Globe Slashing Online Staff, Ceasing Original News at

Staff were notified of the ‘reorganization’ in a memo.

The Globe is cleaning house at

Just days after Boston Globe Media Parters chief executive Mike Sheehan announced that a tandem of Linda Pizzuti Henry and Anthony Bonfiglio would oversee all digital properties, general manager Eleanor Cleverly told staff that the site will be shifting its focus to travel, entertainment, and forums.

“There will be a clearer differentiation between the in-depth journalism of and the community-centered resources of,” Cleverly wrote in a memo. “With resulting efficiencies anticipated, we are offering a voluntary buyout program for those who work in dedicated digital roles across Boston Globe Media Partners. A reorganization of the digital operation is under way. This will create fewer redundancies, increased collaboration, greater efficiency and cost savings across the company.” will no longer publish original news content, and will instead serve as a portal to the Globe‘s website.

“The number one, long-term priority of our organization is to significantly grow our digital subscriber base at In order to do so, we need for our two sites to become more complementary in their day-to-day content and businesses,” Cleverly wrote.

You can read the full memo over at Universal Hub.


  • Alan Jones

    So John Henry’s wife – who has absolutely no clue about running an online news website – is going to oversee


  • Stanley Brick

    The separation of real News Journalism and entertainment Sports marketing would establish a strong sense of ethics at Boston’s “Most powerful media company” as it yard sales off assets and eliminates staff.

  • Point

    “ will no longer publish original news content…”

    Are there any valid examples of “original news content” from Everything I have ever seen there reads more like a scanner enthusiast’s blog or facebook page.

    Here’s a couple of suggestions for how the Globe could save money while actually becoming more – not less – of an example of rigorous journalism:

    – Sell the “” domain name. Just because you registered it early doesn’t mean you actually had a good idea to go along with it. And instead of having it be the site of the Boston Globe – and here’s where it gets confusing – they decided to make a completely new site which was not the Boston Globe – more like a place for intern writers to get to post their tweet-like “articles” so they can claim they did something.

    – The Boston Globe seems extremely interested in stories about eating food, watching sports, and generally, things that don’t need to be written about – at least, not by a journalist. Get rid of these “journalists.” Get rid of anyone who feels uncomfortable writing more than 250 words in a single document.

    These suggestions would save the Globe money – which, despite having approximately 200X (that’s “two-hundred times”) the amount of advertising and marketing versus actual content) per page, seems unable to sustain itself.

    • Noah

      They have stuff now and then – and used to be way better.

      But – they currently have a bit about BPD getting an ice cream truck for community relations. The Globe doesn’t, so there’s that.

      Seems like an idea that can improve relations.

  • Noah

    ‘the site will be shifting its focus to travel, entertainment, and forums’

    You’d think this would mean the Globe would focus on these 3 less. However, we know that won’t happen.

    While I feel like a sucker for paying for the Globe, it beats buying it on paper.