Amy Traverso

First Bite: Noche

Equal parts cocktail lounge and steakhouse, this new South End eatery seeks its soul.

First Bite: The Haven

Boston’s first-ever Scottish pub invites you to come for the chips and pints, stay for the haggis.

First Bite: Sam’s

The new Louis store at Fan Pier may have finally cracked the formula for a house restaurant.

First Bite: Chez Jacky

The Petit Robert team brings its proven formula of casual French fare and a friendly vibe to Brighton.

First Bite: Basho

A big Japanese fusion restaurant that has something for everyone? Amazingly, this crowd-pleaser mostly pulls it off.

First Bite: Aka Bistro

ANYWHERE OTHER THAN LINCOLN, A French bistro/sashimi bar might seem ill conceived — ridiculous, even. Only here could the formula not only succeed, but actually make sense. Maybe it’s the suburb’s culinary climate — or, more precisely, the lack thereof:…

First Bite: Stoddard’s

“WOULDN’T IT BE COOL IF THERE WAS a cheese that could get you drunk?” So wonders our waitress — a Jersey Shore Sammi look-alike — when my teetotaling companion asks if there’s active alcohol in the aged-Gouda-and-cask-ale pudding. Uh, sure,…