Alexandra Hall


Superfresh fish at a steakhouse? Killer crab at a Chinese restaurant? It’s true. Dive into these unexpected troves of standout seafood.

Little Wonders

Get out of the saccharine rut your kids are wearing and start dressing them like the miniature adults they are.

A Shining Moment

There is something to be said for demure beachwear — but we’re definitely not saying it now.

Back to the Land… Almost

IT’S 7 A.M. — AN UNFORGIVABLY LATE START, by farm time — and the sun’s barely eased itself above the rooftop of the Inn at Valley Farms. The property’s two roosters have long since sounded their requisite crows; there are…

Case Study

If Parisian sass and Yankee class had a love child, it would look an awful lot like Louis Vuitton’s “Pégase 45” suitcase in the hue Bleu Infini. The rolling suitcase is the ultimate fusion of quintessential New England neo-prep (credit…

The Big Deals

In search of the ultimate dining bargains — from high- to lowbrow, and everything in between.

Destination Dining

More than ever before, there is culinary life beyond our city’s borders. And then some. New England’s splendid restaurants aren’t just worth the drive—they’ve become true gastronomic adventures in their own right. Food lovers, ready your maps.

Fit to Be Tried

Bathing-suit season looms large. Alas, so does your waistline. Alexandra Hall finds the best workouts to get you ready.