Billy Baker

Arrested Development

Thirty years ago, Don Chiofaro built Boston’s largest office complex. These days he likes doing hot yoga, communing with whales, and laying the groundwork for constructing the city’s next iconic skyscraper. So why does the mayor have such a problem with that?

Dane Cook Could Use a F#%ing Hug

In the past few years, Dane Cook has been savaged by a band of haters and forced to bury both his parents. Then his own brother was indicted this spring for siphoning $11 million from Cook’s bank account. Now, on the eve of a homecoming Garden show, he talks for the first time about being loathed, being betrayed, and—just maybe—being able to laugh about it all.

A Masshole in Full

If you grew up here, you know a Robbie Concannon: Tough. Funny. Big-hearted. Hard-partying. Frequently flirting with danger, or incarceration, or worse. But Robbie Concannon dodged the fate most guys like him meet. The unlikely tale of how the craziest kid from the neighborhood turned himself into a bona fide folk hero.

The Scientist … and the Monster

As dusk fell on June 23, 1972, Bob Rines was a former war hero, a noted MIT scientist, a celebrated attorney, and an accomplished inventor who’d spent his multiple careers following success with more audacious success. He was 49 years…