

    Wow. Just wow. She may have lost my vote just because of this stunt. Probably wouldn’t have gotten it anyway, but this cinched it. The arrogance…

    • Randee Breckenridge

      If this wasn’t bad enough…Her and Bill then did the exact same thing not two weeks later…she was in north Carolina visiting polling stations, and he was doing it again in a different state (sorry I can’t remember now exactly which one). Also, don’t you think it’s strange that she’s the only one that hasn’t said ANYTHING about what happened in AZ?

      • Andre4000

        He was in Illinois while she was in NC – I saw that too. They figured they got away with it in MA, so they just did it again! Disgusting….
        On the bright side, at least they didn’t get away with stealing Nevada. Let’s hope the same thing happens with Arizona — that was Bernie’s win to begin with.

      • DailyPUMA

        California hasn’t even voted yet, what the heck are you talking about?

  • dippitydo1

    Could the mayor or those city officials involved be charged with something also? Or better yet, investigate their career/behavior history. They sound a bit smelly.

  • Mary

    Oddly enough, those in charge were unaware that clinton actually did go into the polling centers, and photos were taken of him inside, one where he is standing next to a voter holding a ballot and an election official next to him. So, its very clear that clinton deliberately broke the law and he acts as though he is gifted and the laws don’t apply to him.. or to hillary..

  • V. C. Bestor

    This Primary is invalidated by hackers tampering with voter registration nationwide.

  • sfulmer

    Go ahead and arrest them for jay-walking, then. Given how Clinton’s consider themselves above the law in this country and other countries – Haiti, Honduras, Libya come to mind – as far as I’m concerned, we’d be stepping up as global citizens in support of democracy.

    • Rarian Rakista

      Let’s also talk about toppling Hillary Clinton’s shadow government. She operated the Secretary of State office as an extension of the Clinton Foundation and used a private email server whose sole purpose was to attempt to obfuscate future investigations by mixing private email with classified emails and then try to play dumb when called on deleting it.

      Hillary Clinton thinks we are dumb. I really hope the FBI isn’t that dumb.

      • sfulmer

        OK – let’s. Hilary is a role player for the shadow government, albeit a rather significant one with an established track record. Let the record show that the Clintons and Obama are successful by not even trying to change the direction of corruption. Bill’s whole game was enabling Republican privatization schemes while helping to erase the history of the Democratic party. Wars go on and on. Who needs them?

  • Chuck Dade

    Have the election committee call me i have the video evidence. The elected officials know the law; if the Prez did not, there is no plausible deniability for a mayor who lives in the same Ward as that election polling place who was also a federal prosecutor to say he did not. he is the one that marched Clinton over to where he introduced him on a megaphone right in front of the access door to the building (~50ft) ‘is new Bedford a Clinton city?”. It’s not the media’s responsibility to designate the place. This should have been done where it did not affect the parking of the lunchtime voters. At worst, in the field 180 degrees behind the cameras 150 ft away from the polling place. Even that would have hampered the parking. I drove by Brownell Ave at 12;20 and the side streets were full of cars and Clinton did not show for about another hour effectively tieing up 2 polling places. IMHO this was strategized to disenfranchise voters. The Clinton people were there with signs, the unbeknownst Sanders people were at a disadvantage and illegally so.

    • Plantiful

      According to Mass Law, the polling locations are to be open for thirteen hours from 0700-2000. Having them closed to the voters for two hours to accommodate the speeches given by President Willy broke that law.

      The second law states that people cannot be handing out, or displaying any printed materials 160 feet of the polling location. President Clinton is pretty much a brand now, and the law was written about promoting a candidate at a polling location. It was not written to include the appearance of a former President and spouse of a candidate.

      His very presence at and inside polling locations is a violation of the spirit of the law.

    • ßḫ…ߣⱦ ȶ€ɍ …ħÂƔễ… ɱɏ… ɯøȵⱻ¥

      If you have the video evidence of this, do the right thing and post it online immediately.

      • Chuck Dade

        I have seen there is plenty of video evidence already posted by others and do not have the time to post it unless there is a need for more. My HD video takes an hour per 5 minutes to process after being set up. All of my video is copyright me and i do not release original 1st generation level material. however for legal reasons i would to the proper authorities (maintianing my copyrights). The only added level i may be able to provide that i have not seen is the video of the Prez being led over to the area he did not belong by the mayor , the mayors intro, and Bills megaphoning. my video angles may be helpful i showing where he was but i think that has already been established.

        It also shows Clinton looking directly at the camera after i said,” The whole pupose of super-delegates is corruption’

  • ArtistKate

    “As for breaking the law: I don’t see what others have quoted as the law online. AND—isn’t jay-walking a law? These people that are so concerned about this law should review every law.”

    What a ridiculous argument. Why people are upset and angry is that Bill Clinton KNEW the law and ignored it. He also knew that his presence would hinder some voters from voting due to the press and his protection requirements. The Clintons have a believability problem and this type of skirting the law and pretending the laws don’t apply to them doesn’t help matters.

    • Rarian Rakista

      If people want to know why I won’t vote for a Clinton as a life long Democrat, this is example #4325534.

  • willow

    Can’t wait for the FBI to get her. Interviews are going on. She is as dirty as they come. If Obama’s DOJ won’t go after her, the GOP will impeach her the day after she is elected.

    • Ron Rankin

      What makes you think she will be elected #BernieorBust

      • ßḫ…ߣⱦ ȶ€ɍ …ħÂƔễ… ɱɏ… ɯøȵⱻ¥

        Let’s hope she isn’t, because willow is on the money with the whole republicans impeaching her the next day. That will absolutely happen and nothing will get done for another four years.

    • MsAnthrope

      Yes, that worked so brilliantly when the entire GOP went after her and her husband during their 8 years in office. It’s been working so effectively since then, too. Maybe they should dust off Kenneth Starr to work his magic one more time. Give it up!

      • Kwade9

        No we won’t give it up. In fact we will continue to support Bernie up to the WH

      • PolyEsta Wyldesage

        Um.. you know that the FBI is under democrat control, right? You can’t pretend this is a GOP conspiracy this time.

  • Anne Sumers M.D.

    Electioneering at the polls is illegal. Everyone knows this. Certainly Bill Clinton. If I can’t stand and hand out Bernie Sanders information at the polls, Bill Clinton can’t hand out HRC info or shout into a megaphone. This is voter suppression and it is illegal. I support Bernie Sanders because he will work for Medicare for all/health care for all, tax the corporations and the billionaires. and make serious legislation about climate change. Please vote for Bernie Sanders! Learn more at

    • dragontech64

      Not only do I support Berrnie, I’ve donated twice to his campaign and appointed a Legislative DIstrict Caucus delegate for him. This is the year of the Revolution. NO Clinton Dynasty!

      • Shawn S

        I’ve donated to the Sanders campaign. A little here, a little there, it all adds up and this is how he is supporting his campaign. Wall Street can keep their money. Everyone who supports Hillary needs to stop and think about WHY the banking and oil industries give her so much money and do some research on how much tax money has gone to those industries and continues to. Of course in proper Clinton fashion, it’s silly to bother with the fact$. What difference doe$ it make?

    • ßḫ…ߣⱦ ȶ€ɍ …ħÂƔễ… ɱɏ… ɯøȵⱻ¥

      But don’t you know? The clintons are above the law!

  • Xavier Lopez

    This is the “tone” that Hillary and her husband have set for this campaign and it is why so many people are turning away from the Clintons and moving toward Sanders–it is starting to feel as though Hillary’s campaign is on a self-destruct course and now that she has begun to confront Greenpeace protesters and call out Bernie supporters–the visuals of her campaign are looking worse and worse. Her statements about Bernie being disrespectful (Sanders has actually run thee most respectful campaign I have ever seen) and her playing games about the possibility of a Debate (first saying it would never happen then offering the worst possible locations and times, then accusing Sanders of being difficult)–are souring everyone’s perception of her. When I was at the Washington caucuses the morale of Hillary supporters was perceptibly down–we easily got at least one voter to change to Sanders. This is whole thing has become very sad, it began with her camp’s calls of misogyny–claims of “Bernie Bros” and “rudeness” and has completely disintegrated from there–the whole Clinton campaign machine has been embarrassing from start to finish. A big part of me really just wishes she would redirect and deal with the issues–that she would play fair and direct the media and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to end the Bernie blackouts. That she would direct the superdelegates to reflect the will of the people. This current tone that she has set–to win at any cost–could very well be the thing that actually loses the entire thing for her–and I am certain that Bernie Sanders would much rather win having had both of them run campaigns of substance, based on issues–without the appearance of cheating, without behavior that skirts the definitions of illegality and without taunting her competitor’s supporters.

  • Karen

    Folks — That photo shows you what a true “super predator” looks like.

  • Kristen
    A lawsuit was filed in Boston last week against Bill Clinton and MA Sec of State William Galvin for this offense.

    Thank you Kyle Scott Clauss for this account of the voter suppression that occurred without question at several polling locations throughout MA. This is a serious problem, and clearly not something that the Clintons take seriously because they continued to do it in other states after the fact. The rules are simple and clear and he knowingly violated them. End of story.

    I was asked to remove my tiny Bernie button at the polls, because it would have been considered campaigning. But the husband of a candidate can make a speech through a megaphone and take pictures of himself with a baby, while stopping voting for 2+ hours?

    If the Clintons aren’t willing to play by the rules out in plain sight during the primaries, what makes us think they would do so behind closed doors in the White House? Kyle Scott Clauss I do hope you will continue to keep us informed as this story progresses in terms of the lawsuit.

  • DailyPUMA

    To the unbelievably stupid comments below. Hillary Clinton has been voted woman of the year for the past 20 years in a row, some of you were probably still munching on your umbilical chords when her streak started. Quit being such douchebags and respect that the world does not revolve around Bernie Sanders and his fake credit card debt nor his embezzling wife.

    • shudderrrs


    • baruchzed

      Yes…selected by corporate media wonks…lol… you have been sold a bill of goods.

    • Kwade9

      Yeah, she is sooooo old that she should retire. We need new blood in this country, not a dinosaur old hag whose only achievements have been being married to the lousy Bill C. and earning frequent mileage while wasting our taxes as Secretary of State. PS. she is not fit to shine Jane Sanders’s shoes.

    • Javed Alam

      “Fake credit card debt nor his embezzling wife” – nice try, everyone’s heard that bullshit 20 times and its getting old. Find an allegation with evidence and we will listen.

      • Shawn S

        See above. Not allegations, FACTS.

    • ßḫ…ߣⱦ ȶ€ɍ …ħÂƔễ… ɱɏ… ɯøȵⱻ¥

      Meanwhile, your candidate of choice is the subject of an FBI investigation. Truly a historic election – we’ve got a woman under investigation and jew duking it out.

      I’m going for the jew myself. Warren will be the first woman president, if she decides to run.

    • Shawn S

      Just more entitlement talk from a Clinton supporter. We don’t resort to name calling. We can just list her track record of big money politics, corruption, lies, changing her stance on numerous issues, blood on her hands not to mention a husband who lied to the American people about having oral sex with an intern. Now they break the laws on the campaign trail, have public officials covering up for them as the Wall Street money keeps flowing in. How anyone can blindly throw all of her dirty facts aside and still stick up for her is pathetic.

  • battler

    I once was a Hilliary supporter, but I have lost all respect for her.

    • Javed Alam

      Much respect for having an open mind!

  • Bobby

    I will vote for Mr. Jill Stein if Mr. Bernie Sanders does not make it. Have a nice day.

    • StrawberryFroYo

      Who cares?

      • Javed Alam

        Evidently you do, as this is your second comment.

      • Bobby

        StrawberryFroyo or whatever you name is, I care. By the way, I am a veteran. I do not know what you are, but I do not like wars. Ms. Hillary seems to love wars, do the research, do not be lazy. Educate yourself, have a nice day.

      • Shawn S

        You will care when Hillary is losing to Donald. As she should because she isn’t qualified for the job.

  • StrawberryFroYo

    I’m so sick of Sanders’ supporters and their incessant whining. New York can’t come soon enough.

    • ßḫ…ߣⱦ ȶ€ɍ …ħÂƔễ… ɱɏ… ɯøȵⱻ¥

      Yeah, because the president going to stump for his wife on Election Day next to a polling place causing a huge crowd that blocked people’s ability to vote is no big deal… Right. It’s super against the law, you can’t even have campaign signs near a polling place!

      This isn’t whining. The clintons aren’t above the law although they seem to think they are. I cant wait for NY either – a near 50 point lead cut to 10 points in two weeks… She’s toast once bernie wins her “home” state. Carpetbagger.

      Sincerely, a NYer who can’t wait to hand the third way neo liberal con artist “democrats” their pink slip this election year.

    • JJB1310

      I’m so sick of centrist Republicans pretending to be progressive Democrats, including Hillary and her mentally challenged supporters.

      • Loki57

        Just look at the PoliticalCompass dot org 2016 primary positions page, and compare to past elections, and it’s all too clear how Obama and Clinton are the traditional GOP (if not somewhat right fascist beyond it), as the GOP has gone insanely right extremist and fascist.

        By comparison, Sanders is mild left and a fence sitter as to libertarian or authoritarian, while Jill Stein of the Greens isn’t getting much press as the likely only left-libertarian.

        If we brought back the 1840 US Census classification of “idiocy/insanity”, it’s scary that more of our present population might qualify, than the entire national population then.

        The GOP primary turned into a game of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, with half the primary dropouts walking away with between 2 and 25 million dollars they’re legally allowed to keep or use as they wish personally.

        • Shawn S

          Yep as Cornel West put it, Hillary and her kind are Neo-Liberal conservatives. They are not progressive.

          • Loki57

            In part due to media blackouts, and in part due to misrepresentation of leaders as to who’s instigating violence in “black lives matters” challenges to massive police and political civil rights frauds, Cornel hasn’t had the play he deserves. That includes debates with Bob Avakian, that in NYC wrapped lines around the block to enter the largest venues they could find.

            Cornel and Bob are instigating changes to broken systems that are dysfunctional and incapable of upending many aspects of a biased, fascist power structure, with Cornel promoting peaceful protest and being an elder to black communities trying to limit justifiable violent tactics. Bob is leader of the RCP, the only serious voice in “quadrant 4” of the PC grid. That’s the Revolutionary Communist Party, at, whose ideas I find more socialist/populist authoritarian than communist.

            RCP has called out Sanders for championing important issues, but wearing blinders as to pretending the US isn’t part of a global village as to economics and human rights. I suspect to deal with those issues honestly or functionally would require change to the archaic “Law of Nations”, in ways that’d result in both US and Chinese leaders in prison for human rights abuses and military crimes, plus confront the inequities when US-ians are buying goods from countries with legal wages in the 11 to 35 cent an hour range. $15 wages here may help some service workers, but it makes a larger class of US-ians unemployable, and elevates social expectations that poverty here includes government mandated wages or social handouts adequate to buy stuff the people making it can”t afford.

    • PolyEsta Wyldesage

      Wow, you’re more offended by fellow citizens using free speech in a way that you don’t like, than you are with electioneering and voter suppression. You’re pretty much a horrible excuse for a human being.

    • Shawn S

      I’m so sick of the Clintons attitude of entitlement. If you think getting rid of Sanders will calm your nerves just wait until Donald starts going at her. Sander’s “tone” is nothing compared to what’s going to happen when she has to debate Trump who is going to expose her for who she really is. A corrupt criminal who isn’t qualified for the job. The difference is, Sanders has the momentum and the track record to beat Trump. Hillary will be exposed and hung out to dry.

      • Thunderbuck

        The GOP can’t go for Hillary’s throat until she’s slammed the door on Bernie completely. If nothing else he’s narrowed their attack window considerably.

        On top of that, the stuff that Bernie has criticized doesn’t help the Republicans at all. Wall Street and oil industry contributions? Sure, they’ll go after her on that (*eyeroll*).

        Bernie has given Hillary more political cover than she deserves.

  • mthammer

    Have no respect for Bill Clinton who was impeached by the House of Representatives for lying to the citizens of this Country . His wife is even worse Hillary is a murderer , a fraud like Bill , incompetent , ignorant, aLIAR of the highest order , corrupt former Secretary of State , stole $6 billion dollars while in Charge at the State Department , armed the enemy in Syria to fight Assad , went to war against Libya without ever advising Congress what she was doing , has also comitted conspiracy against the President of Egypt , if ever in Egypt ther is a warrant for her arrest and Obamas arrest all by their attorney General , for trying to overthrow the president by funding the terrorist Group the Muslim Brother Hood , all at the Request by her top Aide Uma Abedin ,whose family is in the top level of the terrorist organization.

    • Loki57

      It’s probably healthier for the country and world to have a President ground overwhelming stress inherent to the job in more sex, than in psychotropic drugs, alcohol addiction, or breaking and turning psychopathic as many have done. Bill C. had every right to tell Congressional lynch mobs of religious bigotry about sex to GTFU or FOAD.

      In a country formed of, by, and for terrorists, shooting at Redcoats from behind rocks and trees, “protection against terrorists” has often become a lame excuse to protect political corruption, whereas the historic legislative basis for our 2nd Amendment “to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, expresses a right to use force and take out people whose actions shift from being leaders in our government, to enemies against it. Given that Treason is the only Constitutional Federal crime, despite 24 of 3 lawfully defined Federal LEO agencies with armed mercenaries today, and RTKBA arguably only becomes valid use of force when courts fail to remedy the soap and ballot box failings, when and how execution of dirty politicians is our legal right, and in many cases duty, is very messy to define. That right makes pretty much zero legislation where government licenses or knows about firearm (and whatever else now qualifies as 10 USC 311 defined militia arms, eg higher tech electronics) ownership legitimate.

      Unlike Hillary’s public archives crimes and Classified emails violations, Huma (not Uma) at least passes legal background tests many Americans would fail.

      In fairness, it’s not just Hillary who’s perpetrated many of those other war crimes, genocide, war of aggression, and dark op crimes. “Ronnie Rayguns” dedicated a space shuttle flight to “the Afghani Freedom Fighters”, while he had the US military donate .50 BMG sniper rifles to those “Freedom Fighters”. Those are the rifles Sarah Brady later claimed were cause to abridge 2nd Amendment rights of US civilians (whose target shooting hobby costs $4 per trigger pull), whereas the real straw man that would need to be banned from buying such arms to end those deals is the US Dept of Defense. How many Viet Nam era distinguished service medals lack time, place, and operation info as accompanies most US military medals given our long history of valuing skilled war criminals regardless of whether a Dem or GOP place card has his name on the top?

      John Perkins just released an updated version of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”. Anyone who sees that political crimes tampering with governments and world economies as criminal cannot support most Dems or GOP, and recognizes Sanders and Warren as both desirable leaders, whichever of them is on either side of Pennsylvania Ave. That also includes recognizing how HFT (high frequency trading) in NYSE and NASDAQ is properly a legalized theft by micro-skimming operation, that cannot legitimately exist in markets open for public trading by actual humans. Many people are forced into those crimes via retirement and other accounts managed by third parties with details hidden from them. They’re issues of ending an infinite game of proliferating power for profit, and making politics a finite game where the issues and practices openly discussed, are the actual facts and manner of addressing them that’s honestly intended.

      To many of us, these aren’t issues of supporting or opposing particular parties or candidates. They’re challenges about how to fundamentally change structural process of government, so that “honest politician” no longer means “one who once bought, stays bought, unless on the rent to own plan”.

      • Susan Cummings

        You have your history all mixed up. Who are you saying is a terrorist? The Founders? The people in the Revolutionary War? The Right to bear arms is in the event our police and military have more of an inclination to use force against the people and do the bidding of their Masters or King. Of which we do not have.

        • Loki57

          All competent US citizen men ages 17-45 have a legal duty to be skilled terrorists per 10 USC 311(b), as arguably do older men and women if the 14th and 19th Amendments are considered.

          Terrorist tactics of cel militias were used by many of our nation’s founders because they’re more survivable against standing armies and military-police states, than traditional alternatives. That’s clearly the “chicken” to the “egg” or our 2-Am RTKBA as a then new concept of citizen rights to rebel against monarchs and psychopaths. The other now routinely flouted historic rationale for our RTKBA were the economic costs and intent to avoid a standing army, even if Congress routinely runs 2 year funding limits back to back to simulate one, but have a massive national defense force for valid government where every man is armed. Our since weakened Militia Act used to require every man to have a military weapon at home, plus 300 rounds or more of ball and powder, and to be “well regulated” in its historic sense, or able to shoot straight and work with other troops as an ad hoc unit, with the precision of a historic “regulator” clock, and in no sense similar to state regulations as didn’t exist then as they do today. That’s similar to how Swiss law and practice requires most homes to store an assault rifle and some an officer’s pistol, plus a stock of cartridges.

          What that means today in an era when military systems integrate satellite and drone systems, and use social networks and economic manipulations to trigger riots or destroy national economies, sometimes even with predatory loans issued for facially charitable reasons but structured and intended to cause defaults, or when the FBI operates fleets of surveillance planes with illegally used Harris Stingrays and Boeing Dirtboxes to tamper with telecom systems, and dummy Delaware corporations for fraudulent FAA registrations, could well extend the meaning of historic meaning of “arms”, to define operations of “Anonymous” or Wikileaks, or John Young’s older project Cryptome, to reflect the highest levels of patriotism.

          Then consider how many of our laws violate civil rights against religious bias, with our Calvinist sex scams and fraud of a drug policy, or censor speech using our rabid religious reich “children” or “family” excuses, or how many consent decrees the US Dept of Justice has with police departments engaging in racially biased law enforcement for profit with tactics intended to impose illegal policies in devious forms, or how the IRS continues to steal assets merely by sending letters to banks and securities dealers in ways our 2nd Circuit has long since ruled illegal, and it’s pretty clear that our military-police mercenaries are acting the bidding of corrupt “leaders”, even if our populace is such a mess, 35% are willing to fight over whether Trump or worse religiocrazies are better leaders.

          • Susan Cummings

            Thank you for your reply. I think there is much truth in your explanations; however, other points to me are a bit radical. But, so were the Founders. There is much going on in the way of corruption and there is enough blame to go around. One thing I didn’t hear you mention is the Unions. As government gets bigger more and more rights are lost. More and more of many things disappear and are handed over to the government, without a fight. Seeing We The People are the governed then it would be correct to say we are the responsible party. Do you agree? I am not a Trump supporter, I am a Cruz supporter. My reasons are not necessarily all religious, even though our Founders did base our Constitution on Natures Law, which is God’s Law. They based it on Theology, Philosophy and the Bible. What they did not base any of the context on is Ideology, which is more associated with Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, etc.

            The Right to Bear Arms is for the protection on our soil from an unruly government and those of whom support it. It is to protect our way of life. Which is Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, but also includes property. That does not mean any human being, under any circumstances, willing or by force. It also means to protect against any foreign militia that may have been intruding and scheming against our way of life. What it doesn’t mean is just because some feel they do not and can not agree with laws or rules that they can forcibly take over. That is why we are a Republic and it’s every voters responsibility to see to it that the people they choose will not violate the Constitution, but uphold and protect it. We are not a democracy where mob rules. We vote in a democratic form, meaning majority rules; however, our overall country and her people, each individual is responsible for themselves, their families and their government.

    • JeffreyZ

      I can see why she is proud to know the mass murderer Henry Kissinger.

  • jamyers

    A lot of the criticism of Bill Clinton’$ election day activities has focused on how he illegally campaigned at polling sites: as the number one surrogate for $Hillary, he was stumping, plain and simple. However, a far more serious violation of the law occurred, one that had significant impact vote numbers in a tight election: the direct physical interference with voters by the Clinton motorcade and the attendant snarling of traffic at multiple locations during election day voting!

    Bill Clinton was blockading and delaying voters who were trying, on their busy lunch schedules, to get to the polls and vote. The tactic worked. His motorcade snarled traffic, and voters at one location were delayed 3 hours from casting ballots. Some gave up. Some probably looked out the window at the traffic jam and didn’t even bother trying. There is every reason to think that this was a carefully planned tactical maneuver aimed at suppressing Bernie’s numbers in the areas of his greatest support.

    If you doubt this, read the Slate article on Whouley/Gore, below. Clinton insiders have made clever, well-planned, use of this very tactic before. Michael Whouley, a key advisor to the Clinton$, deliberately used Al Gore’s 2000 motorcade to snarl traffic as upscale Bill
    Bradley voters commuted home from MA, and towards NH polling sites. Gore, it seems was initially unaware of this operation. Whouley, a voter turnout and suppression guru, is a founding partner of the Dewey Square Group, a guarded, secretive, and well-connected consulting firm that has been quietly at the heart of $Hillary Clinton’$ 2016 campaign since before day 1.
    Official in MA have expressed a blasé attitude towards these violations by the $Clinton “Royals”. I wish that what we were facing something as relatively benign as a Nixonian campaign of dirty tricks, although we are facing that too. The fraudulent tampering with the registration status of many thousands of voters in Arizona, and now in NY, CA, and elsewhere, shows that we are facing a serious, multi-faceted, assault on our voting rights. Be prepared to fight long and hard to exercise your right to vote, and to have that vote counted. Occupy the Vote!