Alexandra Hall

Step Away From The Egg

Just because eggs-as-condiment are the latest Big Thing doesn’t mean they belong on every last dish.

Tired Old Chestnut

Chestnut Hill used to be the peak of suburban shopping decadence. Now? Well, there’s plenty of good parking available.

The 50 Most Powerful Women in Boston

In more ways and fields than ever, these women are stepping up and taking the reins in Boston: Meet the players who pull the strings in Boston.

Carried Away

Check out local design deity Meichi Peng’s new Peng No. 2 shoulder-strap medium tote.

Clothesing Statements

THE SHOW 1. Chic: Cure Her in Couture THE SETUP A highly styled mash-up of global designers and Stuart Weitzman shoes, chased with a round of eveningwear by local golden boy Michael De Paulo. THE BEST MOMENT De Paulo’s delicious…

Matching Assets

DANIELA CORTE WAVES AWAY the menu at Bouchée restaurant. She already knows what she wants — as does one of her closest friends, sitting to her right. "Watch. It’ll be the niçoise," Ricardo Rodriguez says with a smirk. "Extra tomatoes…

Raw Ambition

THE CLUSTER OF TENTS at the Island Creek Oyster Festival is glowing magenta under Duxbury Beach’s swath of inky sky. For five hours now, wine, beer, and vodka have been flowing — sometimes literally — all over the sand dunes…