Alyssa Giacobbe

The Treasure Trail

How to navigate Cape Cod’s flea markets, from Falmouth to Wellfleet.

On Location: Inman Square

Inman Square has retained the bohemian feel that’s drawn hippie kids to places like Ryles jazz club since the ’70s.

Sextracurricular Activities

When an abstinence club at Harvard got a little too preachy, a student group sprang up to defend a campus activity few thought would ever be imperiled: college kids having sex.

Puff Daddy

IT WAS THE SUMMER OF 2007, AND the citizens of Paris were pissed. Cigarettes, which had already been banned in public places, would soon be forbidden in the city’s iconic cafés. And yet to David Edwards, a Harvard professor and…

Steve Carell on Aisle Five

For years, celebrities– like the guy from Aerosmith– have flocked to Marshfield to fade into the idyll of this South Shore hamlet. But ever since Steve Carell bought the old general store, the townsfolk have been in an uncharacteristic tizzy.

Fashion Masochist: Circus Workouts

For my 10th birthday, after a particularly momentous family outing to the circus, I asked for 100 hula hoops. I got just one. I’ve always felt that that jilting deserves at least part of the blame for my eventual career…

Import/Export: Peng Dynasty

As one of Boston’s most sought-after interior decorators for nearly a decade, Meichi Peng has become known for her eclectic take on projects both residential and commercial, including the Theater District’s in-progress W residences. But upon meeting the 34-year-old Taiwan…

My Zen is Better Than Your Zen

On a recent Wednesday night at Back Bay "mind-body" spa Exhale, yoga—a pursuit that traditionally eschews the materialistic, and sometimes showering—feels very posh. The studio is packed with well-toned and -coiffed yogis, and everyone seems to know everyone else. My…

Import/Export: Vanity Project

One hundred years ago, when glosses and shadows were the tools of prostitutes and performers, and average women looked far more drab than today, Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden immigrated to the United States with a shared vision: Let’s get…