What the Hell Is Happening on This Plymouth Bakery’s Facebook Page?

The person behind recent posts calling slavery ‘necessary’ claims to be a former employee, hoping to draw attention to a sect of fundamentalist Christians.

Image via Google Maps

Image via Google Maps

Blue Blinds Bakery is a quaint cafe serving up organic fare in downtown Plymouth. “Blue Blinds is probably the prettiest, all-around most pleasing café south of Boston and, arguably, a much wider area,” the Globe raved in 2011. But it isn’t the egg-and-cheddar breakfast sandwiches turning heads these days—it’s the bakery’s Facebook posts.

“As promised, let’s talk about the blacks!” one from Thursday reads. “One of the most frequent questions we get is, ‘Are you racist?’ The answer is no. But we do believe that slavery is necessary. There’s a difference.”

The post, shared more than 200 times as of Sunday evening, references a Biblical passage, and explains that as black people turn to Jesus Christ, or Yahshua, “they are able to lift this curse on their spirit.”

According to its website, Blue Blinds is run by members of a Twelve Tribes community, a fundamentalist Christian movement founded by Elbert “Gene” Spriggs in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1972. A subsequent post on the bakery’s Facebook page includes two articles by the Daily Mail and Pacific Standard magazine, each detailing allegations of child labor abuses in Twelve Tribes communities.

“While we can not say what’s written there is incorrect, people erroneously think it means we abuse our children. This is wrong!” the post reads. “Our children LOVE discipline! They crave it, just like the blacks crave subservience to Shem and Yapheth (see the previous post).”

Blue Blinds makes an appearance in the Pacific Standard piece. The author, Julia Scheeres, visits the bakery and quaffs a Fair-Trade certified coffee while reading one of the group’s brochures, titled “When the Spanking Stopped, All Hell Broke Loose.”

“The Tribes argues that progressive childrearing practices such as time-outs or taking away treats or screen time have resulted in a spike in juvenile violence and crime,” Scheeres wrote in 2015. “The only way to reverse this trend, the Tribes contends, is by using the proverbial rod — early, often, and hard enough to leave marks.”

The inflammatory posts are a relatively new phenomenon for the Blue Blinds Facebook page. It appears to have been created in 2011, right after the glowing Globe review came out, only occasionally posting photos of the shop before going dormant on March 4, 2012. The page came roaring back to life in June with a new attitude. After the most recent posts went viral, some have suggested that an imposter may be responsible.

I messaged the bakery’s Facebook page Sunday afternoon and asked how they thought people would react to their apparent endorsement of slavery. “We know our views might be unpopular with some. We’re not idiots. But we hoped there would be more acceptance for the views and beliefs of others from our community,” they said.

But once I asked if the page was an imposter, or if the bakery actually supported slavery, they dropped the act.

“This is the real page. I set it up while working at the Bakery many years ago,” they said, speaking only on condition of anonymity. “I was born into the Twelve Tribes, which owns the Bakery, and from a very young age disagreed with many of the beliefs they had—among them, that slavery was necessary and that all people outside of the community were going to hell.”

They said the object wasn’t to draw attention to the slavery issue, but to the group’s treatment of children. Everything included in these controversial posts, they said, was “taken directly from what I was told every day growing up.”

“There were times when I couldn’t sleep at night because my 3 month old sister was being beaten mercilessly in the room next door because she was crying in the middle of the night. I’m not sure if my parents really believed what the ‘elders’ told them or if they were just frustrated they had to get up. This is not isolated either. They are taught that this is ‘love,'” they said.

“Additionally, all of the children work day and night to make the food that the Blue Blinds Bakery serves. Like the adults, there is no compensation.”

Another Facebook page for Blue Blinds Bakery—titled, “Blue Blinds Bakery – real“—describes itself as an “alternative to the fraudulent” one.

“Thanks for all the support here, and for those of you who have called us concerned about the slander. We are working on it,” one post reads. The allegedly “real” Blue Blinds Facebook did not immediately respond to requests for comment, while Captain John Rogers, Jr. of Plymouth Police could not be immediately reached.

Update: Monday, 8:30 a.m.

The person running the “Blue Blinds Bakery – real” Facebook page responded, saying the bakery became aware of the controversial posts about three weeks ago, and they have since been in contact with police regarding the matter.

“To say that their allegations are severe twisted and utterly untrue would so lightly scratch the surface that its hard to consider it worthwhile to comment at all,” they said via Facebook message Monday morning.

  • Havid Damburger

    Funny. Muslims have the same views with a much more insane twist – but since theyre not ‘white men’ it’s not print worthy.

    At least this angry Christian kept it to a parody page, unlike our protected class pals in San Bernardino and Orlando.

    The slightest criticism of juedism or islam is anti semetism and islamaphodia – but anyone can say whatever they want about Christianity.

    • dvdoff

      Are you stupid?

      • bstrong2

        He’s probably not. But then again, he probably doesn’t know the meaning(s) of evasion and deflection

      • Havid Damburger

        DVD! My favorite angry little jew! I’ve missed you so much since they shut down the comment section at BdC. Are you still wearing those boots to look taller?
        Mozel Tov. – Havid

        • dvdoff

          What? Not Jewish, nor do I wear boots.

          • Havid Damburger

            oh yea, another atheist named Rosenbergstein. Nothing lower than a self loather posing as a goy.

          • (((Aron)))

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          • Havid Damburger

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          • (((Aron)))

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          • (((Aron)))

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          • Havid Damburger

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          • (((Aron)))

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            I’m also very impressed that it took you two weeks to craft that reply. Speaks much for your intellectual prowess.

    • Anntoinnette Silva Backus

      It’s a verified cult, you dolt. They’ve been investigated in several states and other countries. They beat their children–make them put their naked butts in the air to take their beatings. Is that acceptable to youy? Well, doesn’t matter because beating your child is against the law. And no one is saying it’s ok for anyone of any other religion to to this. It is wrong for any person, religious or not, to do this. The story in Boston Magazine, is about the Blue Blinds Bakery, Plymouth, Massachusetts–the state where Boston is.

      • armyisnumber1

        Ewwwww I won’t ever be setting a foot into this place.

    • Amy

      This is not a mainstream or even evangelical Christian group.

    • DarthDisney

      Your mouth makes you look bad.

      • ShlomoShunn

        “Your name makes YOU sound like a mouth-breather.” ~ Obi-wan Spumoni

    • Birdy Kildahl

      You racist egg. Christians own and run this country despite the founding fathers founding it on freedom of religion. Remember how they left England because the king was forcing religion? Stop acting like you’re so prosecuted and in the minority when you’re all of the majorities: Christian, white, straight, cisgendered, and male. The actual reason news outlets don’t cover similar incidents with those practicing Judaism or Islam is that similar incidents don’t happen. Oh, also because news outlets are racist, like you. Because Christians run this county. Please get your head out of the sand and consider thinking about someone other than yourself.

      In short, please check your privilege, sir.

      • Havid Damburger

        black lives matter is code for “I’m on welfare”

        How many forms of assistance are you getting from those rich white christian (tax paying) men you hate so much?

        • Birdy Kildahl

          I am a white man also, sir. I pay taxes. I work hard. Black Lives Matter is not slang for anything. All black people want is to stop being killed. They are more often disadvantaged because people like you refuse to give them even a chance. There are of course plenty of well-to-do people of color as well. One of my neighbors is a very successful professional chef, who also happens to be a black man. I pray he and every member of his family comes home safe every day. I support the movement because I support innocent people continuing to live. Not everyone is as underhanded and bigoted as you. 🙂

          • Havid Damburger

            Pump the breaks on the white guilt nonsense. Black men kill 10,000 black men per year in the United States. 350,000 in the last 35 years – 65 last weekend in Chicago.

            When 72% of the fathers are absentee, what do you expect?

            You don’t have a real interest in that community, you’re just trying to make yourself feel better – for who knows what. Don’t feel bad, they dont have much real interest in fixing their community either.

          • (((Aron)))

            And you don’t think we are trying to stop that violence either?

            Please go back to Breitbart. Your bigotry is not wanted here.

          • ShlomoShunn

            > “And you don’t think we are trying to stop that violence either?”

            No. Every time blacks riot, attack whites, kill each other, etc. your “people” cheer. And not a peep of protest is heard from Jesse-Al-Okrah.

            Some 153 years after slavery ended in the USA you are still “trying” not to be violent?

            It’s not about poverty, Ese. It’s about C-U-L-T-U-R-E.

            Welfare made blacks lazy, dependent, resentful, fatherless, poor. Contrast that to Asians:

            “During the 1960’s, San Francisco’s Chinatown had the lowest income, the highest unemployment rate, the least education, the highest rates of tuberculosis and the most substandard housing of any area of the city. Yet in 1965, there were only five Chinese in prison in the entire state of California.”

          • (((Aron)))

            Funny, I’ve never cheered riots.

            But your entire Disqus account seems to consist of quoting Adolf Hitler, Jurgen Stroop, and Joseph Goebbels.

            Welcome to the ‘ignore’ list, basement Nàzi.

          • ShlomoShunn

            Birdy Kildahl:

            > “I am a white man”

            Ofay McCuckenstein?

            > “All black people want is to stop being killed.”

            Then they should (1) stop killing each other; (2) stop committing crimes; and (3) start complying with police commands.

            > “They are more often disadvantaged”

            Because they refuse to act responsible, preferring, like children, to blame others.

            > “One of my neighbors is a very successful professional chef”

            Short-order cook. Nice stereotype. You could have mentioned a black doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, etc.

            > “I pray he and every member of his family comes home safe every day.”

            Tell them not to commit crimes or attack cops. It’ll improve their chances.

            > “I support the movement because I support innocent people continuing to live.”

            Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, et alia were thugs, not “innocents.”

        • armyisnumber1


      • ShlomoShunn


        > “Christians own and run this country despite the founding fathers founding it on freedom of religion.”

        Compare that to bone-in-nose worshippers of Jubutu in Africa, the country unable to create the “wheel.” How free is “Ma ‘Frica” these days? How many refugees flee to black nations versus Germany, Denmark, Sweden?

        What makes Switzerland different from Swaziland?

        Did Frederick Douglass emulate whites or Zulus?

        No one forces blacks to over-eat, drink malt-liquor on street corners, smoke blunts instead of creating businesses, flash-rob stores, knockout strangers, and in general act rude-lewd-crude and L-O-U-D.

        There’s a reason no one says, “OMG: the Amish are moving in next door!”

        Any successful minority who tells blacks to stop blaming others and get their act together is attacked…from Cosby to D’Souza. Once upon a time black students beat Harvard elites (google THE GREAT DEBATERS). Today blacks are known mostly for playing bassetbaw and pumping out pimp lyrics (celebrating thugs ‘n’ hos) in simpleton sing-song “poe-tree.” James Baldwin and Langston Hughes do 75,000 RPMs in their graves.

        > “Christian, white, straight, cisgendered, and male.”

        Yup. Those ARE the traits of civilization-building folks.

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        Blacks collectively listen to Jackson (who shook down business to fill PUSH’s coffers and pay for his mistresses while he raised a criminal son) and Sharpton (the Twana Brawley scammer). With “leaders” like that, no wonder blacks remain on the bottom of societal ladders, whistling Dixie while blaming Mr. Charlie for all their failures.

        Some 3,446 blacks (and 1,297 whites!) were lynched between 1882 and 1968. That’s roughly 40 blacks hanged during an ENTIRE year (for 86) in the ENTIRE nation. Meanwhile, this past Memorial Day weekend, 69 blacks killed other blacks in just ONE city…Chicago over ONE weekend. To wit: blacks murdered 29 more of their own in 3 days than whites did in 365.

        Here’s a hint: whites have their own problems, own lives to lead. They’ve tried Civil War, civil rights, quotas, set-asides, affirmative action, etc. The result? More and more black failure. Blacks at U of MiZOO intimidating whites while celebrating a cop killer, Assata Shakur. They succeeded in ousting the president, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars in donations, the firing of Emily Click, and thousands of applicants going elsewhere. Another example of blacks turning successful ventures into failures.

        Since black lives don’t matter to black people, don’t expect others to give a hoot.

  • Anntoinnette Silva Backus

    Not turning heads. Turning stomachs. I hope someone in your area has called the police and CPS. Today. Sounds like not just child abuse but pedophiles too. UGH! Disgusting. Please do not patronize their bakeries.

  • Amy

    I’m mostly surprised at the surprise among locals. I’ve known about this stuff for years, and whenever one of my friends suggested getting something at the Blue Blinds or looking in their “Wholesome Food Market” around the corner (currently closed as they are doing a massive renovation to turn the space into one of their “Common Ground Cafes” like the ones in Dorchester and Hyannis), I would explain why I was refusing to patronize them. They also have a booth at the farmers market. While their own Twelve Tribes website is frequently scrubbed after certain posts generate conversation, try entering Twelve Tribes Community into Google sometime and see what pops up. There are also videos and firsthand accounts from ex-members and people who lived with them for a time while never officially joining.

  • orangeoctober

    They posted this on their page, claiming the bakery is owned by the “Twelve Tribes” religious group/cult.

    “Blue Blinds Bakery
    July 10 at 10:37pm ·
    Pretty soon you’re going to see articles on Boston Magazine and possibly Boston Globe alleging that this Page is being run by a former employee who is disgruntled. That is both false and true.
    Firstly, the Blue Blinds Bakery has no employees because to be an employee you have to get paid. But yes, it is true that I worked at the Blue Blinds Bakery for some time.
    I was born into the Twelve Tribes, which owns the Bakery, and over the time I grew up there, the things I have posted on this Page were all taught to me as being fundamental truths. Without access to internet or books that carried an opposing view, I knew nothing else.
    It was only after I left that I started realising how demented and twisted the views behind this religion are.
    On top of that, there is an intense amount of psychological and physical abuse that goes on behind the walls of the Bakery that makes your favourite muffins. This religion preys on guilt and fear, taking disillusioned people and making them think that everything outside of the community gates is out to get them. Eventually you start believing them. Then this stance leads into negative encounters which makes you fear and believe it more. Hard to explain until you’ve been in it.
    Thirdly, and most importantly, this “cult” brutally abuses children under the pretext of discipline. Not only are they remorseless, they are proud of it. The day they beat the courts in a case where the police confiscated their children – which was won by a judge ruling the raid unconstitutional, not on the actual abuse – is one of their proudest moments.
    Why did I post this? No one believes us when we talk about our upbringing. No one can relate to coming from a place of total isolation on that level and having to learn what a human is. Most people who leave the cult go through a five year cycle of depression and self loathing after they have some resemblance of recovery. Yet every time you walk in and out of this building, you’re helping them mint more broken people like the treasury department mints valueless dollar bills. You’re walking into a place that is deeply racist, homophobic, and sexist.
    I posted these beliefs from the Twelve Tribes point of view because I didn’t want to tell you what your opinion on their beliefs should be. I just want you to know what their beliefs are. Form your own opinions, be it good or bad.
    Don’t believe me? Ask them about what I’ve posted. Specifically. It’ll surprise you.
    Some of us ex-members are going to be talking to media in Boston as a group. I will post the result of that on this page.
    Until later.”

  • Amy

    Also? I seriously doubt they have been in contact with the police. These people don’t even use their children’s names out loud in public (seriously, they call them “son” or “daughter”). No way would they open themselves up to easily-verifiable charges of medical and educational neglect, child labor, and physical abuse.

    • Amy

      And just to clarify further. I’m almost certain this is because the way you file reports with DCF is by the child’s name. That’s how cases are opened and investigated. If you don’t know the kid’s name, it’s hard to make a report.

  • Shuah Jones

    My name is Shuah Jones. I was born and raised in the Twelve tribes as nothing more than a slave/hostage until my escape FROM the side door of the Blue Blinds Bakery at 15-years-old; I can personally attest that everything posted on this page (although in irony) reflects verbatim the views and practices of this group. When you enjoy their tasty muffins; you are eating the agony and pain of children beaten into submission and forced into labor….

    Here is my story in the form of multiple published articles specifically detailing my escape from this VERY establishment. This group is smart, above the law, and disgustingly dangerous.

    “Shuah Jones, 15, stuffed clothes under her bed blankets in the shape of a body, grabbed her diary and Bible, and crept downstairs. Wearing a long blue linen skirt and clunky buckled sandals, she opened the door, slipped outside, and paused to look back at her house: a historic residence in Plymouth, Massachusetts, known as the Blue Blinds, where she lived with other members of her church. Good riddance, she thought. On the street she broke into a run toward the only payphone she knew of, at a gas station near the center of town, half a mile away. She’d never been outside alone at night before. As she sprinted down the main drag, Court Street, men in bars called out and wolf-whistled. She was terrified. When she reached the phone, she called her brother Noah, who told her to wait for him in a parking lot next to the Blue Blinds, so she ran all the way back. He was an hour away. She hid in a bush, heart thumping. When at last he pulled into the lot, she leaped into his car.

    “Just breathe,” he told her as they drove away. “Breathe.””

    Author: Julia Scheeres

    Author: Kirstin Kelley

    • armyisnumber1

      Now that this is public, where in God’s good name are the authorities starting with the local police department and then going up the ladder to the Federal Government? This is a horrific situation for anyone that is being held against their will. CALLING ON AUTHORITIES TO GET IN THERE ASAP AND RESCUE THESE VICTIMS before they are moved to an unknown location.

  • Joachim110

    There is just no limitation to the stupidity and for something like this to be established in an educated state is just not acceptable.

  • Irish princess

    Give me a break
    If this is happening call 911
    Then call dept of children and family
    And what are you doing there anyway?
    Are you illegal? Even so call the cops ….
    Servitude and abuse are against the law they sound crazy sick demented and boycott the bakery