Catherine Elton

Electric Youth

SUSAN LINN IS A HARVARD Medical School instructor of psychiatry, the author of two books, and one of the country’s leading experts on how marketing and television exposure affect children. and right now, addressing a roomful of concerned parents at…

Electric Youth

Kids today are subjected to an avalanche of digital media—TVs, computers, tablets, smartphones—and the advertising that comes with it. As researchers try to figure out what that’s doing to our children, Susan Linn and her tiny Boston nonprofit have become a child marketer’s worst nightmare. Just ask Disney, Hasbro, Scholastic, and Kellogg.

Foreclose This!

Angry Boston homeowners are banding together to fight for their homes. They’ve got foreclosure-happy banks trembling — and their movement is spreading.

The Burden of Knowing

The flash drive comes in a silver box, sunken into a bed of black velvet, shining out, fittingly, like a rare gem. Fail 10 times to provide the correct password and the drive will self-destruct. The entire sequence of its…

The Other Side of Enlightenment

Radio legend Charles Laquidara had an urgent request for Somerville cult expert Steve Hassan: Rescue his son, Ari, who’d become blindly devoted to the mystical Dahn Yoga community. Three years later, it’s unclear just who’s not seeing the truth. As…