Alyssa Giacobbe

Dress for Success

In Tina Burgos’s new Needham home, beloved pieces from her now-closed shop Stel’s get a second act.

Sex, Lists, and Videotape

By the time Alexis Wright was arrested, plenty of people in Kennebunk, Maine, had heard about the “Zumba Madam” and her amateur porn movies. But they were shocked by how many of their neighbors were her costars.

Pregnant Pause?

Striking numbers of expectant mothers are deciding that there’s nothing wrong with the occasional drink of alcohol.

Eclectic Avenue

Who says the suburbs can’t be artsy? A Newton family injects their 19th-century house with a modern vibe.

Fast Times at Marina Bay?

HE WAS DRAWN TO FLASH, and a little bit of danger, perhaps not so uncharacteristic for a man who made a living in luxury real estate. There was the boat, a sleek 47-foot cigarette model, the sports cars, including a…

Space Shifter

IN FASHION, REINVENTION is an industry standard, as inevitable as the change of seasons. For Matsu owner Dava Muramatsu, then, the economic downturn that for so many retailers spelled crisis actually inspired a shift in philosophy. Women, she noticed, had…

Bright Ideas

AS AUTUMN WARDROBES fade to black, Meredith Wendell handbags hold fast to the look-at-me spirit of summer. Designed by a Marc by Marc Jacobs alum, the line marries Italian leather with Lucite hardware for a look that’s both eclectic and…

Ayla Brown Profile

AYLA BROWN IS BEING FUSSED OVER by a pair of tanned and toned middle-aged salesmoms in the fitting room of the Burlington Mall Caché, a suburban clothing chain known for its midpriced “occasion wear,” and for which Ayla is a…

Admissions of Guilt?

JIM MCFADDEN WAS BORED, mostly, when he came up with the idea. It was a rainy afternoon during Harvard’s senior week, the days before graduation when “there’s no work left to do.” His mom called. The top story on the…