Alyssa Giacobbe

Genies Are Standing By

In the booming business of making wishes come true, nobody’s better than Boston-based Circles and its army of personal concierges. Trouble is, when you promise to do the impossible, people start thinking that’s what they deserve.

Superior Court

You’re not in college anymore, pal. This March, watch the Madness from a grownup perch. 1. BeoVision 7 entertainment system, $14,000, Bang & Olufsen. 2. BeoLab 8000 loudspeakers, $4,800, Bang & Olufsen. 3. Gaetano Pesce Up 5 chair, $3,875, Montage….

Going Public

Pino Maffeo’s new steakhouse appeals to stylish carnivores. No one seems sure whether the name of the place is Boston Public or Boston Public Meat—not even the staff. That’s not the only mystery surrounding chef Pino Maffeo’s relaunched Restaurant L…

Fall Fashion: Business Models

How do stores choose what to carry for a new season? What determines whether a certain piece makes the cut? To hear Boston’s forward-thinking retailers tell it, the decision is a complex—and incredibly personal—mix of economics, store philosophy, and gut…